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December 1963 Army Digest

December 1963 Army Digest

The Official United States Army Magazine

Front Cover (at right): Swift Strike, Big Lift, Sky Soldier—the exercises come thick and fast as the Army moves en many fronts tflexibles capabilities for flexible response by multi-mobile means.


Contents of this Issue

  • Swift Strike III
    Camera's eye takes you to the scene of one of the largest peacetime maneuvers ever staged in U. S.
  • Uniformed Services Pay Act of 1963
    What it means to everybody in the Army, with complete new pay scale.
  • The Many Worlds of the Army Nurse
    Her careers as nurse and Army member are graphically depicted.
  • Army Cost Reduction Program Pays Off
    Hon. Paul R. Ignatius
    How cost reduction up the line delivers more combat power on the firing line.
  • Army Divisions Go ROAD
    And when they do, they bring with them new
    flags, depicted for first time in a full color section.
  • Electronics Command Sparks
    the Fighting Machine
    Maj. Gen. F. M. Moorman
    Its seven major elements synchronize research, development and materiel support actions.
  • Conserving Human Resources
    Col. Robert E. Richardson
    U. S. Disciplinary Barracks considers every inmate a prospect for return as a useful member of free society.
  • Index to 1963 Issues
    —Army Information Digest
    Digest News of Professional Interest 2
    Triple Threat Tractor 41

The Airborne Trooper

"In Honor of the Airborne Trooper Whose Courage, Dedication and Traditions Make Him the World's Finest Fighting Man."

This inscription appears on the base of the impressive 15-foot statue at the entrance to Fort Bragg, "Home of the Airborne." Honoring paratroopers everywhere, the statue, dedicated in 1961, is the handiwork of Leah Hiebert, assisted by Kenneth J. Knutson and Zintars Zamelis.

  • EDITOR, Lt. Col. John S. Chesebro
  • EXECUTIVE EDITOR, Lt. Col. David M. Peters
  • MANAGING EDITOR, Samuel J. Ziskind
  • ASSOCIATE EDITOR, Major Matthew W. Irvin
  • ART DIRECTOR, T. S. Patterson

The mission of ARMY INFORMATION DIGEST is to keep personnel of the Army aware of trends and developments of professional concern. The DIGEST is published under supervision of the Army Chief of Information to provide timely and authoritative information on policies, plans, operations, and technical developments of the Department of the Army to the Active Army, Army National Guard, and Army Reserve.

It also serves as a vehicle for timely expression of the views of the Secretary of the Army and the Chief of Staff and assists in the achievement of information objectives of the Army. ::, Manuscripts of general interest to Army personnel are invited.

Direct communication is authorized to: Editor, ARMY INFORMATION DIGEST, Cameron Station. Alexandria, Virginia, 22314. Unless otherwise indicated, material may be reprinted provided credit is given to the DIGEST bnd the author.

Distribution: From the U. S. Army AG Publications Center, 2800 Eastern Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland, 21220, in accordance with DA Form 12-4 requirements submitted by commanders. Use of funds for printing this publication approved by Headquarters, Department of Army, 8 May 1963.

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