All Hands Magazine : IWO D-Plus-Four - April 1945

April 1945 Issue All Hands Magazine




The Chief of Naval Personnel

The Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel

Table of Contents

  • Mission to Arabia
  • Battle for Iwo
  • Inside Japan
  • Secretary's Report
  • "Amphibious Medicine"
  • Bottled Blood
  • It Could Be a Trap
  • Cradles for Ships
  • Along the Road to Tokyo
  • Dialing U.S.A.
  • Fleet Admiral King Reports
  • They Never Gave Up
  • Prisoners Freed in Philippines
  • Magazine Digest
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Editorial

The Month's News:

  • The War
  • Navy News
  • Ships and Stations
  • Report from Home
  • Decorations and Citations
  • New Books in Ships' Libraries
  • What's Your Naval I.Q 7
  • Recreation Services and Equipment
  • The Month's Alnays in Brief
  • The Bulletin Board
  • Index

This magazine is published monthly in Washington, D. C., by the Bureau of Naval Personnel for the information and interest of the naval service as a whole. By BuPers Circular Letter 162-43, distribution is to be effected to allow all hands easy access to each issue (see page 80). All activities should keep the Bureau informed of how many copies are required. All original material herein may be reprinted as desired.

For sale by Superintendent of Documents, U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington 25, D. C.: 15 cents per copy; subscription price $1.50 a year, domestic (including FPO or APO addresses for overseas mail); $2.25, foreign. Remittance should be made direct to the Superintendent of Documents. Subscriptions are accepted for one year only.


  • FRONT COVER (and above): Marines of 28th Regiment, 5th Division, raise the Stars and Stripes on the summit of Iwo's bloody Mt. Suribachi. For the story behind the picture see page 6. (Photograph from Press Association, Inc.)
  • INSIDE FRONT COVER: Helldiver bombers and Avenger torpedo planes huddle on the deck of a first-line carrier as aviation machinist's mates check them for next day's operations. (Official U. S. Navy photograph.)
  • OPPOSITE PAGE: In Lapog Bay, Luzon, P. I., a near miss splashes off the bow of a Jap merchantman already afire from a direct hit by carrier-based planes. (Official U. S. Navy photograph.)
  • BACK COVER: Based on poster produced by Training Activity, BuPers.


By BuPers Circular Letter No. 162-43 (appearing as 43-1362 in the cumulative edition of Navy Department Bulletin) the Bureau directed that appropriate steps be taken to insure that all hands have quick and convenient access to the BuPers INFORMATION BULLETIN, and indicated that distribution should be effected on the basis of one copy for each ten officers and enlisted personnel to accomplish the directive.

In most instances, the circulation of the INFORMATION BULLETIN has been increased in accordance with complement and on-board count statistics in the Bureau, on the basis of one copy for each ten officers and enlisted personnel. Because infra-activity shifts affect the Bureau statistics, and because organization of some activities may require more copies than normally indicated to effect thorough distribution to all hands, the Bureau invites requests for additional copies as necessary to comply with the basic directive. This magazine is intended for all hands and commanding officers should take necessary steps to make it available accordingly.

The Bureau should be kept informed of changes in the numbers of copies required: requests received by the 20th of the month can be effected with the succeeding issue.

The Bureau should also be advised if the full number of copies are not received regularly. Normally copies for Navy and Coast Guard activities are distributed only to those on the Standard Navy Distribution List in the expectation that such activities will make further distribution as necessary; where special circumstances warrant seeding direct to sub-activities, the Bureau should be informed.

Distribution to Marine Corps personnel is effected by the Commandant, U. S. Marine Coos. on the present basis of four copies per unit, down to and including the company. Requests from Marine Corps activities should be addressed to the Commandant.



