USS Essex CVA-9 Third Far East Cruise 1953-1954

Front Cover, The USS Essex (CVA-9) Epic Third Far East Cruise, 1953-1954.

Front Cover, The USS Essex (CVA-9) Epic Third Far East Cruise, 1953-1954. GGA Image ID # 16d51691ce

The ESSEX EPIC is the story, in words and pictures, of the third Far East Cruise of the USS ESSEX (CVA-9), with Carrier Air Task Group Two embarked on its Third Tour in the Far East. To the reader who was not aboard, the EPIC represents a travelogue of the places we saw and the things we did. To the crew of the BIG NINE, it is a remembrance of eight, long months aboard the " Fightin’est Ship in the Navy " on a peace-time cruise.

The ship has meant many things to us. . .. She has carried us off to distant lands, far from the ones we love. She has kept us up half the night on watch, then dragged us to our battle stations at dawn. She baked us in the firerooms and froze us on the flight deck. . . . But she’s taken us many places, shown us many things and made us a host of friends we’d never had if it hadn't been for her. ... so taking the good with the bad, it's been a GOOD cruise and the best carrier in the Navy !

Dedication to Essex Crew Members who Gave thier Life in the Service of God and Country.

Dedication to Essex Crew Members who Gave thier Life in the Service of God and Country. GGA Image ID # 16dd483318

Life is worthwhile when the ideals whereby we live become the ideals for which we would give our life. To those of our number who gave their life in the service of God and Country, this book is dedicated.

  • LTJG Harold Lavern CLARK - 19 May 1953
  • CDR Harold William MCMILLIAN - 6 June 1953
  • LT Winton Delwin HORN - 2 August 1953
  • Murraw Leroy DAVIS, AD1 - 21 August 1953
  • LT Frank Daniel BRUNNER - 9 October 1953
  • LT Alva Peter BURGARD - 18 November 1953
  • CHBOSN Thomas Francis OTT - 19 November 1953
  • Alex Castro RODRIGUEZ, SN - 23 November 1953
  • LT David Bevier HOLCOMBE - 22 January 1954
  • LT Gordon "H” FARMER - 6 March 1954

HISTORY – 1954

The present ESSEX was launched and commissioned in 1942. It took twenty months to build her at an approximate cost of $ 69,000,000. During World War II, she earned the name of the fighting'est ship in the Navy.”

In 1949, she was dry-docked for redesigning and remodeling to enable her to handle larger and more powerful planes. She was recommissioned in Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton, Washington, on January 15, 1951.

Cost of the remodeling was about $40,000,000. After shakedown and training cruises she was ordered to Korean waters. She arrived in the combat zone on August 21, 1951.

The ESSEX returned from the first tour on March 25, 1952, and departed for Korean waters again on June 16, with Air Task Group TWO aboard. During the eight months of the second Cruise, her planes unloaded 31,000 bombs and rockets and more than a million rounds of machine gun fire on the enemy forces. Flying 7,606 sorties with Task Force 77 on this tour, the ESSEX planes participated in coordinated UN strikes all the way from the front lines to the Yalu River in North Korea, destroying over 1,100 buildings and damaging more than 500 others.

In close air support of UN front line troops, ESSEX planes killed an estimated 500 enemy soldiers and smashed 144 bunkers.

On September 2, 1952, Captain Paul D. STROOP temporarily relieved Captain RODEE as commanding officer of the ESSEX. Captain B. B. C. LOVETT took command of the huge ship just one month later.

The ESSEX returned stateside on February 6, 1953, for a well-deserved rest and entered the Naval Shipyard at Bremerton, Washington, for several months of alterations, repairs, and overhaul.

Although the ESSEX was the oldest carrier of her class, she now had the distinction of also being the most modern. Captain Christian H. DUBORG assumed command of the ESSEX on March II, 1953, relieving Captain LOVETT.

On December 1, 1953, the ESSEX sailed from San Diego on her third tour of duty in the Far East since her recommissioning in January 1951.

The ESSEX was operating with Air Task Group TWO, and Rear Admiral Robert E. Blick, Commander Carrier Division THREE and Commander Task Force 77, was embarked.

On February 13, 1954, while operating in the East China Sea, Captain Frank TURNER relieved Captain DUBORG and became the eleventh commanding officer of the USS ESSEX.

For 165 years, the vessels bearing the name USS ESSEX have been feared by their eminies and honored by the country they served. The present ESSEX, last and mightiest of her line, is the inheritor of a proud tradition that is almost as old as the United States itself.


on January 25, 1953, the USS ESSEX sailed from Yokosuka Harbor, bound for home after seven months in Korean waters fighting a war which would never bring victory.

It was a war in which men shot to kill for two years after talks designed to end it, were begun; it was a war in which falling bombs blew great holes in the harsh Korean earth for lack of better targets while the very arsenals of the enemy lay untouched in privileged sanctuaries a few miles away.

It seemed, sometimes, the most illogical, frustrating and fruitless war in history, but it was a war which had to be fought. It was a cause which had to be defended. During this cruise, five men from the ESSEX gave up their lives for that cause.

To the world, the Korean War was a "limited" war. To the pilots of the ESSEX, who faced enemy guns every day and to the men who supported them, it was war unlimited.

It was a war of bombing, strafing, road and rail interdiction and the air support of ground troops. It was a war of endless maintenance, spotting and respotting, tending boilers and the myriad of other tasks that keep a great carrier underway and her planes in the air.

It was the deadly, dreary, monotonous war of flying circles around the Task Force, the search for submarines and the drills, drills, drills for the attack which never came.

Lacking the goal of ultimate victory, what impels men to sacrifice for such a strange war as this on the other side of the world?

For some, it is the distance and remoteness itself, the mystery of strange new places and new experiences. For some, it is the resigned acceptance of a struggle we could not honorably avoid. For some, it is an appeal to reason and to abstract ideals. For all, it reflects a fierce pride in thEM3elves, in their jobs, in their ship and in their country.

Never before have men worked so hard and suffered so much for so few of the visible symbols of accomplishment and victory. Yet in their unselfish service they brought to thEM3elves and to their country a blazing, unforgettable glory—and that is, in itself, victory.

The men of the ESSEX could well feel proud that January evening as the ship weighed anchor in Yokosuka Harbor and headed for home and their loved ones who waited so anxiously for their return.

The USS Essex (CVA-9)

The USS Essex (CVA-9) For twelve dragging days and twelve sleepless nights we steamed Eastward toward San Diego. Bright and early on Friday, the 6th of February, we lined the bow, searching for the first glimpse of Point Loma. Finally, it is sighted ! ! We stand down the harbor at a snail’s pace and then a thrilling spectacle emerges from behind the intervening buildings. . . . Thousands of people, bands, beautiful majorettes, scores of romping children and above it all, the brilliant colors of the gay dresses of our wives and sweethearts. . . . Our eyes blink to keep back the tears .... Tears for the brave boys we left in Korea and tears of thankfulness for being home. ... After a "WELL DONE" by COMAIRPAC, the gangway was lowered and wives, children, friends, and sweethearts scrambled aboard. . . . GGA Image ID # 16dd41fda1



  1. RADM R. E. BLICK      - Gloucester, Mass.
  2. RADM H. D. FELT - Coronado, Calif.


  1. CAPT J. R. LEE - Washington, D.C.
  2. CAPT O. C. GREGG - Lynnhaven, Va.
  1. ALLEY, J. N., LCDR - Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. APPLING, John W., TESN - Dallas, Texas
  3. BASYE, Wendell M., CDR - Charleston, W. Va.
  4. BADGLEY, Reed M., LTJG - Grand Rapids, Mich.
  5. BLACK, Donald P., LTJG - Los Angeles, Calif.
  6. BLACK, Robert W., AN - Marion Center, Pa.
  7. BLACK, Rogers L., LCDR - Cincinnati, O.
  8. BUCK, Robert E., RADM - Gloucester, Mass.
  9. BUENVIAJE, Julio S., SD2 - Rosario, Cavite, P.I.
  10. BUNAG, EM1liano, SD3 - San Isidro, Nueva Ecija, P.I.
  11. BUNUAN, Isabelo, SDC - Yokosuka, Japan
  12. BURKE, Richard K., LCDR - Le Panto, Ark.
  13. CANONIZADO, Jesus, SD3 - Tuguegarao, Cagayan, P.I.
  14. CHAMBERLAIN, D. G., LTJG - Denton, Tex.
  15. CHATTERTON, George T., TE2 - Sacramento, Calif.
  16. CLARK, Glen E., SK3 - Ovid, Mich.
  17. CLEMENT, Ralph J., RELE - New Orleans, La.
  18. COCKE, William T. Ill, LTJG - Mobile, Alabama
  19. CONN, John P., CDR - Monticello, Miss.
  20. CONWAY, Harold L., SN - St. Louis, Mo.
  21. CUTHERELL, William C., CT3 - Exeter, Mo.
  22. DAVIS, George W. 5th, LCDR - Ottawa, Kan.
  23. DE LOS REYES, Juanito C., SD2 - General Trias, Cavite, P.I.
  24. DERBYSHIRE, Frederick, Jr., YN3 - Salt Lake City, Utah
  25. EDWARDS, Clarence J., YN2 - Alameda, Calif.
  26. FELT, Harry D., RADM - Coronado, Calif.
  27. FEDDERSEN, Gerald J., PH2 - Matawan, N.J.
  28. FOLEY, John F., LTJG - BiBM1ngham, Mich.
  29. FORTALEZA, Valerinao C., SD2 - San Macelino, Zambales, P.I.
  30. FORTNER, Herschel, LCDR - Prescott, Ariz.
  31. FRY, Robert K., PN3 - Woodburn, Ore.
  32. GARNER, Bennie F., YN2 - Amity, Ark.
  33. GARRETT, William C., Jr., LCDR - Yorba Linda, Calif.
  34. GLEESON, John M., CT3 - Tucson, Ariz.
  35. GORE, William K., ENS - Providence, La.
  36. GREGG, Otis C., CAPT - Lynnhaven, Va.
  37. GREGORY, Earl, YN2  - Redondo, Calif.
  38. GRIFFITH, Paul R., RM3 - Cedar Grove, W. Va.
  39. GRIFKA, Eugene F., PFC - Ruth Mich.
  40. GUNTER, Samuel E., CT3 - Charlotte, N.C.
  41. HALL, Robert H., CT3 - Raleigh, N.C.
  42. HANTZ, Francis A., ENS - Duryea, Pa.
  43. HENDERSON, Walter H., CT3 - South Boston, Mass.
  44. HOLT, Harold K., LT - Houston, Tex.
  45. HOLT, Jack L., QMC - San Diego, Calif.
  46. HUDNER, Thomas J., Jr., LT - Fall River, Mass.
  47. HUME, Jack L., SN - Bakersfield, Calif.
  48. HUME, Virgil R., SN - Bakersfield, Calif.
  49. HUMPHREY, Donald E., YN2 - Columbus, O.
  50. HUSTON, John R., CT2 - Talcott, W. Va.
  51. HUTTO, John F., LCDR - Oakman, Ala.
  52. JONES, Leland C., TE3 - Auburn, Calif.
  53. KIESTER, James E., RMSN - Sheridan, Wyo.
  54. KORN, John T., CT1 - New Haven, Conn.
  55. LEE, lames R., CAPT - Washington, D.C.
  56. LEWIS, William S., LT - Shawnee, Okla.
  57. LILEK, Ernest F., LCDR - Chicago, ll.
  58. LIMBACK, Herbert W., SN - Corder, Mo.
  59. LOVELACE, Paul C., CDR - Piedmont, Calif.        
  60. McCALL, Frank E., QM2 - Port Hueneme, Calif.    
  61. McCLAIN, Howard F., QMC - Los Angeles, Calif.
  62. McLUCAS, Hugh R., BM2 - Friarsburg, N.C.         
  63. McSPADDEN, Peter F., LTJG. - Montclair, N.J. 
  64. MILTON ,Samuel E., RM3 - Jackson, Miss. 
  65. MITCHELL, Richard L., SN - Augusta, Ga.
  66. MORGAN, Charles L., CTSN - Elizabeth,N.J.
  67. MORSE, Lloyd C, LCDR - Seattle, Wash.
  68. MORRIS, Charles E., YN2 - Baltimore,        Md.
  69. NELSON, Franklin L., SN - St. Paul, Neb.
  70. NIEWEG, Elrov L., LT - St. Charles, Mo.
  71. NORTH, Frank R., LT - Lee’s  Summit, Mo.
  72. PAINE, Francis S., Jr., YN1 - Arlington, Va.
  73. PASTOR, Lauro, TN - San Narecso, Zambales, P.I.        
  74. PEARSON, Roxv L., PFC - Alameda,          Calif.  
  75. PONDOK, Florcncio A., SD3 - Cortis, Bohnol, P.I.
  76. POWELL, fames R., RM3 - Griggsville, Ill.
  77. POWER, Richard T., CDR, SC. - La Jolla, Calif.
  78. RAYBON, fames M., SN - Crestview, Fla.   
  79. RUANL. C harles J., PFC - San Diego, Calif.
  80. SAGAR, Jack L., RMSN - Gahanna, O.      
  81. SAGAR, Thomas H., FA - Gahanna, O.
  82. SANDSBERRY, Jack C., LTJG - Wahiawa, Oahu, T.H
  83. SAVELL, Frank J., CT3 - Newton Highland, Mass.
  84. SCOW, Lee A., CPL – Long Beach, Calif.   
  85. SMITH, Lawrence J.J., SN - New Orleans, La.      
  86. SOTIR, John, CPL- Detroit, Mich.     
  87. ST GEORGE, Martin L., Jr., AN - Alhambra, Calif.  
  88. SWENSON, Robert T., LCDR.- La Jolla, Calif.
  89. TAITANO, Jose T., TN  - Santa Rosa, Guam, M.I.
  90. TAYLOR, Joel T., PFC - Lubbock, Tex.
  91. THOMAS, Benjamin R., J03. - La Belle, Fla.
  92. TIKALSKY, J. D., JOC. - Azusa, Calif.        
  93. TOMBERLIN, Gerald D., CPL. - Strong City, Okla.
  94. TUCKER, Harley D., RM2 – Long Beach, Calif.     
  95. TURNER, Harris O., RM1 – San Diego, Calif...
  96. VILLAROS, Esteban, SD2 - Alaminos, Pangasina, P.I.
  97. WALKER, Charles H., LCDR. - San Diego, Calif.
  98. WALKER, Charles R., SN - Dandridge, Tenn.       
  99. WALSH, Norris B., PH2 - Denver, Tenn.     
  100. WARD, Milton O., SN - Gainseville, Ga.
  101. WARD, Garld D., CT2 Henryetta, Okla. 
  102. WHEELER, James H., LT  - Moberly, Mo.
  103. WILSON, Ray, CT3 - Sharon, Tenn.
  104. WISNIEWSKI, William J., CTSN. - Staten Island, N.Y.
  105. WOLFE, Theodore, Jr., CDR. - Memphis, Tenn.
  106. WORTHEN, Parley R., EN2 - Panguitch, Utah
  107. WRONOSKI, Paul R., CT3 - East Greenville, Pa.
  108. ZARLINGO, Joseph A., TESN - Center Ridge, Ark.


  1. CAPT Christian H. DU BORG - Reno, Nevada
  2. CAPT Frank TURNER - Savannah, Ga.


  1. CDR Ben MOORE Jr. - Sherman, Texas


  1. BREWER, “R” Glenn, LTJG - San Gabriel, Calif.
  2. CHRISTIAN, Charles W., CHSCLK - La Mesa, Calif.
  3. COSTA, Joseph A., LTJG, CHC (C) - Hackensack, N.J.
  4. ENGELCKE, John P., ENS - Palo Alto, Calif.
  5. HANSON, George C., ENS - Redwood Falls, Minn.
  6. KNOWLTON, Joseph S., ENS - Salt Lake City, Utah
  7. McDERMOTT, George E., LT - San Diego, Calif.
  8. MORRISON, Basil T., LT - Monterey, Calif.
  9. PHILLIPS, Lawrence R., LCDR, CHC (P)  - Erie, Penn.
  10. TURPIN, Sterling E., CHSCLK - Skidmore, Mo.


  1. ADAMS, Leonard Q., MU3     
  2. ANDERSON, Norman O., SN 
  3. BELL, Lacy M. Jr., PNSN       
  4. BERGER, William C., MUSN  
  5. BERN AT, Jose A., PN2        
  6. BLAKELEY, Floyd D., PISN   
  7. BOURNAZION, Richard, FN  
  8. BRT, Donald E., MU2  
  9. BRUNSON, James N., BM1   
  10. BURKE, Larry P., PNSN.       
  11. BURKHAMMER, Richard L., YNSN
  12. CALLAHAN, George G., AB2 
  13. GARRICK, Kenneth, PNC      
  14. CAVANAUGH, William, AB2  
  15. CHRISTENSON, Donald D., LISN..
  16. COVELLO, John B., SN         
  17. CRICKMER, Herbert D., BT1 
  18. CROWELL, William A., BT2   
  19. DALESKY, Glen H., EM3.                          
  20. DENNEY, James A., YNT3    
  21. DIEHL, Marvin E., YNSN       
  22. DUFANO, Richard J., MU3    
  23. DUGAN, Robert W., TDAN    
  24. DYE, Dewey C., PNSN
  25. EVANS, Gordon E., J02        
  26. GARRETTE, Richard D., MU3
  27. GILDERSLEEVE, Donald L., PI3. .
  28. GRIGGS, Donald H., JOSN   
  29. GROH, David R., LISN
  30. HACKER, Aaron H., BM2      
  31. HAIZLIP, John R., PISN         
  32. HAMMER, Glenn O., BM2     
  33. HAUSER, William H., YN3     
  34. HEPTNER, Darrell L., SN      
  35. HOLLOWAY, George W., LI2 
  36. HOLMES, John S., SN
  37. HUNT, James E., YN3 
  38. JOHNSON, Carl E. Jr., YN2   
  39. JOHNSON, Kenneth L., PN3  
  40. KEEN, Wayman H., BM3       
  41. KLINGENFUSS, Frank E., SN
  42. LeDUC, Edward J., MUI        
  43. LEECH, Gene, PNSN  
  44. LEVENS, Ernest C., PNSN    
  45. LOICK, Max R., MU2   
  46. LYLES, Alvin C., SN    
  47. MACE, James A., PN1
  48. MADSEN, Earl A., SN  
  49. MAIN, Roy G. Jr., MU3
  50. MARTINEZ, Ramiro A., SN    
  51. McCARTHY, Donald A., SN   
  52. McCARTHY, John B. YNCA   
  53. MELLOM, Ronald L., MU3     
  54. METCALF, Arthur W., MUC   
  55. MICHAEL, Paul G., TD3        
  56. MILLER, Howard E., PNSN    
  57. MURO, Joseph M., MU3        
  58. NELSON, Bobbie T., PI3       
  59. NETSCHKE, Donald E. Jr., PNSN...
  60. O’BRIEN, Charles S., YN3     
  61. PARCELLS, Thomas R., MU3
  62. PETERSON, Ronald J., LI3   
  63. PLATT, James R., MU3         
  64. POILES, Charles F., PNSN    
  65. PRITCHARD, Virgil G., SN     
  66. PUGH, Charles W., LISN       
  67. RIEDLER, Ronald R., MUSN 
  68. ROMIE, Gerald D., AO1        
  69. SCHULZ, Lyle R., SN  
  70. SHACKLETT, Chester G., BMC
  71. SOUTHARD, John L., AD1    
  72. SPENCER, Walter D., BM2    
  73. STILLER, Alvin H., YNSN      
  74. STOUFFER, Clayton L., AD3 
  75. VANDERLAAN, Jack, AOUAN         
  76. WATSON, Robert S., YN2     
  77. WEBB, Kenneth D., MU3       
  78. WEEKS, Jessie B., SN
  79. WINCHELL, Chester, BM2
  80. WUESTEFELD, Carl W., AD1


