All Hands Magazine - Supply Problem - January 1945

All Hands Magazine - January 1945 Front Cover.

Bureau of Naval Personnel
January 1945 NAVPERS-0 Number 334
Vice Admiral Randall Jacobs, USN
The Chief of Naval Personnel
Rear Admiral L. E. Denfeld, USN
The Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel

Front Cover

Aboard one of the Navy's new battleships a BMIc takes appropriate action on the subject at hand: a fried-chicken Sunday dinner.

Table of Contents

  • They Ran . But Won
  • Reducing the Human Cost of War
    Navy Rehabilitation Program Refits Disabled Men For Further Military Duty or Return to Private Life as Strong, Useful, Self-Sustaining Citizens
  • Patterns of Destruction
  • Supply
  • Arctic Victory
  • School Credit for Navy Work
  • Navy Mail
  • Special Section: Home-Front Review
  • What the Folks Back Home Were Doing During 1944
  • What's in Store for '45?
  • War Production Hit New Peak in 1944
  • Veterans Got Many New Benefits in '44
  • Periscope Photographs
  • Legislative Matters of Naval Interest
  • Closeup of Small Boat and Her Skipper
  • New Books in Ships' Libraries
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Editorial
  • The Month's News
  • The War at Sea: Communiques
  • Decorations and Citations

Decorations and Citations reported in January 1945 include: Unit Citation Awarded to Four Subs, Two LCTs and Marine Division; Sub CO Wins 3 Navy Crosses; Gold Star in Lieu of Second Navy Cross; Navy Cross; Gold Star in Lieu of Third Distinguished Service Medal; Gold Star in Lieu of Second Distinguished Service Medal; Distinguished Service Medal; Gold Star in Lieu of Third Legion of Merit; Gold Star In Lieu of Second Legion of Merit; Legion of Merit; Gold Star in Lieu of Second Silver Star Medal; Silver Star Medal; Gold Star in Lieu of Second Distinguished Flying Cross; Distinguished Flying Cross; and Navy and Marine Corps Medal.

Other USN Service Awards – 1945-01

In addition to the decorations and citations awarded to United States Navy personnel, other awards were given or received to personnel of other armed services or allied armed forces during 1944.

  • The Bulletin Board
  • Index

Publisher Information

This magazine is published monthly in Washington, D. C., by the Bureau of Naval Personnel for the information and interest of the naval service as a whole. By BuPers Circular Letter 162-43, distribution is to be effected to allow all hands easy access to each issue (see page 80 ).

All activities should keep the Bureau informed of how many copies are required. All original material herein may be reprinted as desired.

For sale by Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C.: 15 cents per copy; subscription price $1.50 a year, domestic (including FPO or APO addresses for oversew, mail); $2.25, foreign. Remittance should be made direct to the Superintendent of Documents.

Pass this copy along it is for 10 readers.


Inside Front Cover: (Shown Above): Small craft armed with rockets, which give them th firepower of much larger vessels, practice for coming assaults on enemy-held beaches (Official U.S. Navy Photograph).


Inside Back Cover (Shown Above): A Coast Guard combat cutter knifes through the dark, gale-ruffled North Atlantic while patrolling her beat on the supply route to Europe (Official U.S Coast Guard Photograph).

Distribution of The Information Bulletin

By BuPers Circular Letter No. 162-43 (appear ing as 43-1362 in the cumulative edition of Nay Department Bulletin) the Bureau directed that ap propriate steps be taken to insure that all hands have quick and convenient access to the Bupers Information Bulletin, and indicated the distribution should be effected on the basis o one copy for each ten officers and enlisted per sonnel to accomplish the directive.

In most instances, the circulation of the Information Bulletin has been increased in accordance with complement and on-board count sta tistics in the Bureau, on the basis of one copy for each ten officers and enlisted personnel. Because infra-activity shifts affect the Bureau statistics, and because organization of some activities may require more copies than normally indicated to effect thorough distribution to all hands, the Bureau invites requests for additional copies as necessary to comply with the basic directive. This magazine is intended for all hands and commanding officers should take necessary steps to make it available accordingly.

The Bureau should be kept informed of cnanges in the numbers of copies required: requests received by the 20th of the month can be effected with the succeeding issue.

The Bureau should also be advised if the full number of copies are not received regularly.

Normally copies for Navy and Coast Guard activities are distributed only to those on the Standard Navy Distribution List in the expectation that such activities will make further distribution as, necessary; where special circumstances warrant sending direct to sub-activities, the Bureau should be informed.

Distribution to Marine Corps personnel is effected by the Commandant, U. S. Marine Corps, on the present basis of four copies per unit, down to and including the company. Requests from Marine Corps activities should be addressed to the Commandant.