  • Academy Prep School exams scheduled 75
  • Advancement in Armed Guard 77
  • AFRS shortwave broadcasts 22-24
  • Air priorities for personnel on leave 79
  • 'Amphibious Medicine,' from 1944 SecNav report 12
  • Arabia, King of, travels on U. S. destroyer to meet F. D. R. 2
  • Armed Guard, rules for advancement in '77
  • Aviation training courses : new editions available 79
  • B-29s raid Jap cities 43
  • Bells, how they started 57
  • Belts to carry name, number 74
  • Binders for NCB, cost of 38
  • Blood, bottled, flown to Pacific 15
  • Brig, no loss of longevity time while confined in 38
  • BuPers awards commendations for suggestions 51
  • Burma: Mandalay captured 45
  • Cameras, sale of as surplus property 39
  • Carrier attacks on Jap fleets 43
  • Carter, Rear Adm. William J, becomes chief of BuS&A 50
  • Clipsheet planned for ship and station papers 73
  • Coast Guard casualties 38
  • Coast Guard. date, of founding of 38
  • Color-perception requirements for V-12 39
  • Combat operations, report on by Fleet Admiral King 25
  • CPO gloves 39
  • Destroyer, U. S., carries King Ibn Saud of Arabia to meeting with F. D. R. 2
  • Disabled men to be retained 75
  • Disability pension 38
  • Discharge from Navy for Waves 39
  • Drydocks, floating, repair Navy ships 18
  • Ex-apprentice distinguishing mark 39
  • Fixed-text message service, changes in Forwarding of requests 39
  • Forrestal, Secretary, annual report to President Founding of naval services
    Gloves, CPO, Government property, rules on bringing or mailing to U. S., Gray uniform to stay, Guerrillas in Philippines, House trailers, transportation of
    Household goods, transportation of Harder, uss, rescues Navy flyer
    Helena, uss, awarded Navy Unit Commendation 60
  • History of naval services 38
  • Ibn Saud, King of Arabia, travels on U. S. destroyer to meet F. D. R 2
  • ID card not to be used as liberty pass 76
  • Identification marks required on belts 74
  • Insignia:
    • Ex-apprentice distinguishing mark 38
    • Flight surgeon, how worn 39
    • Parachutist, how worn 39
    • Pin-on device for Waves' cap 77
    • Pin-on devices. when worn 39
    • Storekeeper (V) specialty mark. 79
    • Submarine, how worn 39
  • Invasion of Normandy, report on by Fleet Admiral King 32
  • Iwo Jima :
    • Captured 42
    • Pictures of battle 4
    • Story of flag-raising 6
    • Japan, OWI report on home front 8
    • Jap fleet, carrier attacks on 43
  • Khaki uniforms allowed for interim 38
  • King Fleet Admiral, annual report 25
  • Leave, air priorities for personnel on 79
  • Liberty : m cards not to be used as pass 76
  • Longevity in brig 38
  • Maps, road, available 75
  • Marianas operations, report on by Fleet Admiral King 28
  • Marine Corps, date of founding of 38
  • Marines capture Iwo 42
  • Math. requirement for V-7 39
  • Medicine, amphibious; SecNav's report on 12
  • Messages, fixed-text, changes in service 74
  • Music : orchestration hits offered 76
  • Naval operations, report on by Fleet Admiral King 25
  • Navy, date of founding of 38
  • Navy Nurse Corp promotions by alnav 75
  • Navy Show Contest 73
  • News broadcasts by shortwave: schedule 24
  • Nimitz, Fleet Admiral, sees Japan still strcng 47
  • Normandy invasion, report on by Fleet Admiral King 32
  • Nurses promoted by alnav 75
  • Officer-candidate requirements for Waves 79
  • Orchestration kits offered 76
  • OW! reports on Japanese home front 8
  • Pacific offensive, chart of from report by Fleet Admiral King 26
  • Papers, ship and station. clipsheet service for 73
  • Philippines :
    • Guerrillas (photographs) 34
    • Invasions of Mindanao, Palawan, Panay 44
    • Naval personnel liberated 35
    • Reoccupation, report on by Fleet Admiral King 29
  • Pin-on device, when worn on collars 39
  • Pin-on insignia for Waves' caps 77
  • Pontoon drydocks, sale of as surplus property 39
  • Prison, loss of longevity time in 38
  • Prisoners freed in Philippines 35
  • Publication, rules on for naval personnel 38
  • Quarters, rules on allowance for 38
  • Qualification jacket, officers to keep on release 79
  • Radio broadcasts by shortwave : AFRS schedules 23-24
  • Rationing: veterans get extra gas for job interviews 75
  • Release of officers, rules tightened on 76
  • Report of SecNav to President for fiscal year 1944 11
  • Requests, forwarding of 39
  • Rhine crossed by Yanks 46
  • Road maps available 75
  • Rotation plan: wounded from overseas get break in 76
  • Sale of writing by naval personnel 38
  • Saluting of warrants 39
  • Scripts, show, prizes for 73
  • Seabees grow hair in Africa 38
  • SecNav report to President on 1944 fiscal year 11
  • Ships' Editorial Association announced 73
  • Shin's service items limited overseas 76
  • Shirts with work uniform 39
  • SHORPUBINT,. meaning of 38
  • Shortwave broadcasts, AFRS: chart and schedules 22-24
  • Show-script contest 73
  • Smith, Vice Adm. William W., becomes ComSerForPac 48
  • Souvenirs, rules on '74
  • Specialist U rating 39
  • Storekeeper (V) specialty mark authorized , 79
  • Sub. use Harder, rescues Navy flyer 16
  • Suggestions to BuPers win commendations 51
  • Supply Corps V-7, math. requirements for 39
  • Suribachi. Mt.. story of flag-raising 6
  • Surplus property. disposal 39
  • Transfer to regular Navy offered radio technicians 75
  • Transportation of household goods 39
  • Uniforms, khaki and gray 38
  • Tinian Jack. origin of name 57
  • United Nations conference, U. S. delegates named to 54
  • V-7, math. requirements for 39
  • V-12, color-perception requirements for 39
  • Personnel for 1 July 1945 program 39
  • V-Disc releases 69
  • Veterans benefits :
    • Gas for job interviews 75
    • Guidance Centers at colleges 78
    • Jobs with Navy 78
    • Priorities for building '78
  • War Bonds, cashing of 38
  • Warrants, saluting of 39
  • Waves:
    • discharges from Navy 39
    • not assigned as torpedomen 39
    • officer-candidate requirements 79
  • Workman. Chaplain Robert D., named rear admiral and Chief of Chaplains 51
  • Wounded from overseas get break in rotation plan 76
  • Writing for publication, rules on 38

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