  1. HARBOUR, Neil G., LT
  2. BARTON, Blake M., CHPHOT
  3. Bl USDELL, R. J.. LT   
  4. BRABB, Earl E., LTJG
  5. BRUT, Gilbert A., LC DR       
  6. CODY, Harold R., LT   
  7. DEAL, Ernest L. Jr., LTJG     
  8. DETWILER, George D., LTJG
  9. GAUNTT, Wcslev R., LT        
  10. GIBSON, James G., LTJG     
  11. GRAHAM, Roben W., ENS    
  12. HARRIS, Cecil J. Jr., LTJG    
  13. HIGGS, Roger A., LTJG        
  14. HOGAN, James L., LTJG      
  15. HUXFORD, Richard W., LCDR
  16. INGEBRITSEN, Samuel A., ENS
  17. IRELAND, Warren H., LCDR  
  18. JAEGER, Cletus W., CHRELE         
  19. KAYE, Michael C., ENS         
  20. KERCHEVAL, Robert M., CDR
  21. KIERNAN, Warren R., LTJG
  22. MEYER, Bernard G. ENS      
  24. NEAL, William H. III, LCDR
  25. PICKERING, John H., LTJG  
  26. POTTER, Roderick Jr., LTJG
  27. QUINN, Carl S., ENS   
  28. ROGERS, Charles E. Jr., ENS         
  29. SCOTT, Dennis R., LTJG      
  30. STEEN, Harold A., LTJG
  31. SWINT, George III, LT 
  32. TIPTON, Alexander H., LCDR
  33. WATERS, Robert M., LT        
  34. WEAR, Billy D., LTJG  
  35. WHITE, Maxwell, LCDR         
  36. WILSON, Jennings B. Jr., LT


  1. ASHWILL, Ellwin E., PHAN    
  2. BENTON, Richard L., PH2     
  3. BETTIN, Ernest C.. AGAN     
  4. BUTCHER, Walter L., AGAN
  5. CASTILLE, Walter J., ACAN  
  6. CROSS. Sidney L., AN
  7. CROUSE, Robert L., PHAN   
  8. DAVIS, Joe L., AG3     
  9. DUMAS, Francis W., PHI       
  10. DUVALL, C. D., AG3   
  11. FOUNTAIN, Altus D., AGAN
  12. FRANCISCO, Charles E., AGI
  13. GER IC3, John Jr., PHI
  14. GRAHAM, Robert C., PH2     
  15. GRITZ, Orville D., SN  
  16. GRODEN, Gerald, AN 
  17. HALL, Charles G., PH2
  18. HARCOURT, James M., PHAN
  19. HARMON, James W., PH3    
  20. HAVILAND, Billy J., ACAN     
  21. HIRCHERT, William C., ACAN
  22. HOROHO, Merrill, SN  
  23. JACOB, Francis A., AG3        
  24. KEELER, Alfred J., AGAN      
  25. KENNEDY, Charles E., ACS  
  26. KUPFNER, George D., SN     
  27. LOGAN, Richard K., SN         
  28. McCATHEY, James D., ACS  
  29. McREYNOLDS, Harlan F., PHAN
  30. MORRISON, John A., PHAN
  31. NICHOLS, Kenneth N., SN    
  32. PORTER, John D., AG3        
  33. POTTER, James H., SN        
  34. PREECE, Donald J., ABAN    
  35. ROGERS, Kenneth E., AC2   
  36. TIMMINS, Walter Jr., PH3      
  37. TITTLE, Henry E., YN3
  38. TWEETEN, Paul W., AGAN   
  39. VAN POOL, Logan E., AC3    
  40. WALTERS, Jerry D., SA        
  41. WALTERS, Mervin T., AGS   
  42. WEATHERS, fames E., SN    
  43. WEST, Alfred E., PHC 
  44. YOUNG, Charles G., PH3 


  1. ALBERTSON, James W. Ill, ET3
  2. ALLMAN, Denny P., ET3       
  3. BECKER, Garth C., ET2        
  4. BENHAM, William J., ET3      
  5. BENNETT, Charles R., ET2   
  6. BLACKMON, Richard C, ET3
  7. BOWEN, Donald B.     
  8. CARIGNAN, George R., ET1 
  9. COOK, Schuble C., ETSN      
  10. DUNTON, Glen R., ETSN      
  11. EUBANKS, John D., RDSN    
  12. FINE, Bernard, ETSN  
  13. FOX, James ML, ET2  
  14. HOLMEN, Richard E., ET2     
  15. JACKSON Jimmy R., ET3      
  16. LOVELESS, H. C., ET3
  17. MARTIN, Lester J., ET3         
  18. MORGAN, Robert L., ETS     
  19. NICHOLS, David D., ETSN    
  20. PARSH, Harrison W., ET3     
  21. PORTER, Charles R., ET3     
  22. PROCTOR, Tommy E., ETSN
  23. REEVES, Henry G. Jr., ETSN
  24. RUSSO, Russell E., ET3       
  25. RYAN, Robert C., ET3 
  26. RYKER, Fred M., ET2 
  27. WHITE, Edward J., ET3         
  28. WOLFF, Robert A., ET3
  29. WOOD, Charles T., ETC


  1. BALLOU, Norman L., RD2     
  2. BATEMAN, Richard L., RDSN
  3. BLOUNT, Glen R., RDSN
  4. BROOKS, James A., SN        
  5. BUNTING, Hugh R., RD2       
  6. CHAPPELL, Joe S., RD3
  7. CLUM, Charles H. Jr., SN      
  8. COLE, Roy A., RD2     
  9. COOKE, Vincent F., RDSN
  10. CREWS, Jesse L., RD2         
  11. DUKE, Stewart R., RD2
  12. EAVES, Maynard D., RD3     
  13. EDGETON, Richard G., RDSN         
  14. EDMONDSON, Bruce I., RD2
  15. EHLER, Gilford G., RDSN      
  16. FRITZ, George E., RDSN      
  17. GARVIN, Lee F., RD2  
  18. GREENSLATE, Ron K., RD2 
  19. HASKELL, Donald R., RDSN 
  20. HEINRICH, John J., RD3       
  21. JETT, Conrad O., RD3
  22. JOHNSON, Eugene A., RDS  
  23. JOHNSON, Ronald J., RDSN 
  24. JURINA, Michael J., RDSN    
  25. KEITH, Hobert G., SN  
  26. KITCH, Kenneth K., RDSN     
  27. KOLB, William P. Jr., RDSN   
  28. LINDQUIST, Lauri A., RD3     
  29. LYNCH, Griffin L. II, RD3       
  30. MACKIE, Eugene J., SN        
  31. McCURDY, Garland W., RD2 
  32. MEYERS, Darrell W., SN       
  33. NEWTON, David R., SN        
  34. O’CALLAGHAN, Patrick D., RDSN
  35. OLSON, Donald S., SN
  36. OSBORNE, James H., RDI    
  37. PAILMA, Carlos M., RD3       
  38. PENDERGRASS, Stanley L., SA      
  39. PYLE, Patrick E., RD3 
  40. REEVE, Bruce A., RD3
  41. REISSEN ER, Norris D., RD2 
  42. ROY, Edwin L., RDSN 
  43. SASS, Donald E., RD2
  44. SIDEL, Myrl K., RDSN 
  45. SMEJKAL, Edward J. Jr., SN 
  46. THOMSON, Donald L., RD2   
  47. VAUGHN, Janies R., RDS     
  48. VILLAMARIA, Frank D., RD3 
  49. WALKER, Charles V., SN      
  50. WATSON, Robert B., RD3     
  51. WHALEN, Donald A., RD3   
  52. YERGEN, Norman G., RDSN      


  1. BEARDEN, Carrol J., SN       
  2. BELICKI, Richard A., SA        
  3. BERNHARDT, Berle, SN       
  4. BISHOP, Arthur J., SN 
  5. COOK, Jerry L., SN     
  6. CORUM, Guy E. Jr., FA         
  7. DE LA ROSA, Richard, SN    
  8. DICKEL, Philip C., SA  
  9. FULLER, William R., SA        
  10. GILBERT, Jack L., SA 
  11. GRAY. James M., SN  
  12. HASSON, Adrian S., SN        
  13. HUGHES, Joc A., SN  
  14. HUMPHREY, Robert L., SN   
  15. HUTCHERSON, Billie G., SN
  16. KELLEY, Chester H., SN       
  17. KNOX, Carl J., SN       
  18. KOCOUREK, Charles, SN     
  19. KOCOUREK, James R., SN   
  20. LAMBERT, Sanford L., SA     
  21. MAISEL. Russell F., BMS      
  22. MARTIN, Ernest D, SN
  23. NORRIS, Billy IX, SN   
  24. PAYNE, Rubel, SN      
  25. ROUSEY, Marshall G., SA     
  26. SMITH, Marvin D. SN  
  27. WEBLEY, Ervin E., SN
  28. WILSON, Rodney B., SN
  29. YORGASON, Robert K., SN       


  1. ANDERSON, Terrence A., RMSN
  2. BECK, Robert D, RMSN        
  3. BERGSTEDT, Ralph A., RMSN
  4. BOATRIGHT, James H., RM2..
  5. BOCOCK, Roger A., RM2      
  6. BOYD, Joseph D, RMSN
  7. BRADFORD, Morris L., SA    
  8. BURNS, Buck M., RDSN       
  9. CALDWELL, Oren E., RMSN 
  10. COON, Kenneth A., SN
  11. DAVIDSON, Festus, TE2       
  12. DAVIS, Noel E., RMSN
  13. DICKEY, Ruell O., RMSN      
  14. DOBBS, Jimmy D., RMSN     
  15. EIESLAND, Aaron P., RMSN 
  16. ELAM, James L., TE3  
  17. ENGSTROM, Chester, TE1   
  18. FAY, Joseph F., TESN 
  19. FREEMAN, Ray E., TE3        
  20. GIDMAN, James A., RMSN   
  21. GONZALES, Mike, RMSN     
  22. GREENE, James T., RMC     
  23. GRIBBLE, Randal L., RDSN  
  24. HALLOCK, Donald E., RM1   
  25. HARPER, Milton G., TESN    
  26. JACOBS, Lewis J., RMSN     
  27. JAIME, Lauro J. Jr., RMSN    
  28. JOHNSON, Eldon W., RMSN 
  29. JOHNSTON, Rodney D., RMSN
  30. KELLY, Jack O . SN    
  31. LEACH, Barn, RMSN   
  32. LEYVA, Genaro, SN    
  33. LIPPIATT, Donald N., TE2     
  34. LORING, William M. Jr., RMSN
  35. McAFEE, Lawrence V. W., RM3...
  36. McCAIN, Jimmy L., RMSN     
  37. McDANIELS, Door D., RMSN
  38. MEININGER, Ronald E., TESN
  39. MERRITT, Robert E., TE3     
  40. MOON, Roben D., SN 
  41. MYRICK, Karl E., TE3 
  42. PATTON, Ronald G. Jr., RMS
  43. PERKINS, Thomas M., RMS  
  44. POTTS, Donald I . RMSN      
  45. PYNE, Joseph G., SN  
  46. RAPER, Charles B., RMSN    
  47. REM1SSEWZKI, Andrew F., TE3
  48. RODGERS, James A., SA     
  49. ROGERS, Albert W., TEC      
  50. SMITH, Harold R., TE2
  51. SMITH, Lynn C., RMSN         
  52. STEWART, James A., TESN 
  53. TAYLOR, Robert C., RMSN   
  54. TELLEVIK, George B., TE3    
  55. TEMPLET, Herbert W., RMS 
  56. THOMPSON, Gerald W., RMSN
  57. TREVINO, Alfonse Jr., RMS  
  58. TYREE, Max E., RMS  
  59. WALLACE, William “B” Jr., TE3
  60. WEAVER, Price M., TE3        
  61. WETSELLINE, Arnold, RMSN
  62. WILLIAMS, Eugene P., RM3
  63. WOFFORD, Bobby G., AN


  1. BLANDIN, Dean A., QMSN    
  2. BOUCK, Wayne L., QMSN    
  3. CALEY, Ralph J., QMSN       
  4. COFFY, George R., SN         
  5. DE LEON, Roman, SN
  6. FRENCH, James E. W., SN   
  7. GONZALES, Louis J., SN      
  8. GOSIK, Ronald E., SN 
  9. HOARD, Robert J., SN
  10. HODGES, “J” “B”, QM1
  11. HOFFMAN, Robert J. Jr., QM3        
  12. KEMP, George M., SN 
  13. LISA N TI, Leonard (N), QM1 
  14. MARTIN, Robert E., SN         
  15. McGARITY, Ronald V., SN    
  16. NEHLS, Delwin D., SN
  17. RIEDLINGER, Theodore J., QMC
  18. RICE, Jennings R., SN
  19. ROMERO, Frank, SN  
  20. STEUBEN, Robert V., QMSN 
  21. TIMM, Ronald M., SN  
  22. TROTTER, John T., QM2
  23. WOERNER, John C., QM3


  1. GALBRAITH, William R., EN3
  2. NEWHALL, Albert W., CDR
  3. SMITH, James A., LTJG


  1. ACKERSON, George D., SN  
  2. BOWERS, William J., QMSN 
  3. BURGETT, Edward S., SN     
  4. CANUPP, Jack R., QMS        
  5. CARTER, John B. Jr., QMS   
  6. DAVIS, Solomon D., SN        
  7. FORREST, Ivan E., QM2       
  8. GILLIAM, William L., SN        
  9. HARPER, Huey “P”, SN         
  10. MAGLE, Harry, QM1   
  11. MAYER, Jack H., QMS
  12. OLSEN, Alan A., QMSN        
  13. OLSEN, Kenneth H., SN        
  14. PATE, Russell H., YNS
  15. POLLOCK, Ernest J., QMS    
  16. RASDON, James H., QM2     
  17. STARR, Kenneth H., QMC     
  18. STEVENSON, Jack D., SN    
  19. SWANSON, Herman E„ QMS
  20. WILTON, Robert J., SN
  21. YEATTS, Harold, SN


  1. CARD, William H., LT, MC     
  2. DO ANE, Wilton A., LT, MC   
  3. FUELLING, James L., CDR, MC
  4. MILLER, Edwin B., LTJG, MSC


  1. CHAPIN, David E., SN 
  2. CIOTTI, Bruno C., HM3
  3. CLOUGH, William R., HM3.
  4. COREY, Herbert L., HM3       
  5. CUSACK, Robert T., HN        
  6. CUSACK, William J. Jr., HN
  7. DIETZ, Sylvan E., HN  
  8. ENSLEY, Leighton E., HM1   
  9. FOSTER, Herbert E., HN       
  10. FRIEDLEY, Eldo W., HM3     
  11. FRY, Maurice E., HMC
  12. GIDDEON, Elmer A., HM3     
  13. HALL, Donald D., HM2
  14. KIRBY, Everette E., HM3       
  15. KOLSTAD, Ole A., H M2        
  16. MASON, John C., HMC..       
  17. McKOWN, Daniel P., HM1     
  18. McWATERS, Emmett, HM2   
  19. POOR, Gale C, HM3   
  20. ROBERTS, Glenn C., HM2    
  21. SIGNORETTI, Nicholas F., HM
  22. SOBEL, Philmore L., HM3     
  23. WAHL, Robert D., HN
  24. WATTS, Harry D., HN       


  1. HANCOCK, Joseph G., LCDR, DC.
  2. LANG, Paul G., C DR. DC
  3. WASEM, John L., LT, DC


  1. BLAKE, John W., DT3 
  2. COOMBS, George L., DTI     
  3. MASTERS, Non in D., DN      
  4. MINDRUP, Jerome J., DT3
  5. MORGAN, Ronald C., DT3


  1. AYRES, Gordon K., GUN      
  2. COCKRELL, Fred T., LT        
  3. HOCUTT, William B., CHMACH
  4. HUNTS, Lawrence H., LT      
  5. MAINORD, William S., CHBOSN
  6. McGAFFIGAN, Francis D., CDR
  7. MERRITT, Robert S., CDR    
  8. MOORE, John H. II, ENS       
  9. O’HERN, Daniel J., LTJG      
  10. PHILLIPS, Donald M., LT       
  12. SIMS, Larue T., LT      
  13. TILLEY, Joel E., Jr., LT
  14. TREFERO, Francis J., LT
  15. TUFT, Norman A., LCDR


  1. ALBERTY, Arnold L., AOAN  
  2. APPLETON, William G., AN
  3. BAXTER, Jack D., AA  
  4. BENTLEY, Homer T., AN       
  5. BERVERT, Frank E., AN       
  6. BINKLEY, Marvin D., AOAN   
  7. BISHOP, Russell L. E., AN     
  8. BOCK, Harold D., AN  
  9. BUCK, Raymond L., AN         
  10. BURK, Haverd E., AN  
  11. BUSHNELL, Norris W. Jr., AN
  12. BYE, George E., ABAN
  13. CAMPBELL, Billy E., AMAN   
  14. CAPLES, Richard F., AN       
  15. CARTER, Ellison J., AN         
  16. CARVER, Clarence E., AN     
  17. CASEY, William L., AN
  18. CATES, James F., AA 
  19. CLAFLIN, Kenneth E., ABAA 
  20. CLARK, Joseph M., AN
  21. COOPER, Fred E., AA 
  22. COPELAND, Billy R., AA       
  23. DAVIS, Jack B., AOAN
  24. DEWEESE, Alan G., AOUAN 
  25. DEWHURST, William A. Jr., ABAN
  26. DIXON, Urban L., ABC
  27. DOMAGALSKI, Charles R., AN        
  28. EVANS, Dewey W., AN
  29. EVANS, Stanley W., AN        
  30. EVERHART, Norman W., AN 
  31. FARR, William F., AA  
  32. FARRELL, Monte C., FN       
  33. FILER, Ramon C., AN 
  34. FISCHER, Wilburn H., AN      
  35. FLEM1NG, Thomas D., AN    
  36. FOWLER, Alvin W., AN
  37. GARNER, Loyd E., AB2         
  38. GARY, Rodney Jr., AD3        
  39. GAGAULDEN, Melvin J., AN  
  40. GIBSON, Robert R., AN         
  41. GOAD, Avis H., AN     
  42. GONZALEZ, Helio, AN
  43. GOOD, Elzie E., AA     
  44. GORMAN, John P., AB3        
  45. HAAKSMA, Artis L., AN         
  46. HANSON, James N., ADAN   
  47. HEAVNER, David F., AN       
  48. HELMICK, Leroy E., AN         
  49. HENDERSON, James E., AA 
  50. HILL, Raymond H., AA
  51. HOLLADAY, William H., AN   
  52. HUNT, Rex, AN 
  53. INMAN, Earlie G., AN  
  54. JONES, Therrell C., AN         
  55. JUR1CH, Matthew D., AOUAN
  56. KEITH, Clyde M. Jr. ABAN
  57. KILPATRICK, Robert M., AN
  58. KING, Neil N., AN        
  59. KING, William J., AN   
  60. KLESSIG, Thomas J., ABAN
  61. LACY, Lawrence R., AN        
  62. LAMPE, Sterling F. L., AN      
  63. LANDRETH, Robert H., AN
  64. LIGGETT, Earl, ABAN 
  65. LONG, James W., AN  
  66. LOWE, Pat, AN 
  67. LUNT, Robert E., AN   
  68. MALFAIT, Jerry, AN    
  69. MARGUERITE, Pete H., AN
  70. MATHENY, Howard A., AN
  71. MAUCK, Dale E., AN   
  72. McATEER, Clint, AN    
  73. MENDELSON, Jerry, AN       
  74. MILLER, Dale H., AB2 
  75. MOORE, Charles W., AB3     
  76. MORROW, Mitchell E., AA     
  77. MOSELY, Ralph G., AN         
  78. MUNYAS, Rudolph, ABAN     
  79. MURRAY. Donald J., AN       
  80. NEVICO, Julian A., AN
  81. OGG, Charles W., ABC
  82. PEEPLES, Billy G., ABAN      
  83. PEREZ, Frank, AN      
  84. PERLEY, Orville A.. AN         
  85. POWERS, Donald R., AN      
  86. PRICE, Sam L., AMAN
  87. PRIMEAUX, Fred B., AN       
  88. RED, Clarence G., AB2
  89. REGAN, Lawrence J. Jr., AOAA
  90. ROBERTS, Clyde M. Jr., AN  
  91. RODRIGUEZ, Gonzalo L., AN
  92. ROSE, Edward L., AN 
  93. ROSENBOOM, Max J., AN    
  94. SCHIMMELS, Lynn H., AN     
  95. SHINN, Howard S., AN
  96. SHIVER, John F., AOAN       
  97. SHORT, Jimmie L. S., AN      
  98. SIMPSON, Allen O., AN         
  99. SIMPSON, Ivan R., AN
  100. SMITH, Bob K., AN
  101. SMITH, Robert E., AN      
  102. SNYDER, Ernest W., AN  
  103. SORENSON, Nils S., AN  
  104. STRAHAN, William D., AB3
  105. STUCK MEYER, Roy R., AN
  106. STUTESMAN, Darrell A., AN
  107. SUBDON, Richard A., AN 
  108. SWEENEY, Thomas J., ABAN
  109. TARRANT, Ray C. Jr., AOAN
  110. TATUM, William R., AN    
  111. TEDROW, R. L., SN         
  112. THOMAS, Carl B., AOA N 
  113. TRACY, Robert J., AN      
  114. VAN HORN, Harry F., ABAN
  115. WALDRON, Melvin L., AA 
  116. WALKER, Robert S., AN   
  117. WELCH, Carl F. Jr., AB2  
  118. WELLER, Terry F., AN     
  119. WHITE, John F. Jr., AB2   
  120. WHITE, Richard H. Jr., AB3
  121. WILLIAMS, Russell L., AN


