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Immigrant Documents and Documentation

Immigrant Documents and Documentation

Index to immigrant / immigration documents available at the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives that include Vaccination Certificates, Immigrant Identification Cards, Immigrant ID Tags and Alien Cards.

Genealogists will find these especially useful in identifying the documents they have in their family heirlooms. Students often find the illustrations and information ideal for completing reports on immigration for school.

Immigrants passing through Eilis Island were occasionally detained and chalked with a code letter to indicate the reason for the further examination —“K” for hernia, “L” for lung, “E” for eye, “H” for heart, “X” for mental disorder. Other numbers commonly found on the Immigrant Inspection Card were the manifest page and line number where their information was recorded. Holes on the bottom of some inspection cards were punched by the ship's surgeon during daily inspections.

Immigrant Documents Available at GG Archives

Kokoppe Indpodnings Attest - Cowpox Vaccination Certificate - 1821

1821-11-04 Cowpox Vaccination Certificate

Koefoppe Indpodnings Attest - Norway. One of the earliest examples of the these certificates that immigrants would take with them as evidence of being vaccinated for smallpox.


Vaccination - Protected Identification Card - American Line S.S. City of Berlin - 1893

Vaccination - ID Card - 1893

Card given to passengers to provide evidence of that passengers' vaccination for smallpox issued in 1893 by the American Line S.S. City of Berlin.

Issue Of Inspection Cards To Steerage And Cabin Passengers

Inspection Cards To Steerage And Cabin Passengers (1894)

Information and instructions relating to the labeling of baggage and the issue of inspection cards to steerage and cabin passengers. Issued May 4, 1893 by the U.S. Treasury Department.


Immigration Card, Second Cabin Passenger - 1900s

Immigration card that dates from the early 1900's was provided to Second Cabin passenger John Grant, who arrived via a Canadian port on the S.S. Corsican of the Allan Line.

Inspection Card - White Star Line Germanic - 1902 Hans Johansen Rosholt

Immigrant Inspection Card - White Star Line R.M.S. Germanic - 1902

Inspection Card issued to an immigrant traveling in Steerage by the White Star Line R.M.S. Germanic in April 1902 that provided information about the immigrant including Name, Last Residence, evidence of Immunization, Port of Departure and Steamship name.

Immigrant Inspection Card - RMS Carpathia 1904 Liverpool to New York

Immigrant Inspection Card - Cunard R.M.S. Carpathia - 1904

Inspection Card issued to an immigrant traveling in Steerage on board the R.M.S. Carpathia of the Cunard Line dated 18 October 1904 that provided information including Port and Date of Departure, Name of Ship, Name of Immigrant, Last Residence and evidence of Immunization.

Immigrant Inspection Card - Liverpool to New York - 1910

Immigrant Inspection Card - Cunard R.M.S. Lusitania - 1910

Immigrant Inspection Card issued by the Cunard Line R.M.S. Lusitania dated 9 July 1910 for Swedish Immigrant K. E. Paulson from Gothenburg, Sweden. When landing at New York this card was pinned to the coat or dress of the passenger in a prominent position.


Inspection Card - Austrian Immigrant - 1912

Fine example of an Immigrants and Steerage Passengers' Inspection Card issued on 24 April 1912 by the Hamburg-American Line for an Austrian Immigrant on board the S.S. President Grant that departed from Hamburg, Germany arriving in New York on 7 May 1912. Passed American Ellis Island Inspectors on 8 May 1912.

Inspection Card - Steerage Passenger, Allan Line S.S. Corsican, Canadian Immigrant

Canadian Immigrant Inspection Card - Steerage Passenger - 1912

Canadian Immigrant Inspection Card issued in 1912 to a steerage passenger on board the Allan Line S.S. Corsican. Card provided essential information including name of immigrant, Steamship, port and date of departure. The card was intended to be kept by the immigrant for three years. It would be shown to government officials whenever required.

Nowegian Bank Note - Loan for Norwegian Immigrant to U.S. - 1913

Norwegian Bank Note - Loan for Immigrant to U.S. - 1913

Example of a Norwegian Bank Note from Spareskillingsbanken Trondhjem dated 24 May 1913 that was used to fund the expense of traveling from Norway to the United States by a Norwegian Immigrant.