  • Accreditation, scholastic, for service training
  • Advancement in rating: complement rating groups (ltr ed). 38
  • Agnew, R. Adm. W. J. C.: appt. asst chief BuMed 46
  • Air Groups: 8, 26, 31 return home 45
  • Air Transport Service: first plane takes rest. 45
  • Allowances: MAQ in New Hebrides (ltr ed) 38
  • American Defense Serv. Med.: eligibility (ltr ed) 38
  • Anchor Watch: origin of term 37
  • Beards: regulations concerning (ltr ed) 39
  • Boatswain: addressing unofficially (ltr ed) 39
  • BuMed: new assistant chief appt 46
  • BuS&A: organization, functions 12
  • Cameras: owning aboard ships (ltr ed) 39
  • Campaign medals: engagement star for Africa (ltr ed) 39
  • Casualties, care of : evacuation by air school est. 44
  • Coast Guard: 4 cutters fight Nazis in Arctic 17
  • College credit for service training 18
  • Commendation ribbon: eligibility (ltr ed) 39
  • Commission pennant: origin of term 16
  • Complement by rating groups 38
  • Composite Squadron: 5, 66, return home 44
  • Decorations and medals:
    • American Defense Service Medal, eligibility for
    • Army Distinguished Unit Badge for naval units in Philippine defense engagement star for Africa (ltr ed) for father's service (ltr ed)
    • Navy Unit Commendation authorized
    • Purple Heart rules for accidents replacement of
  • Deep Sea Diving: commissions for stevedore supervisors de Florez, Capt. Luis: wins Collier Trophy
  • Demolition Duty: officer volunteers asked
  • Dependents, allotments and allowances: travel (Itr ed)
  • Discharge (honorable) emblems: rules for wearing
  • Discharges:
    for reenlistment in MM (ltr ed)
    for reenlistment in MC, Army (ltr ed)
    to work on farm- (ltr ed)
  • Distinguished Unit Badge (Army) : list eligible units
  • Employers: men in service keep contacts
  • Fleet Admiral: rank est., given to 3
  • 4th Marine Division : wins presidential unit citation
  • Gasoline ration rules (ltr ed)
  • Guarditsh, uss: wins presidential unit citation
  • Home Front doings of 1944
  • Income Taxes: booklet available
  • Insurance, U. S. Government: change in beneficiary. for misconduct death.
  • Insurance, Nat'l Ser. Life: allotments for wife (ltr ed) change in beneficiary for misconduct death
  • Japanese Language School: applications asked eligibility
  • King, Fleet Adm. Ernest J.: new rank
  • LCT(5)30: wins presidential unit citation
  • LCT(6)540: wins presidential unit citation
  • Leahy, Fleet Adm William D.: given new rank
  • Leave extensions: answers to requests paid by govt
  • Mail: 18 how delivered at home & abroad 20
  • Marshall, Gen. George C.: continued as chief staff 44
  • Merchant Marine: discharge for midshipmen appt. (ltr ed) 38
  • Mercy, use: evacuates wounded from Leyte 45
  • Military courtesy : addressing boatswain (ltr ed) 39
  • Minecraft insignia : authorized for shoulder 76
  • Navy Relief Fund: contributions to 74
  • New Year's Resolution: editorial 40-
  • Nimitz, Fleet Adm. Chester W.: new rank 35
  • Nobel Prize winners: announced 48
  • Nurse Corps: est. flying nurses 44
  • Optimism: Pres., SecNav caution about 74
  • Oriental Language School: applications asked 79 eligibility 79
  • Patrol Bombing Squadrons: 62, 135, 145, 202 return home 45
  • Patrol vessels: restored to owners 43
  • Pearl Harbor Court of Inquiry,: report classified secret 55
  • Pearl Harbor Day : Nimitz, Adm., tells of ships sunk 43
  • Per Diem: policy clarified 77
  • Philippines: Battle of : Samar CVE action 2 air strike at Manila 10
  • Photography: aboard ship unofficially (ltr ed) 39
  • Prisoners of War: work for private companies 47
  • Production, war, review of 1944 28
  • Purple Heart: for accidents (ltr ed) 38
  • Rasher, uss: wins presidential unit citation 57
  • Rationing rules, gasoline 39
  • Recreation Equipment: how obtained (chart). 70
  • Rehabilitation Program: medical vocational care outlined 6
  • Reserve Officers: board to consider transfers to Reg Navy 74
  • Review of year : AP reports, predicts 26, 27 veterans' benefits 31 war production 28
  • Saratoga, uss: 7 engagement stars, history 46
  • Scholastic credit for service training 18
  • Scouting Squadron 53; formation, history . 45
  • Selective Service: redraft 26-37 group 47
  • Shark repellent: device for survival 45 Ship losses (Jay.): 6 carriers in Pearl Harbor attack sunk 2 subs sunk by 1 plane 43
  • Silversides, uss: wins presidential unit citation 57
  • Smith, Maj. Gen. Julian C.: heads Dept. of Pacific. 46
  • Stettinius, Edward R.: named SecState 47
  • Submarine insignia : eligibility for officer (ltr ed) 39 57
  • Supply Corps: 26 story BuS&A and its operation 12 76
  • Survival (at sea) : shark repellent device . 45 76
  • Tang, uss 39 wins presidential unit citation 57
  • Terminal leave: employment of 38 officers on 75 76
  • Transfers: to other branch service (ltr ed) 38
  • Training Course notes 79
  • Uniforms, Nurse Corps: get beige 79 stocking, etc. 77 35
  • Uniforms_officer: spurs not worn (ltred) 39
  • Uniforms, Women's Reserve: garrison caps authorized 73
  • V-5; reopened, requirements 73
  • V-7: reopen, requirements 73
  • V-12 programs: reopen, requirements . 73 sea duty requirement (ltr ed) 39
  • V-12 Program (medical) : physical requirements (ltr ed) 39 applications for (ltr ed) 39
  • V-Discs: list 121-140
  • Veterans: have 90 days get old jobs back 74 review of benefits planned 31
  • Victory Medal: replacement (ltr ed) 38
  • V-Mail, how it works 25
  • War Bonds: 6th Drive results 27
  • Navy Pier exhibit 44
  • Women's Reserve, enlisted: redistribution planned 78

First Waves Assigned to Training as Flight Orderlies.

First Waves assigned to training as flight orderlies are shown aboard a Naval Air Transport Service plane with their teacher, Lt. Jg. Helen J. Merrill, USNR, a former airline hostess. The enlisted women will serve aboart NATS planes on all continental flights. (Official U. S. Navy Photograph)

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