  1. ALLEN, Floyd L., AB2  
  2. ANTHONY, Robert O., AB3
  3. BOOTE, James F., AN
  4. BRADBURN, Sam, ABAN      
  5. BURKHART, Earl E., AB3
  6. CANFIELD, Marvin E., AA
  7. CANNON Robert L., ADAN
  8. COFFEY, Richard A., AN       
  9. COLEMAN, William T., AN
  10. CRAWFORD, Kenneth D., AN
  11. CRITTER, Fred D, AN
  12. CROLY, Harold F., AB2
  13. DARST, Walter E., AN 
  14. DOVE, Duane, ABI      
  15. DYRENG, Gaylen B., AB3     
  16. EDWARDS, Dudley R., AN
  17. ELSTON, James N., SN        
  18. FARLEY, Gerald G., AB3       
  19. FROST, Harold G., AN
  20. GERAGHTY, John, ABAN      
  21. GERING, Edward C, AB2      
  22. GIRARD, Donald A., ABAN.
  23. GORSKI, Joseph T., AB3       
  24. GRAY, Thornton A., ABC       
  25. HALL, Edward G., ABAN       
  26. HAYNES, Bill G., AA
  27. HOSKINS, Eugene L., ABAN
  28. IANNOTTI, Errico T., AB1
  29. JANSSEN, Vaughn L., AN
  30. JOHN, Daniel, AB2      
  31. KUJAWA, Kenneth M., AN
  32. LA PLACA, Santo J., AN        
  33. LEONE, Philip A., ABAN        
  34. MACGREGOR, Bruce E., AB3
  35. McAULIFFE, Jack D., AB1
  36. McCOWN, Donald D., AB2    
  37. MOORE, Leonard N„ AN       
  38. MORAN, William W., ABAN
  39. NEWBY, Walter F. Jr., AB3    
  40. PALLOTTA, Angelo P., ABAN
  41. PATRIC K, Richard V., AB3
  42. PEDERSEN, Rasmus L., AB3
  43. PETERSON, Richard C., AN  
  44. PROSSER, Robert J.. AN      
  45. PUTINSKY, Tony S., AB3      
  46. RAY, Alfred “E”, AN     
  47. REUTTER, Ronald D., ABAN
  48. RITCHIE, Carroll H., ABAN
  49. ROUNTREE, Norman E., AN
  50. SAMPSON. Stanley E., AN
  51. SIMMONS, Robert H., AB1
  52. SKOW, Alfred J.. AN   
  53. SPRATT, Jacob E. Jr., AN     
  54. STEVENS, Wayne E., AN      
  55. STUNKEL, Victor L., AN
  56. SUTTLES, Gerald D., AD3     
  57. TOSTI, Richard L., ABAN      
  58. WALKER, Don lev L., ADAN  
  59. WILLAUER, Joseph R., ABAN


  1. ALDEREDGE, Kenneth P., AN         
  2. ARRINGTON, Richard C. Jr., AN
  3. BARBER, Charles W., AN      
  4. BATEMAN, Deryl L., AN        
  5. BECK, Vernon L., AN  
  6. BRUNO, Ray H., AN    
  7. CANTU, Richard, AN   
  8. CARPENTER, Paul S., AA     
  9. CLARK, John W., AN  
  10. CLARKE, Daniel L., AN
  11. COTTRELL, James R., AB3   
  12. DAU, Donald W., AB1  
  13. DENHAM, Clifford E., AN       
  14. DE VALENTINE, Rudy J., AN
  15. DICKERSON, Floyd C, AN     
  16. DIETRICH, Charles A., AA     
  17. DONOHO, Bill A., AN  
  18. DRAKE, Robert P., AN
  19. DUELLMAN, Carl B., AN        
  20. EADS, Marvin O., AA  
  21. ELMLINGER, Richard E., AA 
  22. EVANS, James C, AN 
  23. EVANS, Richard E., ABI        
  24. FELD, Paul F., AN       
  25. FICKLIN, Don R., AN   
  26. FREEZE, Dwight P., AN        
  27. FRISBEE, Robert C., AN       
  28. GARCIA, Fidel, AN      
  29. GOIN, Kenneth W., AN
  30. CRAMMER, James W., AN    
  31. GROSS, Michael Jr., AA        
  32. HALL, Waller C., Jr., AN        
  33. HAMBLEY, Ferrell S., AN      
  34. INGLE, Bruce S., AN   
  35. JAMESON, Bill E., AN 
  36. JENKINS, Raymond A., AN   
  37. JONES, Donald R., AN
  38. KEEN, Lawrence W., AN       
  39. KEENER, Pat M., AN   
  40. KIMBRO, Gail D., AB3 
  41. KIRBY, Kenneth L., AA
  42. KOTH, Richard W., AN
  43. KREJCI, Edward J., AN         
  44. LOMG, Cecil L., AN     
  45. MARION, Richard A., AA       
  46. MARKIN, Franklin R., AN
  47. McCRACKEN, William N., AN
  48. McDONALD, Rex W., AN       
  49. McMILLIN, Dale E., ABAN     
  50. METZLER, William C., AN     
  51. MILLER, Calvin R., AN
  52. NERDIN Lloyd L., AB3 
  53. ORR, Herschell M., AN
  54. PARK, Charles E., AN 
  55. PAUL, Roger D., AA    
  56. PELTIER, George, AN 
  57. PEREZ, Paul F., AN    
  58. POPP, John T., ABC   
  59. POWELL, Robert D., AN        
  60. ROGERS, Francis J. AN        
  61. SHAW, Jack G., SA     
  62. SILVER, Frank M., AN 
  63. SMITH, Jack C., AN    
  64. SNYDER, William A., AN       
  65. STOUT, Weldon M., AN         
  66. TAPP, Delmar N., AB3
  67. THOMASON, Thurmon K., AN
  68. THOMPSON, George D., AN 
  69. TRAVIS, James H., AA
  70. TURNER, Henry B., AN         
  71. TURNER, William F., AN       
  72. UNAMUNO, Luis, ABAN        
  73. VAN CLEAVE, Vernon R., AN
  74. WALLACE, Howel W., AA      
  75. WELLER, Clerc A., AN
  76. WESTLAND, William E., AN   
  77. WHITWORTH, Haskal P., AN
  78. WILLIS, Jack G., ABAN


  1. AMSBERRY, Alan G., HM3    
  2. ANDERSON, Ray A., YNSN  
  3. APPLEGATE, Martel, AD1     
  4. BELL, Jerome H., AEAN        
  5. BEYERS, Arthur L., AD1        
  6. BLALOCK, Charles A., AN     
  7. BOWER, Donald A., AD2       
  8. BRITAIN, Keith, ATC   
  9. BURT, Ozay G., ADC  
  10. CALLAWAY, Earl R., AD3      
  11. CARLSON, Phillip O., AE2     
  12. CENTER, Marion S., ADAN   
  13. CLAY, Earnest R., ATAN       
  14. COCKRUM, Thomas F., AN   
  15. COLUCCI, Anthony A., AMAN
  16. COOK, George W., AD1        
  17. CROSBY, Robert, AD1
  18. CRUM, Richard L., AN 
  19. CUMBIE, Marvin D., AT3       
  20. DAWSEY, John G., ADC       
  21. DECICCO, Philip A., AMAN   
  22. DRAEGER, Robert P., AN     
  23. ESSNER, Ronald L., AD3      
  24. EVANS, Ronald K., ADAN     
  25. FERNANDEZ, Carlos, AM2    
  26. FINAZZO, George O., AD3    
  27. GASKINS, Richard G. W., AN
  28. GILBERT, William L., AD2     
  29. GREWE, Donald G., A M2     
  30. JENNINGS, Don K., AN         
  31. KING, Thurston, ATAN
  32. KLINE, Robert H., ADAN       
  33. KNAPTON, John R., AT3       
  34. KNIGHT, Harold G., AD2       
  35. KNIGHT, Stanley D., AMAN   
  36. KORTSEN, Harold L., AA      
  37. KRAMER, Donald F., AT3      
  38. LAMBERT, Charles J., ADAN 
  39. LEIS, Thomas A., AN  
  40. LIGGETT, Philip A., AD1       
  41. LOVE, William M., AD3
  42. LYONS, Pierce J., ADC         
  43. MACALUSO, George A., AN  
  44. MANNING, William D., ADAN 
  45. MARTIN, “Y” “D”, AMAN        
  46. McALLISTER, Henry J., AE2  
  47. McCORD, Howard L., AD3     
  48. McDIVITT, Jimmy D., AMAN  
  49. MERLINO, Ronald F., ADAN  
  50. METZGER, Ross, AMI
  51. MEUSE, Donald A., AM2       
  52. MOGFORD, James A., AT2
  53. MONTGOMERY, Richard A., AMAN
  54. MORAN, Richard J., AN        
  55. PONTS, Donald H., AD3        
  56. RHODA, Carl F., ADAN         
  57. RITZMAN, Thomas R., AD2   
  58. ROGERS, Joe H., AE2
  59. ROHART, John W., YN3        
  60. ROSATO, Charles, AD AN     
  61. ROZINSKI, Walter F., AE3     
  62. SCHATZINGER, Francis H., AD1     
  63. SIBLEY, Tyrus R., AN  
  64. SINCLAIR, Eugene R., A M3 
  65. SNOCK, Edward. J., AN        
  66. STAFFORD, John W., ATAN 
  67. STEVENS, Hoyt L., PR3        
  68. STOKES, Herbert W., AEAN  
  69. STOUT, Larry E., ATAN         
  70. STRETCH, Geoffrey F., AN   
  71. SUSKO, John J., AD2  
  72. SUSS, Charles L., AE2
  73. SWARTZWELDER, William A., AEAN
  74. THOMASON, Robert J., AT3  
  75. TRACY, Edward F., PR AN    
  76. TRINKLE, Robert T., AMI      
  77. VAN CLEVE, Richard, ADAA 
  78. VARILLY, James M., AE2      
  79. VATTENDAHL, Obert J., PR2
  80. VINSON, Truman R. Jr., AMC
  81. WAGNER, James L., ADAN   
  83. WHITFORD, Gary E., ADAN  
  84. WILLIAMS, Thomas E., AE3  
  85. WINTER, Omar E., ATAN
  86. WIRRICK, Thomas K., AT2


  1. ADAMS, Robert W., Jr., AOAN         
  2. AGUILAR, Robert L., AN
  3. AHEARN, Dennis M. AOAN   
  4. ALLEN, Cap H., AA     
  5. ALLEN, Joseph E., TM2        
  6. ANDERSON, Russell E., AOAN
  7. BARHAM, Malcolm L., AOU1 
  8. BARKER, William A., AOC     
  9. BARNES, Stanley R., AO3     
  10. BERGHORN, Forrest J., AOAN
  11. BISHOP, Olin L., AN    
  12. BLAIR, James E., A03 
  13. BRYANT, Ray A., AOAN       
  14. BYERLE, Michael P. Ill, AO3  
  15. COWELL, Charles S. Jr., MN3         
  16. CROUCH, Richard P., AO1   
  17. CRUME, Jack E., AO3 
  18. CURNUTT, Allen F., AN        
  19. DAVIS, Dennis I., A02 
  20. DAYTON, Roy I., MN3 
  21. DEEM1NG, Thomas A., AOUAN
  22. DEITER, Urban L., Jr., AA     
  23. DURKIN, John J., A03 
  24. EGGLESTON, Thaddeus Jr., AO1
  25. ELKINS, Walter O. Jr., AOAN
  26. EVANS, Wiley T., AO3
  27. FINN, John M., AO3    
  28. FULLER, Kenneth F., AOAN  
  29. GESKE, Daniel L., AO3         
  30. GOSANKO, Clarence N., SN 
  31. GRAY, Nils G., A03     
  32. GRIFFITH, Arthur L., AO1     
  33. HAHULA, Charles P., AD3     
  34. HAMM, Edward L., AA 
  35. HEADLEY, Lloyd A., SN        
  36. HEWLETT, Richard T., AN     
  37. JACKSON, John A., AO3       
  38. JOHNSON, Thomas C., MN3 
  39. KEMP, Jack M., AOC  
  40. KNOX, Wayne H., AO3
  41. LAMBETH, Larrie L., AOAN   
  42. LAY, Floyd “C” Jr., AA 
  43. LEWIS, Cecil T. Jr., AOAN     
  44. LOWERY, Philip E., A02        
  45. LYDEN, Thomas J., AO1       
  46. MAHONEY, John J., AOAN   
  47. MASON, Alfred H., AOC        
  48. MASTERS, Sam A., AOAN    
  49. MORGAN, James P., A03      
  50. MOURER, Wayne A., AO3    
  51. NELMS, James M. AO1         
  52. NICHOLSON, Donald R., AOAN
  53. NOLEN, Darrell W., AO3       
  54. OSLER, Lewis E., AN
  55. PATRONE, Marion F., YNSN
  56. PHELPS, Wayne H., A02       
  57. POITRAS, Richard F., AN      
  58. REICHMAN, Frederick W., A03
  59. RHODES, Ralph E., AO1       
  60. RODDY, Charles E., A03       
  61. ROESELER, Francis A., TM2
  62. ROGERS, Charles E., AO3    
  63. ROGERS, Robert L., A02      
  64. ROHREN, Leonard H., AOC  
  65. ROUNDY, Jerry C., A02        
  66. SANDERS, Harold A., A02     
  67. SAWYER, Stanley L, AOAN   
  68. SCIESZKA, John A., AOC     
  69. SELLS, Clarence L., AO3      
  70. SETTEM, M. Roy, AN  
  71. SHUPE, James B., AO1        
  72. SMALLEY, Frederick H., A03 
  73. SMITH, Kent W., AOAN         
  74. SORENSON, Loren O., AO1  
  75. SPRADLIN, Jack P. TMSN    
  76. SPRAGUE, Jack S., A03       
  77. STARK, Bernard L., AO1       
  78. STONE, Richard A., AOUAN  
  79. STRICKLAND, Carl C., A03   
  80. SWINDELL, David E., A03     
  81. TREMPER, Robert F., AOAN
  82. WEN K, William B. J., MN3N
  83. YETTER, Charles R., ATAN


  1. ADAMS, John E. Jr., AN        
  2. ALTHOFF, Ralph L., AD1      
  3. ATENCIO, Edmondo, AN       
  4. ATKINSON, Mack D., AB3     
  5. BAILEY, Milton L., ABAN       
  6. BEASLEY, Charles A., AB2   
  7. BEAVER, Roy F., AN   
  8. BERRYHILL, Floyd W., AN    
  9. BIGGS, Sidney L., AA  
  10. BORODZIK, Arthur J., AA      
  11. BROWN, Anthony I. Jr., AN   
  12. CAGGANA, Michael D., AN   
  13. CASTILLO, Joe, AN    
  14. CHENAUR, Richard T., ADEAN
  15. CIRACO, Salvatore Jr., ABAA
  16. CLAPPER, William L., AA      
  17. CLINE, Marvin W., ADC         
  18. CONN, Ralph L., AA    
  19. COON, Robert E., AN  
  20. COVEY, Glenn B., AN 
  21. COX, Herbert, AB2      
  22. CRABTREE, George E., AA
  23. CRAWFORD, Thomas H., AB2        
  24. CURREN, Mark H., AN
  25. DAVIS, John W., AN    
  26. DAVIS, Oscar, AN       
  27. DENTON, Allen A., AN
  28. DIXON, Henry W. Jr., MM2    
  29. DOLAN, Richard E., ABAN    
  30. DRASKOVICH, Richard, BTC
  31. DUNCAN, James B., AN        
  32. GAMBLE, Royd A., AN
  33. GARCIA, Danny, ABAN         
  34. GARDNER, Melvin K., AB3    
  35. GARO, Clarke C., ADAN        
  36. GARO, Edmunde B., ADAN   
  37. GENTRY, Kenneth T., AN      
  38. GRYDER, Jewell D., AD1      
  39. GUNN, James W., AN 
  40. HORRY, Jim D., AN    
  41. HULL, Richard A., ABAN       
  42. JAQUESS, Donald L., AN      
  43. JENNINGS, David F., SA       
  44. JORDAN, Louis E., AN
  45. KELSEY, Harold L., ABAN     
  46. KIRKLAND, Jack G., AN        
  47. LACEY, Walter E., AB2
  48. LAMBERT, Gary D., AN         
  49. LASSEN, Norman E., AD2     
  50. LEINTNGER, William B., AD3
  51. LOSCIUTO, Joseph F., AA    
  52. LUTZ, Joseph, AA       
  53. MADDEN, John W., AN         
  54. MARSING, Lester G., AD2     
  55. MATTE, Harry, AB2     
  56. McANENEY, Richard P., ABAN
  57. MELVIN, James C., ABAN
  58. MEREDITH, Bert L., AN         
  59. MICHELE, Richard L., AMAN 
  60. MILLER, Richard C., AD1      
  61. MITTIGA, Frank Jr., AN         
  62. MIXON, Harold E., AE3
  63. MYERS, Marshall M., AB3     
  64. PEARCE, Lawrence E., AN    
  65. POINDEXTER, Richard C., BT2       
  66. PRIDGEN, Carl R., AN
  67. REITENOUR, Dale S., AOC   
  68. ROGERS, Harlan E., ABAN   
  69. ROGERS, Richard J. Jr., AN  
  70. SHEETZ, Harry N., BT2         
  71. SIGNALL, Robert, AN  
  72. SPENCE, Willie Jr., AN
  73. STILLINGER, William K., AN  
  74. STOKER, Ernest D., AN        
  75. TATTERSON, John D. Jr., AN
  76. THOMAS, David W., AB2      
  77. WEBER, Donald E., AN         
  78. WHITE, Robert D., MM1        
  79. WILBURN, Harold E., AN       
  80. WILLBURN, James A., SN


