YANK Magazine, World War II, 27 April 1945

Front Cover - YANK Magazine, World War II, 27 April 1945

This Week's Cover

GI Tourists have just come from the front, they're on pass in Paris, and they're going to see what's to be seen. If you want to tour with them, turn to Pfc. Pat Coffey's pictures on pages 12 and 13.

  1. Navy On The Rhine By Sgt. Ed Cunningham
  2. Yanks at Home and Abroad
  3. Women Who Want To Go Abroad
  4. Bankers Hours By Sgt. Ozzie St. George
  5. Hollywood, California and World War II
  6. Army Camp News - 27 April 1945
  7. The Shooting at Aachen - Franz Oppenhof
  8. The Battett - Return on Rotation
  9. Sports During the War?
  10. Jinx Falkenburg - YANK Pin-up Girl
  11. Seeing Paris - GI Tourists in April 1945
  12. Behind The Japanese Lines on Luzon
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