Inspection Card for Immigrants and Steerage Passengers - 1913

Immigrant Inspection Card - Cunard R.M.S. Laconia - 1913

Immigrant Inspection Card issued in 1913 by the Cunard Line on board the R.M.S. Laconia to a Norwegian Immigrant traveling in Steerage. The card provided important information including port and date of departure, name of ship, immigrant name, last residence, medical inspection stamps and evidence of immunization.

Immigration Control Card - Australian Immigrant - 1913

Australian Immigration Control Card, Fremantle, Australia, 1913

Example of an Immigration Control Card for Australia, issued by the North German Lloyd for a German immigrant on 14 July 1913. The immigrant would have carried this card with him and showed Australian Immigration Officers at Fremantle as required.

Inspection Card for Immigrant to Canada - 1915

Canadian Immigrant Inspection Card - S.S. Missanabie - 1915

Canadian Immigrant Inspection Card issued to a Steerage Passenger on board the Canadian Pacific steamship S.S. Missanabie departing from Liverpool 13 March 1915. This represents a very rare immigrant document from a ship in service less than four years.

Inspection Card for Immigrant to Canada - 1915

Certificate of Innocence - German Immigrant

The GG Archives curated an essential German document "Zeugnis der Unbescholtenheit" that loosely translates into Certificate of Innocence. The text dated from 2 July 1915 and was carried by a German immigrant on his 1921 voyage from Bremen to New York.

Transmigrant Certificate, Third Class Passenger Will Margarethe, R.M.S. Olympic, 1921

Transmigrant Certificate, Third Class Passenger - 1921

Transmigrant Certificate, issued in 1921 to a third class passenger on the White Star Line R.M.S. Olympic. It is intended as a health certificate notifying anyone that the carrier had been inspected, vaccinated, examined and vermin-free.

Canadian Alien Card, White Star Dominion Line S.S. Canada, Blanche Sandford, 1922

Canadian Alien Card, White Star Dominion Line, 1922

The Canadian Alien Card was issued to each non-Canadian passenger indicating the number of sheet and line on sheet their name was listed on. The Card was to be presented on arrival, to the Canadian Aliens' Officer.

Holland-America Line Inspection Card (Third Class Passengers)
Immigrant Outer-Garment ID Tag

Ellis Island Immigrant Document Collection - 1923

A Superb collection of Immigration Documents

From 1892 to 1954 Millions of immigrants were processed through Ellis Island. This is a collection of documents that pertain to a 65 year-old Lithuanian immigrant, Barbara Vitkiene, who arrived at Ellis Island in 1923 including the Immigrant Inspection Card, Immigrant ID Tag and passenger manifest extracts and images.

Front Side of Inspection Card - Swedish Immigrant (1923)

Inspection Card - Swedish Immigrant (1923)

U.S. Inspection Card (Immigrants and Steerage Passengers) for Earnst O. W. Carsuer, Sailing from Gothenburg 15 September 1923 on the S.S. Drottningholm of the Swedish American Line, Arriving in New York 25 September 1923.

Immigrant Identification Card, United Stated Department of Labor for Non-Quota Immigration Visa - 1928

Immigrant ID Card for Non-Quota Immigration Visa - 1928

Example of an Immigrant ID Card issued by the US Department of Labor for Non-Quota Immigration Visa in 1928 to a Peruvian refugee Jose Mario Farban of Lima, Peru.

Immigrant ID & Vaccination Certificate 1930

Health Certificate and Photo ID: Italian Immigrant Salvatore J. Milluzzo sailed on the S.S. Conte Biancamano of the Lloyd Sabaudo Line departing from Naples on 25 October 1930.

United States Landing Card - Elizabeth HAUSEN

United States Landing Card, Canadian Pacific CPOS, 1931

United States Landing Card issued to Elizabeth Hausen traveling on Canadian Pacific Steamship R.M.S. Duchess of York, examined and found admissible by U.S. Immigration Inspector on 22 August 1931. Article about the History of Landing Cards follows below these images on this page.

Canadian Immigration Identification Card - Third Class Passenger - 1939

Canadian Immigration Identification Card - Third Class Passenger -1939

An example of a Third Class passengers' Immigration Identification Card for Canadian Immigrant Rose McMahon on board the Duchess of York of the Canadian Pacific Line. Stamped by Immigration Office 22 September 1939. Card provided information such as Name of Passenger, Steamship Name, Manifest No where individual appeared on and inspection stamp.

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