  1. NELSON, Edward A., LT


  1. BURKHALTER, Phillip B., AMAN     
  2. FARRAR, Malone H., ADC     
  3. HUNTER, Donald R., AD3     
  4. LEEVER, Gerald A., AD3       
  5. LONG, William T., ACC(AP)   
  6. MUNDELL, Gene W., ADAN  
  7. RHODEN, Edwin P., ADAN    
  8. WILKINS, John W., ADAN     
  9. ZIMMER, Richard A., AT3


  1. ANDREWS, Frederick C., ENS        
  2. BECK, Jay O., ENS     
  3. BERST, John A., LTJG
  4. BRANDT, Carl R., CDR         
  5. BURNHAM, Irvin L., MACH    
  6. CUSHMAN, Warren R., LT    
  7. DODDS, Robert M., ENS       
  8. GREATCHUS, Francis J., LCDR      
  9. GWILYM, Herald J., ENS       
  11. KENNEDY, Thomas J., LT     
  12. MAY, Harold A., LT     
  13. McMURRAIN, H. A., LTJG     
  14. NEWTON, Kenneth C., CHMACH
  15. POTTS, Raymond A., LTJG   
  16. PRAY, Robert E., LTJG         
  17. PRICKETT, Harold V., CHELEC
  18. RASMUSSEN, Norman D., CHCARP
  19. SHANAHAN, Ward A., ENS   
  20. SIMS, Thomas S., LTJG        
  21. VALLEREUX, Eugene F., CHMACH
  22. WHIPPLE, Stanton E., LTJG       


  1. ALLEN, Marion J., EN2
  2. ALLINGTON, Richard D., EN2
  3. BALDWIN, Cecil E. Jr., MMFN
  4. BARTON, James G., MR3     
  5. BEAVER, Donald L., MMFN   
  6. BISHOP, William E., FN         
  7. BUTLER, Frank M., MM2       
  8. CAMPA, Richard J., FN         
  9. CECELIC, Joseph J., MM3    
  10. COLE, Wilburn, FN      
  11. COMBES, Jasper H., EN3     
  12. COULEHAN, Ronald T., FN   
  13. COWAN, Robert D., MMFN   
  14. DODSON, Robert D., FN       
  15. EARP, Gene E., ENFN
  16. EAST, James F. Jr., EN3       
  17. EDIS, Barry D., MR2   
  18. ELLIOTT, John F., MR2         
  19. FINCHER, George E., FA      
  20. FESTER, William H., MMC    
  21. FOHNER, Dwight M., ENC     
  22. FORD, Lloyd E., FN     
  23. GAINFORD, Tom E., MR3     
  24. GARINGER, James R., MM3 
  25. GIBBONS, William B., FN      
  26. GRIGGS, Elmer E., MM3       
  27. GUIFFRE, Gerald A., MM3    
  28. HANCOCK, Robert R., ENFN 
  29. HANSEN, Robert J.. FA         
  30. HIBINGER, Robert M., MM3
  31. HICKS, Gerald J. IN    
  32. HOFFMAN, William T., MR1  
  33. v HOOPAUGH, John W., FN  
  34. HULO, Dave E., ENFN
  35. JOHNSON, Havey L., MM3   
  36. JOHNSON, Larry R., EMFN   
  37. JONES, John R., MM1
  38. KETCHER, Jefferson P., FN  
  39. KORICANEK, Julius J., EN I  
  40. LARM, Loring M., MMC
  41. LEE, Algie, FN  
  42. LOPEZ, Richard C., MM2      
  43. LOUSTAUNAU, Joaquin A., MM3
  44. MANOR, David R., MM FA     
  45. MARTILLA, John A., MM3     
  46. McDONALD, Donald C., EN2 
  47. MILLER, Fred A., FN   
  48. MINYARD, Mack M., FN        
  49. NEESLEY, Raymond L., MMFN
  50. NIMON, Douglas V., MMC     
  51. NUMMELIN, John L., FA       
  52. OROS, Benjamin, FN  
  53. PEEVY, William L., MM3       
  54. PLASTER, Kenneth D., FN    
  55. PORCH, James W., MM3      
  56. PROPES, Jack L., MM3        
  57. SAUER, Vernon P., MR3       
  58. SCHOONOVER, Elmer, MMC
  59. SHEFLO, Charles L., MRFN  
  60. SHIPLEY, Doyle, FA    
  61. SIMPSON, Ward C., FN        
  62. STRONG, Robert W., MRFN
  63. THOMAS, Robert F., EN3      
  64. VAN HOSSER, William H., FN
  65. VINCENT, William E., FA       
  66. WARD, Kenneth E., MM3      
  67. WESSEL, John D., ENFN      
  68. WHITE, Donald M., FN
  69. WOOSLEY, John A., MM3     
  70. WRIGHT, Timothy A., FN       
  71. WYATT, Marion O., FN
  72. ZEHNER, Frank B., MM3


  1. ADAMS, Charles P., BT3       
  2. ADAMS, Donald G., FN         
  3. ALLEN, Lyle M., FN     
  4. ALLEN, Thomas W., FN        
  5. BADURA, James L., BT2       
  6. BAKER, Frederick D., FN       
  7. BAKER, Tommy., BT3 
  8. BASTING, James C., BTC     
  9. BILLHIMER, Ray K., BT3       
  10. BLACK, Arthur W. Jr., FA       
  11. BLACKSHEAR, Clayton E., FA
  12. BLAKEMAN, Albert R. Jr., BT1
  13. BOMBARDIER, Carl F., BT2
  14. BRAYE, Leonard R., BT2       
  15. BREWER, Howard C., BT3    
  16. BRUSH, Norman R., FN        
  17. BUTLER, Jerry T., BT3
  18. CANTRELL, Kenneth N., FN  
  19. CARRICO, Robert E., FN       
  20. CARTER, Wallace L., FN       
  21. CHRISTOPHER, Gerald B., BT3
  22. CLARK, Virgil C., BT3  
  23. COLEMAN, Lynn E., FN        
  24. CONNER, Jack F., FN 
  25. COOK, James A., FN  
  26. COOK, Jess E., BT1    
  27. COPELAND, Vernon H., FN
  28. CORREA, Genaro, FN 
  29. DAVIDSON, Roland E., FA    
  30. DELANEY, Charles D., BT3   
  31. DELLINGER, Damon J., FN   
  32. DERUM, Francis G., FN        
  33. DEWITT, Marvin D., MMFN
  34. DOWNEY, Lonnie L., FN       
  35. DUDLEY, Bob E., BTFN        
  36. DULANY, Douglas D., FN      
  37. EASON, Albert E., MMFN      
  38. EDWARDS, Jack, FA  
  39. EKLUND, Hilmer A., MMFA   
  40. ELLINGTON, Jesse S., BTC  
  41. ELLIOTT, Franklin G., BT3    
  42. ELLIOTT, Harvey B., FN        
  43. EVANS, James E., FA 
  44. GEISWINKLER, William C, BT3
  45. GILES, William C., FN 
  46. GONZALES, Willie, BTFN      
  47. GUILLOT, Blaize L., FN         
  48. GUINAN, Harry M., BTC        
  49. HALL, Jack H., FN       
  50. HAM, Angus M. Jr., BT3        
  51. HAYNIE, Walter V., FA
  52. HERZOG, Richard L., FA       
  53. HILL, Donald L., BT2   
  54. HOLDER, John C., BTC        
  55. HOLLADAY, Darrell L., FN     
  56. HOWARD, Robert E., BT3     
  57. HUFF, Walter W. Jr., BT1      
  58. JAMES, Paul F., BT1   
  59. JOHNSTON, Harvey J. Jr., BT1
  60. KACKLEY, Robert S., BT3     
  61. KEECH, Condrad L., FN        
  62. KEENAN, George F. Jr., FN   
  63. KEEZER, Delvin H., BT3       
  64. KENDALL, Jesse L. Jr., BT3  
  65. KENNEDY, James T., BT1     
  66. KNIGHTEN, James P., BT3   
  67. KOCOUREK, Dale W., MMFN
  68. LADD, Sam B. Jr., BT2
  69. LAMB, Jerrold B., FA   
  70. LAMBERT, Garland F., FA     
  71. LAREDO, Joe Jr., FN  
  72. LEACH, KeBM1t L., BT3        
  73. LEBLANC, Wilson P. Jr., FN  
  74. LENNY, William P., BT2        
  75. LEWIS, “J” “P”, FA       
  76. LEWIS, Thomas J., FA
  77. LINDENMAYER, Edwin F., BT3       
  78. LITRE, Allen L., MMFN
  79. LOCKHART, James W., FA   
  80. LOGAN, Charles J., BT3        
  81. LOW AS, Donald K., BT3       
  82. LOWE, Arthur E., BTC 
  83. MABREY, Thomas J., BT1     
  84. MARTIN, Larry G., MM3        
  85. MAUPIN, Carroll S., MMC     
  86. MAVES, Charles E., BT2       
  87. MAY, Irvin D., BT2       
  88. MAYS, Frank D., FN    
  89. McBRIDE, Leo V., BT3
  90. McGINNIS, Thomas N., BT3  
  91. McKNIGHT, Tommie, BT1     
  92. MEEKS, James a., BTC         
  93. MILLER, Richard J., BT3       
  94. MILLER, Stanley V., FN         
  95. MITTIE, William E., MMFN     
  96. MOHR, Melvin P., MMFN      
  97. MONTOYA, Gilbert J., BT3    
  98. MOORE, Hubert R., BTC       
  99. MORALES, Telesforo Jr., FA 
  100. MURPH, Charles R. Jr., BT3       
  101. MURPHY, Russell |r., FN  
  102. NAPIER, Thomas J., FN   
  103. NELSON, Robert L., BT3  
  104. NELSON, Ronald D., FN  
  105. OSENTOWSKI, Kenneth A., BT3
  106. PARENT, Albert BTC        
  107. PARNELL, Dan L., FA      
  108. PARSON, Troy A., BT3     
  109. PIERCE, Clarence E., FA 
  110. POYNTER, Cecil D., FN   
  111. PROIJTY, Harvey D., FN  
  112. QUATTLEBAUM, Clifton C. Jr., BT3
  113. QUILLEN, Edward A., BT3
  114. RICKMAN, Donald J., BT2
  115. ROSE, Paul A., FN                     
  116. ROSS, Richard H., FA      
  117. SCHIPPER, Herman W., FA       
  118. SESE, Louis BT3   
  119. SHARP, Dean B., FN       
  120. SHELTON, Bobby E., FN  
  121. SHIPMAN, Calvin D., BT3 
  122. SIMPSON, Francis M., BT2        
  123. SIMS, Francis L, FA
  124. SIMS, Kenneth D., MM2   
  125. SMITH, Bennie D., FN      
  126. SMOOT, Jerry D., BT3     
  127. SNOWGREN, Roland H., BT3
  128. SOMNITZ, fames L., BT2  
  129. SPENCER, Robert G., FN
  130. SPIRK, Louis C., BTC       
  131. STACHOWIAK, Donald, BT2      
  132. STALEY, J. B., BT3
  133. STANLEY, Willard P., BT3
  134. STAPLEY, Grant L., MMFA        
  135. STARK, Gary D., FA         
  136. STARRETT, Daniel C., BT3        
  137. STETSON, Royce J. Jr., BTFA
  138. STEVEY, Charles W., FN 
  139. STRASSBURGER, Albert W., BT3
  140. STRAUS, Russell C. F., FN        
  141. STROSNIDER, Floyd G., FA       
  142. SWAN, Alvin J., BT2         
  143. TANK, Elwyn E., BT3       
  144. THOMAS, Jack B. D., BT3
  145. THOMPSON, Richard E., BT1     
  146. TILTON, Lowell M., FN     
  147. TORGERSON, Lloyd C., BT3
  148. TOWNSEND, LaVerne N., MM3
  149. TUBBS, Theodore, FN      
  150. TUNISON, Jack A. Jr., FA 
  151. VENTRESCA, Arthur, BTC
  152. VON BEHREN, Frank R., BT2
  153. VONDENSTEIN, Charles E., BT2
  154. WALKER, Robert W., FA  
  155. WARNEKING, Fred H., BT3        
  156. WHITE, Clarence A., MMFN       
  157. WILSON, Earle A., BT3    
  158. WILSON, Frank S., FA     
  159. WILSON, Richard W., MM3        
  160. WOOD, John T., FN
  161. YOUNG, Joseph N., BT1  


  1. ALLEN, Doyle E., EM3
  2. BACKUS, Donald W., IC3      
  3. BARK, Richard L., IC3 
  4. BARRETT, Wahl G., IC3        
  5. BARTON, Kenneth R., ICFN  
  6. BELL, Myrl C., EM2.                        
  7. BILLHIMER, Hugh N., EM3    
  8. BONAR, Curtis B., EM3         
  9. BOYLE, James W., SN
  10. BURKETT, Edward C., EM3  
  11. CANNON, Arthur L., EM3      
  12. CONLEY, Gerald E., EMFN   
  13. CONNORS, Patrick Jr., EM3  
  14. COOPER, Bobby S., EM2      
  15. COTTON, Adrun B., EM3      
  16. CRAWFORD, John F., EM3   
  17. DAHLGREN, Samuel C. Jr., EMPFN
  18. DAIKER, Warren J., EM2       
  19. DAVIDSON, Lenox W., EM2  
  20. DILLINGHAM, Bobby J., EM3
  21. DOHMS, Herman W., EMFA  
  22. DRAMER, Daniel L., EMFN   
  23. DRAPER, Voris E., EM3        
  24. DROUKAS, Milton, EM3        
  25. EARDLEY, John T., ICFN      
  26. EDGERTON, Don M . EM2    
  27. EHLERS, Marshall G, EM2    
  28. FALK, Otto J., SN        
  29. FELTSEN, Donald D., FN      
  30. FLOYD, Billy J., EM3   
  31. FLYNN, Michael F., Jr., EM1  
  32. FRIEND, George L., EM FA   
  33. FRIEND, William J., ICFN      
  34. FULKERSON, Willis C., EMFN         
  35. GARDINER, Ralph E., EM3   
  36. GAY, Weldon E.. FN    
  37. GERMAN, David B., EMFN    
  38. GODDARD, Robert L., EM3   
  39. GOERTZ, Delphert P., EM3   
  40. GRAHAM, William R. Jr., ICC
  41. GRAY, Clair E., EMFN 
  42. GRIEPENTROG, Harold O. Jr., EMFN
  43. GWINN, James R., EM3        
  44. HARRIS, Harold D., ICFA      
  45. HEALY, Robert L., EM2         
  46. HERNDON, Robert L., EM2   
  47. HOBSON, Jerry C., EM2       
  48. HOLLABAUGH, Arnold S., ICFA      
  49. HOSKINS, Fred L., ICFN       
  50. HUDDLESTON, William G. Jr., EM3
  51. HUTCHINS, Kenneth L., EM3
  52. HYDER, Don V., EM3  
  53. JACKSON, Robert W., EM3   
  54. JOHNSON, Lester D., EM3    
  55. JONES, Alvin F., EM3 
  56. JONES, Elwood W., EM3      
  57. JONES, William P. Jr., EM2   
  58. KIRLER, David G., EM2        
  59. KIRSCH, Edward C., EMFA   
  60. KLACZKIEWICZ, Joseph E., EM3    
  61. KOCKS, Ronald J., IC3
  62. LABIA N, Clarence W., EM2  
  63. LAWRENCE, William D., EM2
  64. LEHR, Gordon D., EM3
  65. LEONARD, Edward C, EM2   
  66. LONG, Arland G., EM3
  67. LORINGS, Charls E., ICFN    
  68. LUKE, Howard S. Y., EMFN   
  69. MANSKER, Rusbv G. Jr., EM3        
  70. MARSDEN, Ronald L., EM2   
  71. MARSHALL, John R., EMC    
  72. MARTIN, Lloyn E., EM 1        
  73. McLANAHAN, Donald L., SN 
  74. McSPADDEN, Wiley S., IC3  
  75. MESPLAY, Joseph C., EMFN
  76. MORGAN, Robert L., EMC    
  77. MOSS, Luther “L”, FN  
  78. MULLIN, Thomas F., EMFN   
  79. NEBRIG, Fred L. Jr., IC3       
  80. NEWBERN, Richard L., EMFN         
  81. OBERTONE, Donald F., EM3
  82. OWEN, Bernard L., EM3        
  83. PATRICK, William D., EM1    
  84. PATTERSON, Howard L., EM3        
  85. POSNER, Harold, EM2
  86. RAZEY, Philip B., EM3
  87. REID, Noble E., EMFN
  88. RENEGAR, Donald H., IC3    
  89. ROGERS, Thomas L., FA      
  90. RUFFCORN, Wallace L., BTS
  91. SCHACHTE, Charles E., EM2
  92. SCHULZE, Dale H., ICFN      
  93. SCHURZ, Virgil J., IC3
  94. SCORE, Clayton G., EM2      
  95. SELESNIK, Benjamin H., EMFN       
  96. SIDELKO, Joseph R., EMFN  
  97. SIRVEN, Teddy V., EMFN     
  98. SMITH, James R., ICFN        
  99. SUNDBERG, Paul E., EM3    
  100. TAPLEY, Tommy E., EMFN        
  101. THOMPSON, Donald S., EMFN  
  102. THOMPSON, John W., EM3       
  103. TUBBS, Joseph E., EM3   
  104. VALLEY, Ronald D., EMFN         
  105. VANCE, Jimmie “D”, FN   
  106. WALKER, Lawrence W., FN       
  107. WARE, Walter W., EM3    
  108. WILLIAMS, Ronald D., FN
  109. WORK, Edward E., EMC  


  1. ADCOX, Harold E., MM3       
  2. ADKINS, Louis Jr., MM3        
  3. ALBERT, Jack R., MM2         
  4. ALLEN, Gerald D., FN 
  5. AMES, John, MM3      
  6. APLIN, James v. MM1 
  7. ASHLEY, Jack E., MM3         
  9. BEERY, William M., MM3      
  10. BELSAN, Louis E. |r., MM3    
  11. BENDER, Joseph, MM3        
  12. BEVEN, Richard L., FN
  13. BRAMON, Franklin L., MMFN
  14. BRIDGEMAN, Samuel M., MM3       
  15. BUTTERWORTH, Robert G., MMFN
  16. CREWS, Boyd, MM3   
  17. DAUM, Arthur A., MMFA        
  18. DAVIS, Floyd E., MMC
  19. DAVIS, Fred H., MM2  
  20. DIZON, George M., FN
  21. DOBBINS, Robert H., MMFA
  22. DOWLING, Melvin H., MM3   
  23. DUNC IN, Philip C., MM2
  24. DYKES, Clifford H., FN
  25. FUNDERBURK, Roy D., SN   
  26. GAMMELGARD, James B., MMFN
  27. GARZA, Raymundo, FN        
  28. GERDES, Malcolm L., MMFN
  29. GROW, Melvin W., MMFN     
  30. GRUBB, Myron W., MMFN    
  31. GUSTAFSON, Bertil W., MM3
  32. GUSTAFSON, Jaret E., MM2 
  33. HALFPOP, Bernard E., MMFN         
  34. HAMMONS, Charles W., MMFN
  35. HARVEY, Robert L., MM3     
  36. HAYES, Francis N., MM3      
  37. HELLER, Richard L., MM3     
  38. HERRON, Daniel W., MMFN 
  39. HODGSON, John W., MMFN 
  40. HOLLAR, Samuel C., FN       
  41. HORNER, Norman G., MM3  
  42. HUDSON, Thomas A., FN     
  43. IRVINE, Carl E., MM3  
  44. JEFFERIES, Robert, FA        
  45. JOHNSON, Bruce M., FA       
  46. JONES, Clarence D., FN       
  47. TOPES, Jefferson H., MM2    
  48. KEITH, Richard M., FN
  49. KOLESKE, Robert H., MM3   
  50. LANGHAM, Robert H., MM3  
  51. LITTLEJOHN, Arley B. Jr., MMFN
  52. LONG, Melvin R., MM3
  53. LOOMIS, Clyde E., MM3       
  54. MANDISH, George, MM1      
  55. MANUEL, Elbert L., MM3       
  56. MARANTOS, Allen A., FN      
  57. MILLER, Milford L., MM1       
  58. MINGS, Ray D., FA     
  59. MONTGOMERY, Royce L., FN        
  60. MORRIS, Jack D., FN  
  61. NUNN, John A., MMC 
  62. O’TOOL, Ardell F., FN
  63. PAGE, John T., MM1  
  64. PETTY, Richard C., MMFN    
  65. PHIPPS, Sam R., SA   
  66. RIPLEY, Stanley I., FA
  67. ROBINSON, William H. Jr., MM2
  68. SAARI, Ray F., MM3   
  69. SANTOS, David A., MMFN
  70. SAVI, Henry F. Jr., MMFN     
  71. SCHEELE, John H., MM2
  72. SCHOCHLER, Don R., MM3  
  73. SIGMON, Glen W., MM3       
  74. SMITH, Clyde H., FN   
  75. SPEARS, Samuel T., MM1    
  76. STEPHENSON, William E., MM3
  77. STRONG, Gerald C., FA        
  78. THOMAS, Richard M, MMFN 
  79. VINES, Billy J., FN      
  80. WESCOTT, Dan H., MMFN   
  81. WIEDEL, Denis W., MMFA    
  82. WILLIAMSON, Billy R., MM3  
  83. WINSTEAD, David E., MMFN
  84. WINTER, Donnie E., FA
  85. WOLFE, Herbert R., MM1


  1. ALDRICH, Kenneth “E”, ME2 
  2. ANDERS, Lynn L., FN 
  3. BAGSHAW, Jesse A., SN      
  4. BARKER, Donald A., ME3     
  5. BARNES, Billy A., EP3
  6. BARNES, Harold D., FA        
  7. BARNETT, Philip N., MEC     
  8. BEFORE, foe Jr., FN   
  9. BENSON, Byron E., YNSN    
  10. BENSON, Lloyd A., YN2        
  11. BRADY, Michael FP3  
  12. BROWN, Jack N.,' MEFN      
  13. CARROLL, William F., FN      
  14. CHRISTENSEN, Grant T., DC1
  15. CLARK, Barry P, FPFN
  16. COLLINS, Harry L., FP3        
  17. COOK, Allen B., FN     
  18. CURTIS, John F., ME3
  19. DAVIDSON, David A., MEFN 
  20. DAVIS, Vincent D., FN 
  21. DEERING, Richard R., FP3   
  22. DIETRICH, Duane H., DC2    
  23. DOWDLE, Doyce W., FP3     
  24. DUBOSE, Dan E., DC3
  25. DUBOSE, Wayne J. Jr., DCS 
  26. ELLIS, Charles E., FN 
  27. ELLIS, Jack D., ME1   
  28. FISCHER, Earl C., YN2         
  29. FORGEY, Ike K., MES 
  30. FRAZIER, Robert L., ME2      
  31. FRENCH, Howard R.. MES    
  32. GALSTER, Robert M., ME3   
  33. GIFFORD, Robert F., FA       
  34. GLASER, Ernes' H* EEFN     
  35. GREEN WALD, Edward L., DC3
  36. HALL, Donald W., FA  
  37. HELMBRECHT, Arien E., ME3
  38. HILLIARD, George L., ME2
  39. HOTTOVY, Eugene A., ME2
  40. HOTTOVY, Ludvik., ME3       
  41. JOHNSON, Joseph L. Jr., FP3
  42. JOHNSON, OLeen, DC2        
  43. JONES, Charles R., FP3       
  44. JONES, Richard C., FN         
  45. LEDBETTER, Neily F., FN     
  46. LUNDT, Clifford H., SN
  47. MAAS, Richard H., FPFN       
  48. MELTON, David, FN    
  49. MERRYFIELD, John J., FN    
  50. MUNSON, Franklin D., ME3
  51. MURPHY, Michael A., FN
  52. NIEWALD, Lawrence, FP3     
  53. OLTHOFF, Roland G., DCFN
  54. PACKARD, Jerry L., FN         
  55. PAGE, Leland H.. DC2
  56. PETLKS, George W., ME3     
  57. PETERSON, John W., FA      
  58. RICE, Kenneth L., SN  
  59. RODELLI, Arthur J., FN         
  60. ROTH, Alfred C., ME3 
  61. SATCHER, Emric G., FN       
  62. SCHNEIDER, Neil J., DC2     
  63. SELVJDGE, Gene C., FPC    
  64. SHORB, Raymond J., FN      
  65. SMITH, Raymond C., FN       
  66. STANSELL, John K., FN        
  67. STORMO, Leonard O., FP3   
  68. WALLACE, Eduard M., DC3  
  69. WARNOCK, Billy C., DC3      
  70. WATSON, Robert E., FPFN   
  71. WEIDNER, Leo J., YNSN       
  72. WRIGHT, “AJ”, FPFN
  73. YOUNG, Delmar L., ME3


  1. ASHLEY, James E., LT
  2. BLOUNT, William K., LTJG    
  3. BRIGHT, fîmes L.. LTJG        
  4. CHRISTENSEN, Charles S. Jr., LTJG
  5. COFFMAN, Harvey E., LTJG 
  6. DAVIS, Paul G., LTJG 
  7. FISHER, “G” Jack, LTJG       
  8. GASHLER, Daniel H., ENS    
  9. HARMAN, Julius W., LCDR    
  10. HATCHER, James D., LTJG  
  11. HIGGINS, Peter F., CHBOSN
  12. HUBBARD, Bert E., LTJG      
  13. LOFSTROM, Fredrick P. Jr., ENS
  14. MARSHALL, Raymond S., CHGUN
  15. McCLANE, John B., ENS       
  16. METTS, Harold L., ENS         
  17. MOELLER, Alvin H., ENS      
  18. RED, Woodrow W., LT
  19. SALERNO, Richard A., LTJG 
  20. THOLE, C. P., ENS     
  21. WEBER, William W., ENS      
  22. WILSON, William W., LTJG   


  1. AUSMUS, Leroy, BM3 
  2. BELTRAN, Ernest R., SN       
  3. BENSON, Jerome, GMSN     
  4. BERRY, Fred W., SN  
  5. BRITTON, Times E., BMKSN 
  6. BROCK, Nathaniel W., SN     
  7. BROOKS, Albert E., SN         
  8. BRUNET, Joseph C, SN        
  9. CHILDERS, Robert L., GM3  
  10. COFFELT, Hugh B. Jr., BM3  
  11. COLE, Walter E., SN   
  12. COMBS, Howard G. Jr., SN   
  13. CUMBO, Charles W., SA       
  14. DAY, Donald G., SN    
  15. DEBRULAR, Jack A., SN       
  16. DINKINS, Roger F., BM3       
  17. DUNCAN, John A. Ir., GM3    
  18. ESSER, Rol>ert F., SN
  19. ESTES, James E., SN 
  20. FEDERICO, Alfred H. L., GM1
  21. FOREMAN, John H., SN        
  22. FORTUNIA, Joseph D., SN
  23. GLOYD, Dorel D., SN  
  24. GLOYD, William D., SN         
  25. GOMEZ, Joseph, SN   
  26. HEITKE, Harold E., GM3       
  27. HEITKE, Ronald E., GM3
  28. HOLMAN Roy L. Jr., SN
  29. JOHNSON, CarrelI D., SN     
  30. KELUCHE, Calvin M., SN
  31. LEITZELL, Larry B , GMC
  32. MARTINSON, Donald R., SN
  33. McCarthy, Jack J., SN 
  34. McCarthy, James A., GMSN
  35. McDANKEL, Gale F., SN       
  36. McDONALD, Richard, BM1    
  37. MILLER, Edgar m . SN
  38. MORA, Candelario Jr., SN     
  39. MIJRCH, Everett L., SN         
  40. NELSON, Joseph B., SN       
  41. PANGOS. James E., SA        
  42. PARLETT, Frederick E., SN
  43. POLINSKY, Norbert F., SN
  44. RIEGLE, James A., SA
  45. RIES, Frederick G., SN
  46. SAWYER, John F. Jr., SA      
  47. SAYLES, Donald L., GM3      
  48. SCHICKER, Henry, SA
  49. SOUTHWORTH, Vilgil R., SA
  50. SPRATT, Thomas L., RM2
  51. SOUIBB. Leland D., BT2       
  52. STEPHENS, Henry D.. SN
  53. STORKS, Clarence E., SN     
  54. TURNER, Muldrow B., SA
  55. WELLS, William H., SR
  56. WHALEN, Walter S., SN        
  57. WIEAND, Kenneth R.. GMSN
  58. WILMOT, Marion S., SA        
  59. WISHON, Junior, BM1 


  1. ALLSBROOK, Allan L., SA
  2. AMES, Paul L., SN      
  3. ANDERSON, Richard C.. SN
  4. ANDREWS, Dannv E., SN     
  5. BEVEN, Thomas D., GM3     
  6. BEYER, Thomas E., Jr., BMC
  7. BOUSLAUGH, Joseph L., BMSN
  8. BROWN, Paul L., SN   
  9. BUTLER, Virgil R., Jr., SN     
  10. CARROLL, Willis M., SN        
  11. CHILDRESS, Gerald L., GM3
  12. COOPER, Alfred D., SA         
  13. DOMMER, Kenneth W., GM2
  14. DOWNS, “J” “B” Jr., SN         
  15. DUNCAN, Robert E., SN        
  16. ELMER, Charles T., SN         
  17. ELMORE, James O., SA        
  18. FELKER, Ronald C., SN        
  19. GHERNA, Robert B., SN       
  20. GIBBONS, Frank B., GM3     
  21. GUSS, Thcodis, SN     
  22. HOLLY, Robert S., BM3        
  23. HOOPER, Franklin D., SN
  24. HOWLETT, Daniel R., GMC
  25. JOHNSON, Rov L., SN
  26. JONES, Monte E., SN 
  27. KEENAN, Donald, SA  
  28. KRUPSKY. Joseph, SN         
  29. LAMBERT, Billy J., GM3        
  30. LANDRUM, Alcus J., GM1
  31. LAY, Billy R., SA
  32. LOCKHART, Charles C., GM3
  33. MAHURIN, Lloyd A., BM3      
  34. McCLAIN, John R., SN
  35. McLIN, Doyle D., SN   
  36. MESSER, George R., SN      
  37. MOORE, Vernon C., SN        
  38. NEWLAND, Edward L., BM1.
  39. NEWMAN, Jerome W., SA     
  40. PARKERSON, John E., SA    
  41. PINTERICH, Robert M., SN
  42. SHROUT, Grover L., SA        
  43. SIGLER, William H., BM3      
  44. SIMMS, Larry G., SA   
  45. STRAIT, Edward, SA   
  46. STRINGFIELD, David M., SN 
  47. THOMPSON, Carl A., SA       
  48. TRUBEY, Marvin L., SA         
  49. VICKERS, Bobby W, SN        
  50. VICKERS, Earl D., SN 
  51. VRASPIR, George M., SA      
  52. WILLIAMS, George W., SA
  53. ZANIN, Benjamin L., SN   


  1. ADAMS, Elmo, GM3    
  2. AGUILAR, Manuel, SN
  3. ANDERSON, Arland R., SN   
  4. BARE, Dale F., SN      
  5. BARGMAN, Man in D., SN     
  6. BAZARTE, Nilo A., SN 
  7. BENIAMIN, William A., SA     
  8. BOTHWELL, James V., SN    
  9. BOURL4ND, Rav B., SN        
  10. BRASHER, Ernest E., SA      
  11. BRIGHTWELL, Thomas C. Jr., BM3
  12. BROWN, Jimmy H., SN         
  13. BROWN, Robert L., SN
  14. BUCK, Jerry L., BMSN
  15. BURT, Donald H., SN  
  16. CAMUS, Maeario Jr., SN       
  17. CARTER, Landis M., SA        
  18. CATLIN, Donald R., SN         
  19. CHAMPION, Willard T., SN    
  20. CLINE, Norman L., SN
  21. COMSTOC K, Paul E., SN     
  22. COX, Raymond ,SN    
  23. DANIEL, John F., SN   
  24. DAVIS, Lester T. Jr., BM3
  25. DOBBS, Wilson E., SN
  26. EBY, Kenneth C., AN  
  27. EGOIAN, Sahag P., SN         
  28. ELDER, Edgar, SN      
  29. FINCHER, Munie E., SA        
  30. FINCHER, Thomas E., GM2
  31. FREEMAN, Lee G., SA
  32. FRIEND, James “I”, SN
  33. HAMILTON, Leslie C., SN
  34. HARDING, Robert, SN
  35. HARRIS, Wilbur GM3  
  36. HARVEY, Franklin H., SA
  37. HILTON, Elgee, SN     
  38. JENSEN, Alvin D., SN 
  39. JONES, Lowell E., BM3
  40. KREIS MAN, Peter P., SN
  41. LESTER, Ottis A., BM2
  42. LEWIS, Elmer M., BM1
  43. McCLAIN, Karl W., SA 
  44. McKEE, Chester, GM2
  45. MOSS, Charles L., GM1        
  46. NOONAN, John E., SN
  47. OGAS, Richard D., SN
  48. PAGE, Gerald R., SV  
  49. POWELL, Hollis W., GM3
  50. REEL, Jerry R., BM3   
  51. RHYE, William F., SA  
  52. RICHARDSON, Glen R., SA
  53. RODRIGUEZ, Henry, SA
  54. SHA, Robert D., SA     
  55. SURBER, Earl L. C., BMC
  56. TARLTON, Charles E., SN
  57. TARLTON, James T., SN
  58. TAYLOR, Chester A., GM2
  59. TIMBROOK, Robert R., SN
  60. VALDEZ, Robert R., SN         
  61. WALTERS, James S., SN      
  62. WATT, Oscar B., SA    
  63. WELLS, Franklin D., SN
  64. WRIGHT, Gerald D., SN


  1. ADAMS, John T. Il, SA
  2. ANDERSON, Lloyd D., BM1
  3. ARMSTRONG, Amos E., SN
  4. BARNETT, James T., GM3    
  5. BRADY, Richard E., GM2      
  6. BROWN, Billy L., TA    
  7. BRUNET, James H., SN        
  8. BRYANT, Charles E., SN       
  9. CARROLL, Kenneth R., SN   
  10. CARROLL, Samuel W., SA    
  11. CHAVEZ, Henry “G”, SN        
  12. CLARK, Willard L., SA 
  13. COLE, Drannan H. Jr., SN     
  14. COONS, James D., BMSN     
  15. DICKHUDT, Eugene A., GM3
  16. ELLIS, Millard K., GM3
  17. HECHT, Byford O., BM3        
  18. HIPP, Chalmers W., SN         
  19. JONES, Francis D., SN
  20. JONES, Gary T., SN    
  21. JONES, Harry P. Jr., GM3     
  22. KENNEDY, Jesse S., GMC    
  23. KRAMER, Marvin W., BM2
  24. LEARNED, Arthur F., SN       
  25. LEONARD, Kenneth J., SN    
  26. LIPPERT, Robert “J”, SN       
  27. LONG, Charles R., SA 
  28. MAEDER, Richard H., BM1
  29. MAGNUSON, Dale A., SA     
  30. MARTIN, James W. Jr., SA    
  31. MATTE, Eldridge J., SN         
  32. McIVER, Randall W., SA       
  33. MERRILL, Harland E., BM3   
  34. MOCK, Robert V., SN  
  35. MOGUSAR, Joseph A., GMC
  36. MONTEZ, Robert A., SN        
  37. NAKATSU, Frank I., SN         
  38. NANCE, Vernon L., SA
  39. PETERS, Robert D., G M3     
  40. PRESCOTT, William T., BMSN
  41. SCHOEBEL, Thomas A., BM3
  42. SMITH, Lynan W., BM1         
  43. STARLING, Raymond E., GMSN
  44. THOMAS, Robert L., SN        
  45. TUCKER, Robert H., SA        
  46. TUTTLE, Leroy R., BMSN      
  47. VAN DEVENTER, Wilburn W., SA
  48. WATWOOD, Alfred, SA         
  49. WEIGLE, Robert D., GM1      
  50. WHITLOW, Vern R., GMSN   
  51. WILLIAMS, Chester C., SN    
  52. WILLIAMS, Kenneth H., BM3 
  53. WINSLOW, Charles E., SN
  54. WOOD, Floyd E., GM2     


  1. BACHER, Clyde P., SN
  2. BEACH, Alton W., SN  
  3. BINKLEY, James E., SN        
  4. BONDS, Carl P., GM2 
  5. BYRNES, John T., BM3         
  6. CONANT, Thurman L., GM3  
  7. CONWAY, Arthur L., SN        
  8. COX, James R., SN     
  9. DANIEL, Lannon, SN   
  10. DILLA, Clifford W., SN 
  11. DOOLIN, Vernon D., AN        
  12. ENOX, Isaac S., GM2  
  13. FORREST, Robert W., SN     
  14. GARVIN, Allen R., SA  
  15. HERNANDEZ, Angelo, GM3  
  16. JANSON, Bernard G., BM3    
  17. JOHNSTON, Harold, BM2     
  18. JONES, Thurston I.. BMC      
  19. KETTERLINC, Gene L., SN   
  20. KIZZIAH, David L., SN 
  21. KLINEFELTER, William B., GM1
  22. LARKIN, James E., SN
  23. LEWIS, John C., SA    
  24. LONG, Travis, SA       
  25. LOVE, Harry, SA         
  26. LOVE, Jack, SA
  27. LOZANO, Angel R. Jr., SA     
  28. MALONEY, John R., G M3    
  29. MATTINGLY, Donald L., SN  
  30. MAYFIELD, Edward R.. SA    
  31. McCLENDON, Loyce E., SN  
  32. McCOY, Robert J., SA 
  33. McCRACKEN, James G., SN 
  34. McPherson, Jack l., SN
  35. MILLER, Calvert J., SN
  36. MOLLER, Chester F., BM3    
  37. PEARSON, Charles W., SN   
  38. PERCOCO, Frank Jr., GM2   
  39. PIKE, James M., SN    
  40. PAPACKI, John J., GM3        
  41. SANFORD, Don M., SA         
  42. SPARKS, Robert C., SN        
  43. STINNETT, Fred R., SA         
  44. SURTIN, Orville E., SA
  45. TERRY, Lauren D., SN
  46. WEATHERS, Bobby D., SN   
  47. WILSON, James H., SN         
  48. WILSON, Robert W., BM1     
  49. YELVERTON, Billy C., SN
  50. ZBRANEK, Edmund V., SN


  1. AUSTIN, William G., GM1      
  2. BABIN, Charles B., GM2       
  3. BATTLES, Charles D. FTC    
  4. BAUER, Wayne R., YNSN     
  5. BIEDERS, Frank R., SA         
  6. BRUCE, Charles L., FT3        
  7. BURDEN, Darrell C., GM3     
  8. CARSON, Charles J., FT3     
  9. CHASE, Charles R., SN         
  10. CORNELIUS, Carl V., FT1     
  11. DIETZ, Jerry D., SA     
  12. DOBSON, Ocus, SN    
  13. DUNKIN’, Vivien M., FT2       
  14. DYMOKE, Charles E., FTSN  
  15. PERRELL, Robert G., Jr., FT3
  16. FERRERA, Andrew L., SN     
  17. FRANKLIN, Lawrence B., FT3
  18. GERLICH, Charles R., SN     
  19. GORDY, Claude R., FT3       
  20. HAAG, Janies R., SN  
  21. HANLEY, Stewart C, FT2       
  22. HARDMAN, DeMoine W., SA
  23. HENAGER, Donia R., FT3
  24. HOUK, Dean C., SN    
  25. JACOBS, William T., SN        
  26. LARSEN, Leonard B., SN      
  27. LF.NON, Donald G., SN         
  28. LYONS, Stanley O., SA         
  29. McCONNELL, Francis W., SN
  30. McLELLAN, Edward A., GMC
  31. MINSHALL, Robert A., SN     
  32. MOORE, David P., FT3
  33. NELSON, Charles R., SN      
  34. NYSTROM, Jack L., SN         
  35. PEGRAM, William E., SA       
  36. POSEY, Lewis E., SN  
  37. REESE, Jerrald A., SN
  38. ROBERTO, Frank J., SN       
  39. ROUNTREE, John M., FT2    
  40. SAMPSON, George A., FT3   
  41. SANCHEZ, Alejandro L., YNSN
  42. SLOAN, Wilbur T., SN 
  43. SMITH, Thomas A., SA
  44. SQUIRES, John D., FT2        
  45. STEWART, Billie F., SN         
  46. STULL, Robert E., FT3
  47. SUMMERS, George D., SA    
  48. SWANSON, Ronald D., FT3  
  49. TATE, Carroll J., SN    
  50. TATE, Jack, FTSN      
  51. TIPTON, Donald A., FT2        
  52. TIRPAK, George E., FT1       
  53. TORIX, Billy J., SN      
  54. VANDEVENTER, Jerald L., FTSN
  55. VEEHOFF, Bernard H., FT3   
  56. VERHELST, Max B., SA        
  57. VILLARREAL, Herbert, SN     
  58. VINCENT, Louis, SN   
  59. WAGNER, George J. Jr., FTI 
  60. WAMBLES, Byron A., FTSN  
  61. WATTS, Arthur “J”, SN
  62. WEST, John E., FT3    
  63. WHITEHEAD, Billie W., FT2
  64. WILLIAMS, Robert D., FTSN
  65. WRIGHT, Glenwood, SN


  1. WATSON, Edward R., CAPT
  2. McQUINN, Donald E., 1/LT    


  1. AAGAARD, Kenneth J., PFC
  2. ALLENT, Ralph J., PVT         
  3. BELK, Thomas E., PFC         
  4. BENSON, Robert L., PFC      
  5. BERQUIST, Quentin A., PFC
  6. BIELAWSKI, Joseph A. Jr., PFC
  7. BOUTERS, Robert D., PVT
  8. BROWN, Norman, PFC         
  9. CARRUTH, Cecil V., PFC      
  10. CARTER, Temple O., CPL     
  11. CLOUSE, Carl E., PFC
  12. COFFEY, Alvah, CPL  
  13. COOK, Robert L., PFC
  14. COPELAND, John E., PFC    
  15. COWMAN, Ronald, PFC        
  16. CROWHURST, Pat H., PFC   
  17. DAY, Norman E., SGT           
  18. DEAN, William F., PFC
  19. DIEHR, Elmer A. Jr., PFC      
  20. DOUGLAS, Sylvester, PFC    
  21. ELIZONDO, Charles T., PFC
  22. ELLIS, Donald R., PFC
  23. FEHR, James W., PVT
  24. FORD, Marvin B., SGT
  25. GALLAGHER, Felix M., PFC
  26. GARDNER, Harold D., PFC   
  27. GILLESPIE, Jackie, PFC       
  28. GRABLE, John J., PVT
  29. GRESH, James M., PFC        
  30. HANES, Russell E., CPL..      
  31. HEPPERT, Paul D., PFC       
  32. HITCHINS, Peter B., PVT
  33. HOODENPYLE, Donald E., PFC
  34. HOWELL, Richard A., PFC    
  35. JENSEN, James M., CPL      
  36. JOHNSON, Jack T., PFC       
  37. KONTMENAS, George P., PFC
  38. KOZMA, Edward J., CPL       
  39. KUNATH, Richard T., PFC     
  40. LEFFLER, Allen L., CPL        
  41. LUCKENOTTE, James J., PFC        
  42. MOORE, Harold L., PFC        
  43. OKONES, Lee J., CPL 
  44. PATTERSON, James B., PFC
  45. RIEVE, Robert L., PFC
  46. RODENBECK, Ross H., PFC 
  47. SANDERSON, Lloyd L., M/SGT       
  48. SARCOM, Charles K., PFC    
  49. SPANIER, Anthony C., PFC   
  50. SPECHT, John T., PFC         
  51. STICKDORN, Henry Jr., PFC
  52. STRATTON, Donald L., PFC  
  53. STUTTS, Floyd L., PFC         
  54. SUNDY, Jimmie L., PFC        
  55. SWAN, Louis W. Jr., PFC      
  56. TAYLOR, Lee L., PFC 
  57. TUBBS, Leo C., S/SGT
  58. VARGAS, Gilbert J., PFC       
  59. WHEELER, John E., PFC
  60. WILSON, Jesse N., PFC   


  1. ADAMS, Harold R., LCDR      
  2. CUPP, Joseph H., LT  
  3. LINDBURG, Norman L., LTJG
  4. McCREERY, Hugh H., LTJG  
  5. POLK, Mavis X., LT     


  1. BAKER, Edwin C., ET2
  2. CARLSON, Jack J., EMC       
  3. GUINN, William A., ET3         
  4. HARDY, Harold V., EMI         
  5. HARRINIGTON, George V. Jr., ET1
  6. HOHE, Joseph D., EMI
  7. HOLBROOK, Carleton M., AO1        
  8. HORNER, Billy E., FN 
  9. JOHNSTON, Mason S. Jr., EM2      
  10. KELLER, Dewey H., ET1       
  11. KLEPPER, Winston L., ETC   
  12. LUDWIG, Richard J., EM2     
  13. MASSEY, Harold A., AOC     
  14. PEARSON, Edward J., MR1  
  15. REED, David W., YN2 
  16. ROSS, Carl Jr., GM2   
  17. SHRIVER, Russell C., GMC   
  18. SMITH, Leroy E., EM2 
  19. ZINK, Donald J., SK2  


  1. BAILEV, Donald P., ENS, SC 
  2. BRUSH, Richard F., ENS, SC
  3. DASSO, Jerome J., LTJC, SC
  4. DRUFFEL, Delos O., LCDR, SC
  5. FELTS, Wells C., CDR, SC    
  6. LUDWIG, Howard G., CHPCLK
  7. MALLOT, Emmet P., LT, SC  
  8. MALONE, Joseph L. Jr., ENS, SC
  9. MICHLF.R, Alexander L LTJG, SC
  10. SPILMAN, Frank L., LT, SC   
  11. TUZINSKY, George B., CHPCLK


  1. ADAMS, Billy H., SKSN         
  2. BAKER, Raymond G., SN      
  3. BENNETT, Robert E., AK2     
  4. BERGERON, Edwin H., SN   
  5. BLY, Raymond L., AK2
  6. BRACE, Robert A., SN
  7. BYRD, Bobby L., AKAN         
  8. CHUN, Thomas K. L., SKSN  
  9. COLEMAN, John J., AKAN    
  10. CUNNINGHAM, Robert A., AK3
  11. DACKOR, David P., SK3       
  12. DEPUTY, Jimmie R., AKAN   
  13. DE ROSI A, Johnny L., SN    
  14. DONALDSON, Melvin W., SN
  15. FINDLEY, Melvin D., AKAN    
  16. FITZGERALD, John F., SK3  
  17. FRIESEN, Robert E., AKAN   
  18. GARCIA, John, AK3    
  19. GASPER, Thomas F., AN      
  20. GRAVES, John J., SN 
  21. HARRIS, Carl D., SN   
  22. HARRISON, Stanford, SKSN 
  23. HAWKINS, Bruce F., AKAN   
  24. HENNESSEY, James L., SKSN
  25. HERRING, Weldon S., SK3   
  26. HOYT, Richard M., AKAN      
  27. JENSEN, Kenneth C., SK3    
  28. JERMIER, John A., SN.
  29. JONES, Stanley H., SN
  30. KING, Ralph B., SN     
  31. KINNEY, Rex B., SK3  
  32. KONKLE, Glen D., SN 
  33. KORN, Jon H., AN       
  34. KREMER, Allan F., SKI
  35. LEWIS, Jerald, SN      
  36. LUDEKE, W. Bruce, SN         
  37. LYKSTAD, Marvin B., SN       
  38. MARCHIANO, Michael A., SK3
  39. MILLER, Donald E., AN         
  40. MINEHART, Clement T., Jr. SN
  41. NASH, Ronald N., SK2
  42. NELSON, Billy J., SK3 
  43. NICKELL, Marvin E., SN        
  44. NOLL, Myron, AK3      
  45. NORTON, Charles E., SN      
  46. OLSON, Bertrum M., AN        
  47. RASK, Raymond R., SN        
  48. REISCH, Lester, SK3  
  49. SHEEHAN, John R. P., AKCA
  50. SIGN AN, John R., SKSN      
  51. SIVIGLIANO, Joseph A., SN  
  52. SMITH, Carl B., AK2    
  53. STANSELL, Jack SN   
  54. STRUTT, James W., SN        
  55. SULLIVAN, Robert J., SN      
  56. TAYLOR, “J” “B”, SK3  
  57. THOMAS, Charles W., AK3   
  58. TOY, Fred, AN  
  59. VARNER, Veryl C., SKSN      
  60. WACKERMAN, Julian P., SK3
  61. WILLIAMS, Duane H., SKC    
  62. WILLIBEY, Charles J., AK3    
  63. WISE, Charles R., AK3
  64. WOOD, Charles D., SN
  65. WOOD, James D., SN 
  66. WUCHER, William F., SKSN  


  1. ACTKINSON, James B., CS2 
  2. ALTAMORE, Vincent M., AN
  3. ANDERT, Edward P., ETSN
  4. BAILEY, Geoffrey, L., AN       
  5. BARBER, Thomas E., SA      
  6. BARNES, Eddie E., SN
  7. BARNES, James T., SN        
  8. BARNES, Robert C, FN         
  9. BATES, Robert E., EMFA      
  10. BAXTER, Jerry R., FN 
  11. BELL, Clarence W., CS3N     
  12. BRENNAN, Jere L., SN
  13. BROOKS, Oren, AO AN        
  14. BROOKS, Stewart R., SN      
  15. BUUS, Darwin E., CS3
  16. CASTILLON, Richard S., AN
  17. CAVAHNAUGH, Jack R., SA
  18. CHANDLER, Del W., AA        
  19. CHRISTY, Carol E., FA
  20. CONKLE, Kerr L., AA  
  21. COX, Robert O., CS2  
  22. CRELLER, Stanley C., CS3
  23. DAILY, William R., SK2
  24. DAVIDSON, Ted, SN   
  25. DAVIS, John L., CS1   
  26. DECAPRI, Charles, CS2        
  27. DETTMAN, Duane C., SN      
  28. DEVOE, Patrick R., CS2        
  29. DICKHOUS, Henry R., ETSN
  30. DODSON, Louis D., AN         
  31. DUGAS, Jean C. Jr., MM3     
  32. DUTTON, Guy D., CSC         
  33. DYE, Richard A., FA    
  34. EDINGTON, Jerry D., PHAN
  35. ELLIS, Willie, CS1       
  36. ELUMBAUGH, William E., SN
  37. EMERT, Daniel P. Jr., FN      
  38. ERB, Henry B., CSSN  
  39. FEDEN, Frank T., CS3
  40. FEIST, Eugene, ABAN 
  41. FICKES, Moreland E., BMSN..
  42. FINER, George L. Jr., AN      
  43. FISCHL, Alfred W., AB3         
  44. FLEMING, Dale E., CSSN      
  45. FLETCHER, Richard B., AA
  46. FREY, James H., CSSN        
  47. GAINS, Laurence R., SA       
  49. GARNER, Waller E., CS2      
  50. GARNETT, Jack E., ICFN      
  51. GIBSON, John M., MMFA      
  52. GIETZEN, Henry F. Jr., SN
  53. GIFFORD, Donald R., RMSN
  54. GILGORE, Leon C., CS1       
  55. GOLSON, Andrew W., SN     
  56. GRADlLLAS, Manuel N., SA
  57. GREENFIELD, Ronald L., TE3
  58. GROVES, Richard G., BM2
  59. HAMPTON, Danny M., CSSN
  60. HANGER, Harold H., SK2
  61. HARPER, Charles, AKAN      
  62. HAYS, Leonard E., FA 
  63. HEDUND, Dennis L., CS3      
  64. HEFFERNAN, Robert H., AOAN
  65. HEWLETT, Robert O., AN
  66. HIGGINS, Alben L., CS3        
  67. HINSHAW, Clifford, CSSN     
  68. HOBSON, Barrett L, SN         
  69. HOCKETT, Lester N., SN      
  70. HODGE, Douglas D., CS2     
  71. HOGUE, Ken Jr., MMFN        
  72. HONAKER, William C. Jr., CS1
  73. HOPKINS, Joseph W., CSSN
  74. HOTARD, Joseph L., CS2     
  75. HUDSON, Doynne K., CS1    
  76. HINT, Robert A., SN    
  77. INMAN, Edgar L., FN   
  78. JAGERS, McClinton, SD1      
  79. JAMES, William Jr., ADAN
  80. JESSER, Arthur D., EMFN     
  81. JOHNSON, Gary W., CS3     
  82. JOHNSON, Gordon H., SN    
  83. JOHNSON, Hugh L., SA        
  84. JORDAN, Terrill, SN    
  85. KESKENY, Kenneth P., CS3  
  86. LANG, Isaac M., SH3  
  87. LANGLOIS, George E., SN    
  88. LARUE, William L. Jr., FN
  89. LINK, Luverne N., SN  
  90. LORTON, William A., SA       
  91. LYNCH, Ray A., AOAN
  92. LYTH, Harn L., AN      
  93. MAGANA, Michael, AA
  94. MALADY, Bobby G., SN        
  95. MALONE, Vernon E., SN       
  96. MANNARINO, Gerald, CS3
  97. MARKEL, William H., AA       
  98. MARTIN, Jack J., FA   
  99. McCOY, Dennis S., CS2        
  100. McKENZIE, Jack E., SA    
  101. McKINNEY, Donald J., AN
  102. MELOT, Donald S., CSSN
  103. MILLER, Charles, CS2     
  104. MILLER, James H., SN     
  105. MISFELDT, Dale L., FA    
  106. MOORE, John P., CSSN  
  107. MOREFIELD, Robert D., ATAN
  108. MORRIS, John W., CS2   
  109. MORSE, Walter H., BM2  
  110. NORTON, Wayne D., FA  
  111. NOVAK, Leroy F., CS3N   
  112. OLIVER, Ivan C., FA        
  113. ORLANDO, Paul S., SA    
  114. OUTLAW, James E., CS3 
  115. PATTERSON, Gene, CSSN        
  116. PATTERSON, William A., AA
  117. PETTERSON, Woodrow W., CS2
  118. PETERSON, Robert F., CS1       
  119. PIERCE, Thomas P. ABAN         
  120. RENFROW, Charles F., AN        
  121. REYNOSO, Robert C., SN
  122. ROBERTS, Byron A., FN  
  123. ROBINSON, Charles F., SA        
  124. RULE, Albert R., CS2       
  125. SANDERSON, Ivan W., CS2       
  126. SAVARISTE, Frank V., CS3        
  127. SCHAUB, Richard S., CS2
  128. SCHMIDT, Herbert E., SN
  129. SCOTT, David, CS2         
  130. SCOTT, Joseph F., FA     
  131. SHAW, Percy, SN  
  132. SIMMS, Gerald L., SN
  133. SKLAR, Edward, CS2       
  134. SOLLIDAY, James R., ATAN
  135. SPEARS, Harold D., RDSN         
  136. STEPHENS, Merlin G., AN
  137. STEVENS, Calvin L., FA   
  138. STIDD, Richard C., CS3   
  139. THAYER, Lloyd E., CSSN 
  140. THOMAS, Frederick, CS1 
  141. THOMPSON, Billy J., SHSN
  142. TILTON, Billy L., SN         
  143. TOMPKINS, Franklin J., MMFN
  144. VIRDEN, Louis L. Jr., AN  
  145. VOSS, Mylan G., SN        
  146. VVAAG, Robert L., RMSN
  147. WADDELL, Oza J., SN     
  148. U \ TTS, Edgar L., SA       
  149. WATTS, Lester, SN
  150. WECKNER, Vernon L., AN
  151. WELCH, Fred A., CSC      
  152. WILLIS, Carson E., SN     
  153. WILSON, William D., CS2 
  154. WOLCOTT, Francis L., SA
  155. WOLEN, Fletcher A., FA   
  156. YATES, Teddy F., CSSN  
  157. ZUKAUSKAS, Paul J., MMFA


  1. ARCHER, Russell L., SH2     
  2. ARCHER, Stuart W., SHSN   
  3. BAYHYLLE, Edwin V. Jr., SN 
  4. RELICS, John J., SHSN         
  5. BERGE, Tom A., SN   
  6. BILDERBACK, Arthur E., SHSN
  7. BLAKE, Marion E., SHSN      
  8. BONAR, Lauren W., SHSN    
  9. BOND, Howard M., SH2        
  10. BROWN, Robert C., SN         
  11. CABUANG, Ponciano  
  12. CAMPBELL, Robert Jr., SHSN
  13. CARTER, William J., SN        
  14. COOPER, Donald R., SHSN  
  15. COSTELLO, Eugene M., SH3
  16. DALTON, Edward E., SH3     
  17. DAMRON, Robert L., SH3     
  18. DANIERI, Tom E., SA  
  19. DAVIE, Boyd A., SHSN
  20. DODD, Ray L., SN      
  21. ELLASON, Lindy C., SH3      
  22. FINIGAN, Michael A., SN       
  23. FLOOD, John B., SK3 
  24. FORTNER, James O., SN     
  25. FRANCIS, Robert W., AN      
  26. GENTILE, Frank, SHSN         
  27. GRAY, Gerald E., SH3
  28. HALLIBURTON, Morris E., DK2
  29. HANEK, Charles, SHSN        
  30. HOSTUTLER, Jack V., SA     
  31. HOWE, Eugene W., SH3       
  32. KELLEY, George H., SK2                
  33. KEOLIAN, George, SN
  34. KILGORE, Lloyd J., DKC       
  35. LaLONDE, Parnell E., SHC    
  36. LEE, Fernzwood M., SN        
  37. LINDSAY, Bryce, SH1 
  38. MARTIN, George M., SHSN   
  39. MILLER, Stephen L., SHSN   
  40. MULLINS, Thomas “C”, SH3  
  41. NICHOLS, A. J., SHSN
  42. NORDING, Heber, SH1         
  43. O’FARRELL, Robert D., DK2 
  44. OSBORNE, Billy W., SHSN    
  45. OSBORNE, Morgan G., SH2  
  46. PARKER, A. Jack, SN 
  47. PARKER, Kenneth R., SN     
  48. PITTS, Montie B., SN  
  49. PLUCKER, Kenneth L., DKSN
  50. REHBEIN, Douglas W., SN
  51. ROESLI, Tahnte, SN
  52. SANDERFORD, David S., SH3        
  53. SPARKS, Richard C., SN
  54. SWAYZE, Stanford L., SN
  55. SYPOLT. Kavo G.. DK2         
  56. TAYLOR, Douglas L., SN
  57. TAYLOR, William R., SN
  58. TIONG, Aquilino S., SH3
  59. WAGNER, Robert E., SH3
  60. WARD, Billy, SN
  61. WARD, Carl D., DKS   
  62. WARD, Claud V., SHSA         
  63. WAUN, Keith A., SN    
  64. WEIER, Louis L., SN   
  66. WHITE, Gerald L., SHSA       
  67. WHITE, Marvin D., DK3         
  68. WIGGINS, Doyle F., SN         
  69. WILMOT, Lyle S., SN  
  70. WRAY, Leslie, SHI      
  71. ZERRENNER, Howard, SH2


  1. ANTHONY, George H., TN
  2. BERNAL, Absalon, SD3         
  3. ALEXANDER, Eddie, SD3     
  4. BLAY, Herbert M., SD3
  5. BLEDSOE, Cecil, SD3 
  6. CABILES, Alfonso M., SD3    
  7. CASH, Ulysses, TN     
  8. CENDREDA, Sergio, SD3      
  9. GERALDE, Diosdado, TN      
  10. CLARK, Lester H., SD3
  11. COOPER, McKinley, TN        
  12. DAVIES, Robert Jr., TN         
  13. DAVIS, Charlie, TN     
  14. FILAMOR, Marcelino, SD3     
  15. GOODMAN, William B., SDC
  16. GREEN, James Jr., TA
  17. HILL, Willie, SD2         
  18. HOLMES, Herman L., SD3    
  19. HUBBARD, Cle Earnest, TN
  20. JACKSON, Samuel “F” Jr., SD2
  21. JORDAN, Leaster, TN 
  22. KENNEDY, Frank, TN 
  23. LANIER, Thomas L., TN        
  24. LEWIS, Robert, TN      
  25. MANGUBAT, Arturo L., SD3
  26. MAYO, Samuel H., TN 
  27. McCOMBS, Samuel, SD1      
  28. MCKLEBERRY. Willie C., TN
  29. OWENS, Jesse B., SD1         
  30. OWENS, John, SDC    
  31. OWENS, Johnny, SD3 
  32. PARKER, Charles M., SD2    
  33. PORTER, Edwin J. Ill, TN      
  34. PROEE, Ernest Jr., TN
  35. REED, Leland E., TN   
  37. SCOTT, Mack J., SD1 
  38. SIMON, Gilbert G., TN 
  39. SMITH, John E., SD3  
  40. stokes, Melvin O., TN  
  41. WESSON, John L., TN


  1. CDR Lucian C. POWELL Jr.


  1. ABELL, Joseph C., AE2         
  2. ADAMS, James L., SN
  3. ALLERTON, Alvin L., AO3
  4. ALLOCCO, Fredinand A. ADC
  5. AMSBERRY, Alan G., HM3    
  6. BAKER, James L., AN 
  7. BALDWIN, Joseph E., AM3
  8. BARKER, Bills W., AOAN      
  9. BARNES, James M., LTJG    
  10. BARNES, Raymond F., AA    
  11. BERNHARDT, Robert B., LTJC
  12. BETTS, Ronald W., ENS       
  13. BITTICK, Wildey E., AN         
  14. BOLES, Melvin L., PR1
  15. BOUTTE, An thou v (n), AM1
  16. BRISTOW, Eugene J., TN     
  17. BROWN, Joseph C., AEAN
  18. BUCHNER, Richard II., AD3
  19. BURGESS, James P., Jr., AT2
  20. BURLESON, William C., ADAA
  21. BURRELL, George W., AD2
  22. BURTON, Jess L., SN 
  23. BUSCH, Robert P., ADAN      
  24. BYRD, Trusvill C., AMAN       
  25. CARROLL, Ronald D., AM3
  26. CARTER, Charley F., AM1
  27. CEZAR, Raymond (n), AD3
  28. CHARLES, William O., LTJG 
  29. CHAVEZ, Gilbert F., AO1      
  30. CLEMENTS, John G., AOA N
  31. CLOSSER, James W., AN     
  32. COHN, Ronald H., AN 
  33. COUP, Donald L., AN  
  34. COLLIER, Robert G., AD3     
  35. CONDON, William R., AD3    
  36. COONTZ, Robert E., AE2      
  37. COULSON, David W., AT1    
  38. COX, Billy M. Lt.
  39. CRISP, Billy R., SN     
  40. CUNNING, Robin L., AK3      
  41. CURTIS, William R., AEAN    
  42. DE HAVEN, Jay D., Jr., AN    
  43. DILL, Mason H., LCDR
  44. DODD, Ralph W., ADAN        
  45. DONNELLY, John P., ATAN  
  46. DRAKE, Frank D., ADAN       
  47. DUDZIC, Robert M., LTJG     
  48. DURHAM, Homer G., LTJG   
  50. ELLIOTT, Frederick H., AE1  
  51. ELLIS, Louis R., AE2   
  52. ERVIN, Edward M., AMAN     
  53. FAZIO, Nicholas J., AE3        
  54. FELTNER, Herbert L., AN      
  55. FERGUSON, Joe L., ADS      
  56. FIELDS, Bobby L., AMAN      
  57. FITZ, Leo J., ADEAN   
  58. FOLTZ, Jacob C., Jr., AN       
  59. FORD, Robert N., III ATAN    
  60. FORREST, William T., AN     
  61. GALLAGHER, Richard N., AN
  62. GAVAGNIE, Richard C., SN   
  63. GILBRETH, Eual W., AM2     
  64. GOINS, Billy J., AD3    
  65. GORMLEY, Robert H., LT      
  66. GRANTHAM, Carrol E., AN    
  67. GUENCERICH, Arthur H., ADC
  68. GUISINGER, Lawrence B., LTJG
  69. GUY, Wilbur T., AD1   
  70. HAECHERL, Frank S., LT      
  71. HAIN, G. W., LTJG      
  72. HANNAMAN, James B., SN   
  73. HANNAN, Edward J., Jr., AD3
  74. HANSEN, Julian R., LTJG     
  75. HARPEL, Howard F., A M2    
  76. HARRINGTON, Robert L., CS3
  77. HASLIM, Leonard A., ENS     
  78. HAVENER, Richard J., SN     
  79. HIELDBRANT, Elmer G., ADC
  80. HILL, John L., SD1      
  81. HOFFMAN, George J., AD3   
  82. HOOVER, William H., LT       
  83. HUFFMAN, Robert E., AEC   
  84. JAGERHORN, George L., A03         
  85. JOHNSON, Ercell C., AD3     
  86. JOHNSON, James B., AD1    
  87. KAHL, Lawrence G., AD3      
  88. KERN, Joseph W., AD3         
  89. KISSEL, Albert V., ADI
  90. KRIMMEL, John E., LT
  91. LANE, Ransom J., SH1
  92. LANG, Harold F., LCDR         
  93. LIBAL, Lloyd C., ADS  
  94. LOCKE, Kenneth R., ATI       
  95. LOVETTE, Norman L., AM2...
  96. LUCAS, Robert M., A02         
  97. LUTHER, James A., ADC      
  98. MASON, Cecil R., ENS
  99. MAYES, Charles F., AM3      
  100. MCCONNELL, Donald L., ENS
  101. MCKIBBEN, John D., AT2
  102. MCKINLEY, Bobby D., AD3        
  103. MCMILLIAN, Alvin H., AKAN
  104. MITCHELL, Gerald D., AD2        
  105. MITCHELL, Norman H., AN
  106. MOGENSEN, Donald K., AN
  107. MOORE, Charles D., TN   
  108. MOORE, Robert N., AD1  
  109. MOORE, Roy J., ATC       
  110. MORRIS, Robert R., LTJG
  111. MULLEN, Harold W., AA   
  112. MURPHY, John B., AD3   
  113. MYERS, William G., AM3 
  114. NEUWIRTH, Thomas E., AN
  115. NICHOLAS, Herbert H., AN        
  116. NINE, Harland W., Jr., AD3         
  117. NORDHAUSEN, Eric A., ATAN   
  118. O’HARA, Johnathan L., A03        
  119. O’NEEL, Jack L., ENS      
  120. PANTALIS, John E., AD2  
  121. PAQUETTE, Rene U., ADC        
  122. PATTERSON, William J., AN      
  123. PAUL, Clarence D., AA     
  124. PAUL, Paul M., CDR        
  125. PERKINS, Lawrence G., AE3      
  126. PRAMUKA, Thomas W., ADAN
  127. PRATHER, Wheeler (n), AOC     
  128. PRISK, Don V., AD3         
  129. RAINEY, Louis E., AD2     
  130. RICKARD, Bert E., AD2    
  131. RIVETTE, Albert P., AD2  
  132. ROBINSON, Alan (n), A M3        
  133. SCHAEFFER, Valentine A., LTJG
  134. SHOTWELL, Ray E., PHAN        
  135. SICH LEY, Donald R., AD3         
  136. SILVESTRI, Frank (n), AE3         
  137. SIMMONS, Eugene T., BM1       
  138. SLUSSER, Donald E., AE3         
  139. SMITH, Albert N., Jr., A03 
  140. SMITH, Donald L, AA       
  141. SNIDER, Clyde A., Jr., AM3        
  142. SPURGEON, Raymond F., AMC 
  143. STAHL, Norman A., PN3  
  144. STAUFFER, Edward E., AN        
  145. STEWART, Daniel L., SD3
  146. STOCKDILL, Pat W, ENS 
  147. STOLPE, Richard H., LT   
  148. TANNER, Lloyd E., AN     
  149. TEUFEL, Frederick V., A03         
  150. THAYN, Alonzo N., AD3   
  151. THOMPSON, Benjamin F., AD2  
  152. THOMPSON Vernon (n), LT       
  153. VAN OSTRAN, Ralph E., AOAN
  155. WHITE, Cleo B., Jr., AD1  
  156. WALBY, James L., ENS   
  157. WILLIAMSON, Glenn R., PR3     
  158. WILSON, James (n), Jr., YN1     
  159. WINTERS, Jimmie L, SA  
  160. WOMACK, Grady L., ADAN        
  161. WOOD, Roger A., ATAN   
  162. WOODMAN, Dean S., ENS        
  163. YOUNG BLOOD, Norman L., LTJG
  164. ZAWACKI, John (n), ADS 
  165. ZSCHOMLER, Avrel, E., A M3    


  1. ADKISSON, Thomas E., A03 
  2. ADAMS, Don “S”, PRAN        
  3. ALLEN, William S., AN
  4. ALLEN, William V., BMC        
  5. AKIN, Henry A., CS3   
  6. ANDERSON, James L., SN   
  7. ANTHONY, Robert R., Jr., AT3
  8. ARASIM, James E., AM3       
  9. ASHLOCK, Edward L., A03    
  10. AULT, Frank W., LCDR
  11. BAKER, William A., AN
  12. BALDERSTON, Edwin M., A03
  13. BALL, Zimri (n), ATAN 
  14. BAUER, Edward C., LTJG     
  15. BECKMAN, Conrad W., AD2  
  16. BEDWELL, William R., AD1   
  17. BELL, David L., AN     
  18. BENNETT, Dean W., ALCA   
  19. BERG, Lawrence W., AM2     
  20. BERTINOT, Earl A., AN         
  21. BRANDENBURG, William S., AD1
  22. BLOUNT, Bertram N., ENS    
  23. BOYCE, William R., LTJG      
  24. BRETON, Raymond E., AD1  
  25. BROWN, Richard T., ADAN   
  26. BURDETT, Eli T., Jr., AMC    
  27. BYRNES, Gilbert T., ADC
  28. CARR, James R., AD3
  29. CARSON, Duane B., ENS      
  30. CARTER, Ted L., AE2 
  31. CLARK, William B., Jr., ENS  
  32. C OLE, David E., AE3  
  33. COTTONE, Anthony J., ADAN
  34. CORKRAN, Francis L., AD2   
  35. CREECH, Edwin R., AN
  36. CUTRER, Vena L., SA 
  37. DAPPEN, Karl L., SN   
  38. DAVIS, Clifford E., AN 
  39. DE MOSS, Dale D., YN3        
  40. DESMARAIS, Richard G., A03         
  41. DISON, Arthur R., ADS
  42. EASTERDAY, Robert L., AM3
  43. EATON, George R., Jr., SN   
  44. ENGEL, Ronald A., AN
  45. FARSWORTH, Jay E., AT2    
  46. FENN, Robert Z., AN   
  47. FIELD, Harford (n), Jr., ENS   
  48. FILLMORE, Lemuel J., AOC  
  49. FINN, Richard W, AN  
  50. FINN. Thomas (n), ENS         
  51. FORCIER, Laurent J., AD2
  52. FRITZ, C harles W., HM1      
  53. GAUTIER, Mark O., Jr., PN2  
  54. GAUTREAU, Carol J., A03     
  55. GIACOBOZZI, Lawrence (n), Jr., A03
  56. GIBBS, Henry F., AKAN         
  57. GIBSON, Huey L., AO3         
  58. GILBERT, James E., AN        
  59. GILHUBER, Gordon R., AN   
  60. GILL, Bud J., DK2       
  61. GILL, Lawrence T., AKAN      
  62. GILSDORF, Herbert L., ATAN
  63. GREEN» Ka.l ML» ATAN       
  64. GRIFFITH, Melvin (n), AN      
  65. HALBERT, James T., AD AN 
  66. HALL, Fowler H., YN3 
  67. HALLER, Michael J., ENS      
  68. HARRIS, Eulis (n), SN 
  69. HARRIS. Thomas (n), TN      
  70. HARTWIG, Gustave R., LT    
  71. HAWKINS, Anthony M., AN   
  72. HAYES, Willie (n), SD3
  73. HENDERSON, Bennie R., AN
  74. HERNANDEZ, Arturo (n), SA 
  75. HERNANDEZ, Charles E., AM2       
  76. HILL, Orville E., AN     
  77. HITESMAN, Wilmer C., ADC  
  78. HOLT, Carl L., ADAN  
  79. HOTCHKISS, Lloyd L., Jr., AOAN    
  80. HUNTER, Robert E., A02       
  81. HUTCHINSON, David T., PR1
  82. HUTTNER, Roger C., AE1     
  83. HYDE, Billy (n), AT2    
  84. INCE, Clarence B., ATC        
  85. JEANGUENAT, Dale L., AD1 
  86. JOHNSON, James M., AD3   
  87. JONES, Harley L., Jr., AN      
  88. JONES, “W” “R” AD1   
  89. KEARNS, James T., LTJG     
  90. KEY, Gerald L, AN      
  91. KIMMEL, Dale G., ATAN        
  92. KRANE, Robert H., ENS        
  93. KUCHAC, Ronald S., ENS     
  94. LAND, Isham H., AM3 
  95. LAWTON, Thomas J., ENS    
  96. LEONHARD, John H., AD3    
  97. LEZON, William F., A DC       
  98. LISTER, Donald (n), LTJG     
  99. LLOYD, George A., AT1        
  100. LONG, Richard M., AT2    
  101. MAC PHERSON, Alvin B., A03
  102. MARSHALL, Bedford B., AM1     
  103. MARSHALL, Freddie G., ADAN
  104. MARTENS, Robert C, AECA       
  105. MCCONNELL, Richard C., PH3
  106. MCMANUS, Francis J., Jr., ADAN
  107. MESSECAR, William R., AD3     
  108. MILLAR, William L, LTJG  
  109. MOJACK, Stanley (n), AE3         
  110. MORGAN, Oren E., Jr., AD1       
  111. MORI ARTY, Peter M., LTJG      
  112. MULLER, Loren D., A03   
  113. NESBITT, Richard A., AM2         
  114. NETTLES, Lawrence O., ADC     
  115. NORD, Arlo R., AE3         
  116. NORSWORTHY, Daniel W., AN  
  117. OPALEK, Roben L., PN2  
  118. OUGH, Eugene L., AO1   
  119. PAGE, John D., LT 
  120. PEASE, Billy B., BM1       
  121. PECK, Fred H., AN 
  122. PERRYMAN, William H., AN       
  123. PHILLIPS, Millard E., LTJG         
  124. POSTLETHWAITE, Donald ID, A03
  125. PUTTKAMMER, John J., LTJG.
  126. RAK, Richard R., LTJG     
  127. REDMAN, Harold (n), SH1
  128. REED, Richard J., AN       
  129. ROBERTS, John (n), Jr., SD2
  130. ROMINE, Jack J., AGS     
  131. ROSEN DALE, Ivar A., ENS        
  132. ROUTZONG, Curtis W., Jr., AOC
  133. ROY, Wendall L., AD3      
  134. RUNGE, Norman W., AMAN       
  135. R Y AN, Gordon T., ADAN
  136. SCHARDT, William B., ENS        
  137. SCHWAB, Charles M., AM3        
  138. SCOTT, Mack (n), Jr., TN 
  139. SHARPLEY, Charles E., TA        
  140. SHEA, Rolland K., ENS    
  141. SHEAFFER, William D., ADAN
  142. SIEMERS, Larry D., AE3  
  143. SMITH, Herman R., AN    
  144. STANLEY, David F., (SI   
  145. STEPHENS, Robert A., SN         
  146. STEWART, Melvin G., AO1        
  147. STRAHL, James E., AM2 
  149. STURTEVANT, Thomas C., AT2
  150. SU.MRALL, Marion V., AOC       
  151. SUTHEIMER, Edwin M., AN        
  152. SWANN, Aulbrey N., AN   
  153. THOMAS, Eugene J., ENS
  154. THOMAS, James C., AD3 
  155. THOMPSON, Robert J., LCDR
  156. TILLER, Cecil R., AN        
  157. URIBE, Louis (n), AD3      
  158. VAUGHN, Glenn R., AMAN        
  159. WAGNER, Robert M., AE1
  160. WALSH, James E., DK1   
  161. WATT, Bobby C., AN        
  162. WEBER, Howard J., Jr., ATAN
  163. WELCH, Alonzo A., Jr., AN         
  164. WHITAKER, Carl (n), Jr., AN
  165. WILCOX, John R., ADAN  
  166. WILSON, William R., Jr., ENS
  167. WILSON, Donald L., AD3  
  168. YORK, Charles R., AR
  169. YOUNG, Charles L., SA    


  1. ACTKINSON, James W., AOAN       
  2. ANDER A, William S., AM2    
  3. BAKER, Thomas J., AM3       
  4. BALDWIN, Theodore G., LTJG
  5. BANKSTON, James H., CSSN
  6. BATES, Victor E., ATAN        
  7. BRACKETT, Harold R., AN    
  8. BREEN, George F., AMAN    
  9. BRENDEL, Henry A., ATAN   
  10. BROWNLEE, Robert E., LT   
  11. BURLOCK, Walter E., AOAN 
  12. BUTTELWERTH, Lawrence D., CSSN
  13. BYLER, Leonard D., LT         
  14. CARERRA, Manuel D., AKAN
  15. CHISHOLM, James M., AOl.  
  16. CHRISTIANSON, Richard A., AE1   
  17. CLARKSON, Paul J., AD3     
  18. COOK, John G, SN     
  19. COON, Morris E., ALC 
  20. COOPER, Philip A., AD2       
  21. CORTESE, Richard M., AO1 
  22. COX, Lindon W., AMAN         
  23. CROCKER, Stanton H., AE2  
  24. CRUM, James H., AOAN       
  25. CUETO, Louis (n), AM3         
  26. DOOLEY, Donald E., AD3     
  27. DOUBT, William Au, LT         
  28. DRAPER, Milton K., ENS       
  29. DYE, Russell V., AMS           
  30. ELLIS, Buddy J., A03  
  31. FAKLER, Roy F., AT2  
  32. FARRIS, Lloyd V., AN  
  33. FERGUSON, Clarence R., AMC       
  34. FOWLER, Robert T., AT2      
  35. FRIESNER, James E., ENS   
  36. GAGER, Ronald L., YNSN     
  37. GRECH, Felix T., AM3 
  38. GUZMAN, Philip A., AM3
  39. HAIR, Paul A., AEC     
  40. HANSON, John L., AN 
  41. HANSON, Wayne L., ADAN   
  42. HARWELL, Payton O., LCDR 
  43. HENDERSON, Richard D., AD3       
  44. HEWITT, Byrl T., ADC 
  45. HILL, Robert E., AE3   
  46. HINGLE, Allen W., AT3
  47. HUBER, Ralph G., AM3         
  48. IVERSEN, Bruce A., LTJG     
  49. JACKSON, William C., CAPT, USAF
  50. JEFFERIES, James M., AK3  
  51. JEREMIAH, Harold D., ADAN
  52. JOHNSON, Keith D., AD3      
  53. JOHNSON, Paul S., TN         
  54. KAPELOWITZ, John B., AT2  
  55. KEISNER, Jack W., ADAN     
  56. LARSON, Hubert A., AT3       
  57. LEONARD, Charles E., AD1  
  58. LEWALLEN, Carl F., AOAN   
  59. LEWIS, Charles W., TN         
  60. LEWIS, Paul R., LCDR
  61. LINK, Harold A., AD2   
  62. LUCEY, Richard E., ENS       
  63. LUEVANO, Pablo “P” AMAN  
  64. MALKIEWICZ, Richard L., AD2        
  65. MANIS, Claude G., AE3         
  66. MAY, Clifford L, AOAN
  67. MCKINNEY, Willie (n), TN     
  68. MEYER, Llewellyn E., AD3    
  69. MINOR, Richard A., AEAN     
  70. MITCHELL, Joseph M., LT     
  71. MORAN, William J., LCDR     
  72. MUTH, Harry H., ADC 
  73. MURRY, Darrell M., AN         
  74. MYERS, Walter J., AD2         
  75. NAIL, Olin E., AD1       
  76. NASH, John F., AN     
  77. NELSON, Clarence E., AE3   
  78. OLIVER, Charles R., AN        
  79. OLSEN, Robert R., AD3        
  80. OLSON, Donald E., ADAN     
  81. OSTERGARD, Donald L., AK1         
  82. PATRICK, Peter J., AMC       
  83. PAUL, John J., AD3     
  84. PAULSEN, Clarence L, AKAN
  85. PAYNE, James W., ADAN     
  86. PAYNE, Kenneth W., ADI      
  87. PIERCE, Vernon E., AM2      
  88. POPLAWSKI, Stanley J., ADAN       
  89. POST, Ralph E., LT     
  90. PRESGRAVES, Joseph C., AM1      
  91. PRESLICK A, Henry V., AE3  
  92. REED, Charles W., AD2        
  93. REID, William F., AD1 
  94. RICE, Walter A., AO3  
  95. RICHARDS, Albert D., AT1    
  96. RICHARDSON, Frank H., ADC
  97. RICHARDSON, fames P., SN
  98. ROBISON, Dwight C., AT3     
  99. ROSE, Louis L., ADC  
  100. SANDERS, Dale O., AM2 
  101. SARAS, Ric hard R., ATAAN       
  102. SARTIN, Arnold K., BM2   
  103. SCARBOROUGH, Harry C., LT
  104. SHEPPARD, Cedric W., LT         
  105. SHINKEVICH, Stephan (n), AD1
  106. SIDES. John C., ENS       
  107. SMITH, Robert C., AOAN 
  108. SPENCER, Kenneth P., SHSN    
  109. SPURLOCK, Ertle H., AT3
  110. STAATS, Harold E., PR1  
  111. STACEY, Ronald (n), AN  
  112. SUMMER, Harold A., AD3
  113. TELLEZ, Richard F., AN   
  114. THOMING, Carl L., AOS   
  115. THORESTON, Glyn T., ENS       
  116. TOULSON, John R., HM3 
  117. TRIPLETT, Richard L., PNSN
  118. VETRANO, Louis A., A03 
  119. WALLACE, James A., AD3         
  120. WALSH, John S., A03      
  121. WARD, Edward G., AE2   
  122. WE AGE, Donald J., AK3  
  123. WEBER, Donald A., AMS 
  124. WELLS, Cloyd D., AEAN   Nev
  125. WHEAT, William J., AOC  
  126. WHITE, Carl C, AO1
  127. WHITE, Morgan M., ADC  
  128. WHITNEY, DaryI L., AMAN         
  129. WEIBUSCH, Richard H., AD3     
  130. WILLIAMS, Glenn E., AN  
  131. WILLIAMS, Morris L., AD3
  132. WILLIAMS, Tommy G., AE3        
  133. WINCHELL, Gordon B., YN3       
  134. WOOD, Darrell E., PH2    
  135. WOODWARD, Charles G., AE3  
  136. WOODWARD, Garland E., ADAN
  137. WRIGHT, John W., AE3   


  1. ANDREWS, Oakley H., AD3  
  2. ANTHONY, Oscar K., AN       
  3. BACKY, Fote E., AD3  
  4. BAGWELL, Wallace B., LT    
  5. BASCH KY, Donald B., AEC  
  6. BONNEY, Edward W., II, SN  
  7. BOSTON, Lester E., HM3      
  8. BRANUM, Rudolph (n), LT     
  9. BREWTON, Caughey F., AD3
  10. BROME, Arthur W., AE2        
  11. BROWN, Albert D., AT3         
  12. BROWN, Frederick W., Jr., AN
  13. BUNCH, Clifford K., AM2       
  14. CANEPA, Vincent C., AM3    
  15. CAPUTO, Anthony P., CS3    
  16. CARLTON, Robert P., AT3    
  17. CAUSEY, Frederick P, ENS   
  18. CHILDS, William J., LTJG      
  19. CLARK, Robert (n), LT
  20. CLARK, Shields H., SN
  21. CLICK, Bobby W., ENS
  22. CHEWNTNG, Milton J., LTJG
  23. COLLINS, Eugene T., PR2    
  24. CONNOR, David H., ADAN    
  25. COX, Alroy M., Jr., AN 
  26. CRIST, William B., AMAN      
  27. CURRAN. Robert E., AN        
  28. DOIDGE, William R., AM1     
  29. DAIL, Jack G., A02      
  30. DRAMEN, Herman (n), ATC   
  31. DRIVER, Edward L., AOAN   
  32. DUTA, Gay J., Jr., AMAN       
  33. ECKMAN, Charles J., LT       
  34. ELLIOTT, Don N., AT1
  35. ELLIS, William A., AK2
  36. EWING, Marshall E., LTIG     
  37. FICKETT, Lawrence E., BM1 
  38. FITZGERALD, Thomas B., ENS
  39. GERGER, Carl (n), ADC        
  40. GOEMPLER, John A., AD1
  41. GOETSCHIUS, Donald K., ADAN
  42. GOETSCHIUS, Forrest D., LTJG
  43. GORDON, George B., AD3    
  44. GORDON, Joseph A., AD2    
  45. GRADY, Harry L., Jr., OAN    
  46. GREENIA, Rufus H., A02       
  47. GROUT, Wendell L., AE3      
  48. GUIANG, Andrew (n), TN       
  49. HANSEN, Freeman O., II, ENS
  50. HALLEN, Walter E., LT
  51. HAYES, Elba R., ADI   
  52. HE URD, Donald i... IES        
  53. HERSEY, Johnny W., AN      
  54. HICKMAN, Richard O., AN     
  55. HIGHTOWER, Earl (n), SD3
  56. HILDRETH, Frank “J” AOAN
  57. HOPPE, Robert T., LCDR      
  58. HOYE, Stephen J., LTJG       
  59. HURST, Jackson I., Jr., AN    
  60. JONES, Clifford L., Jr. 
  61. JORDAN, Chester (n), TN      
  62. KERHER, William G., AD3     
  63. KIRBY, Sherman M, ADC      
  64. LANCE, Bruce D., ADAN       
  65. LEARY, Thomas B., LTJG     
  66. LOONEY, Thoma-. T., AN      
  67. MacFARLANE, Howard H., AE3
  68. MANN, Kenneth E., PR3        
  69. MANUEL, Herman E., AMAN.
  70. McKINNEY, John H., AE3      
  71. McKOWN, Eugene E., AN     
  72. McLENDON, Robert L., ADEC
  73. McQUARY, John E., LCDR
  74. MEDCALF, Waldo C., SH2    
  75. MIRABELLA, Angelo R., AMAN
  76. MICHELS, Robert J., AD3      
  77. MOODY, Haney E., Jr., ADC
  78. MORALES, Oscar (n), SN      
  79. MORGAN, Donald O., PH3    
  80. MUELLER, William R., AN     
  81. MURPHY, Richard A., ENS    
  82. NASH, Donald V., AD3
  83. NESKY, Anthony (n), Jr., LTJG
  84. NEWTON, Lawrence W., AM3
  85. NIX, Theodore J., AM2
  86. NOWLAN, Withers J., AD2     
  87. OLMSTEAD, Charles F., PNSN
  88. PAPA, Alfred J., AO1   
  89. PATTERSON, Irving L., LCDR
  90. PEDDICORD, Gerald E., LCDR
  91. PIERONI, Robert T., AN        
  92. POWELL, Lucien C., Jr., CDR
  93. REESE, Herbert C., SN         
  94. REITER, Michael J., AN         
  95. REYNOLDS, William M., AM1
  96. RHODES, John D., A03         
  97. ROENKER, Richard L., AOS  
  98. SABO, George W., A03         
  99. SANDERS, Warren C., AD3   
  100. SCHEEPSMA, Duane A., AEAN
  101. SCHLOTE, John W., AM3 
  102. SCHMIDT, Allen A., AT3   
  103. SHETLER, Ernest L., Jr., AN
  104. SHIPMAN, James L., LT   
  105. SMOLOVIC, Walter P., AOC       
  106. SNYDER, Walter E., AMC
  107. STOCKMAN, Pierce B., AM2      
  108. THOMAS, Richard D., ADAN
  109. THOMA, Edward S., AD1  
  110. WADDELL, James C, AD3
  111. WALKER, Cecil O., YNSN
  112. WALKER, Oscar R., Jr., YN2      
  113. WATERS, Charles E., AN 
  114. WEBBER, William J., AK3
  115. WHELLER, Larry A., AN   
  116. WILLIAMS, Forrest D., AE1        
  117. WISTISEN, Glade L., A03 
  118. WOOD, Edward H., LTJG 
  119. WRIGHT, Harry W., LTJG
  120. YOUNG, Maxie G., AM3   


  1. ALLEN, John P., A02   
  2. ALLEN, Thomas (n), SD2      
  3. BLEHM, Merle D., AN  
  4. BRADSHAW, Bobby C., AN   
  5. BROWNING, Harold L., AN    
  6. BURGE, Robert “A”, AN         
  7. CLYMER, Cari D., ADC         
  8. CONNELLY, Robert F., AD1  
  9. DAVIES, James C., AE3        
  10. DECKER, William E., AD2     
  11. DRIML, James M., ATAN       
  12. ELKINS, Melvin J., AD3         
  13. FERGUSON, Thomas R., AN 
  14. FOUNTAIN, Edward F., Jr., AN
  15. FRAZIER, Donald L., AOU3   
  16. GREEN, James L., ADAN      
  17. GROSS, Frederick (n), Jr., AE3        
  18. HARTMAN, Gordon D., AN    
  19. HITCHCOCK, Richard P., Jr., AD1
  20. HOGAN, Colbert H., AN         
  21. JACKSON, Brady D., AN       
  22. JOHNSON, Ira D., AOAN       
  23. LARSEN, Norman E., LT       
  24. LEE, Bernard G., AD3 
  25. LEFF, Ronald W., A M2         
  26. LEGETT, Thomas R., Jr., ATC
  27. LESTER, Leroy (n), ADAN     
  28. MASON, Bryant L., Jr., AN
  29. NEFF, Emery E., Jr., AN        
  30. NELSON, Albert N., LCDR     
  31. PIERCE, Billy R., AN   
  32. PRITCHETT, James C., AN   
  33. REEB, Kenneth E., ATAN      
  34. REZEK, John K., ALI   
  35. ROBBINS, Donald K., LTJG   
  36. ROBLES, Lewis J., AD3        
  37. RUSSELL, Wallace L., LT
  38. SCALZO, Phillip J., AT3         
  39. SCOTT, David R., SA  
  40. SHAW, John D., LTJG 
  41. SLACK, Glenn R, AN   
  42. SLAUGHTER, Billy R., AD3   
  43. SMITH, Waller L., ADAN        
  44. TICKNER, French A., AOAN  
  45. WHALEY, Lloyd L., AMI         
  46. WHORTON, James B., AN    
  47. WALTERS, Dewayne L., AD3


  1. ALLBRIGHT, Joseph S., AT2 
  2. AUBIN, Joseph W., AT3        
  3. BRYANT, John N., LCDR      
  4. CHAPPELL, Sterling F., Ill, LTJG
  5. CHARLES, Bernard C., AD3  
  6. CHASTAIN, Melburn L., AD3 
  7. DRIML, Normal L., AM2         
  8. DYE, Robert L., AN     
  9. FULLER, John W., ADC        
  10. HICKEY, Jerold D., ADAN      
  11. HUDDLESTON, Marshall W., ADAN
  12. JOYNER, Nicoles E., Jr., LT  
  13. KIBLER, John L., AN   
  14. LE JEUNE, Roch A., LT         
  15. MARBORY, Ambrose (n), AN 
  16. MATHEWS, James W., AN    
  17. MULLIKIN, Russell J., AT3     
  18. NELSON, Ronald H., AE3      
  19. O’LEARY, Arthur B., ATAN    
  20. PHILLIPS, Thomas E., AD3   
  21. PIERCE, Joseph (n), LCDR
  22. PRIDEAUX, Kenneth M., AT1
  23. ROBINSON, Glenn L., ADAN 
  24. SEYBOLI), Louis D., AT2       
  25. SMITH, James M., AD3         
  26. STANLEY, Francis C., ADAN 
  27. STEWART, Charles H., TA    
  28. SWANN, Galen F., AD2         
  29. TURPIN, Gary E., YN3
  30. VIA, Jack D., AM2
  31. WHITWORTH, Marvin M., AN
  32. WOOD, Richard V., ATAN


  1. BARBEE, Jerry D., SN 
  2. BARTER, Joe L., AOAN        
  3. BORDONARO, August (n) AD3
  4. BOYD, Jerry H., AN     
  5. BROWN, Robert C., A03       
  6. BUCK, Curtis K., AD3  
  7. BULLINGTON, Carl L., AD2-.
  8. BYBEE, Ramon A., AT3        
  9. CASTLE, Wayne H., AM1      
  10. CHRISTY, Coy D., AMAN      
  11. CRUNK, Thomas P., AD3      
  12. DEAN, Robert IV.. AMS         
  13. ECKHARDT, Robert R., AN
  14. FREEMAN, Donald L., AE3
  15. GENTRY, William A., AKAN
  16. HALL, Glen (n), AL3    
  17. HUBBARD, Bobby (n), ADAN
  18. JAMES, Vernis L., TN  
  19. JESSEN, Donald N., AT3       
  20. JOHNSON, Dale H., AOAN
  21. JOHNSON, Ralph “B”, ALC
  22. KARR, William A., AD1
  23. KNOX, David R., AEAN         
  24. MADDEN, Don A., ADAN       
  25. MARCH, Edwin L., LT  
  26. MARTIN, Ronald M., AN        
  27. MATSUNAMI, Teruo D., AT3
  28. MAYFlELD, John D., AT3      
  29. MINCHEW, James L., AMAN
  30. MULVEY, Jack H., AOAN      
  31. MURRAY, Frank O., AN        
  32. PATCHEN, Robert K., AE3
  33. PEASE, Alexander B., AT1    
  34. RHOADS, Ronald D., AN       
  35. ROBINSON, William H., LT
  36. ROUSE, Yester L., ADAN      
  37. RUSHTON, Richard D., ADC
  38. SANDERS, Walter B., AE3    
  39. SMITH, Irving D., AD3 
  40. STANDRING, Paul (n), PRAN
  41. STEPHENS, Shirley T., AMAN         
  42. STURDEVANT, Harvey W., LCDR
  43. TURNER, Elliott B., AM3       
  44. WELLS, Duncan (n), AOC     
  45. WHEELER, ^Joc M., ADAN   


  1. APPLE, John D., AD2  
  2. BELTRAN, Rudolfo G., AN     
  3. BROCK, Freeman L. Jr., PH3
  4. CACCIATORE, Angelo, (n), AK3
  5. CAPPS, Clarence J. Jr., SA   
  6. CAREY, James A., AN
  7. DAVIS, Milton (n), SD3
  8. GALE, Anthony L., AT3         
  9. HALEY, George M., ADC       
  10. HALL, Don L., AN        
  11. HAVRON, Billy L., LT  
  12. HOTCHKISS, Laurence G., AE1
  13. JOHNSON, Gerald M., LT      
  14. MILLER, George O., AM3      
  15. NORRIS, Kenneth M., AD1    
  16. PETERSON, Melvin A., AMAN         
  17. ROMANO, John A., LT
  18. ROMERO, Isaias E., AA        
  19. SALTER, William L., Jr., AEAN
  20. SHIERS, Richard G., LT        
  21. STUDDARD, James B., Jr., AN
  22. WEEREN, Hans H. H., ADAN
  23. WELLBORN, Frank G., AD3
  24. WILSON, Kenneth E., AN      
  25. YOST, Natham H., PHAN


  1. James J. COOPER     
  2. Joseph F. HUSTON     
  3. Calvin R. LARSON      
  4. William R. MALECKAR
  5. Frank McNAIR  
  6. Ralph C. TAYLOR       
  7. William A. WITTE        
  8. David POWERS
  9. Elwood F. KIRKMAN  
  10. M. K. BERRY    
  11. R. Clay UNDERWOOD
  12. John Branson WRIGHT         
  13. Edward W. SCHOENHOF      
  14. Thomas B. POTTER    
  15. Archie A. ALEXANDER
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