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1922-08-12 The Literary Digest, Volume 74, Number 7

1922-08-12 The Literary Digest: The Sunday Newspaper New York Funk & Wagnalls Company, Vol. 74, No7. Whole No. 1686. 64 Pages. Articles included: Some Interpreters of the Bonus Vote (WWI Soldiers' Bonus), Prohibition, Photographs included: Radio Room Operator and Radio Room SS Vauban. Advertisement for Campbell's Condensed Ox Tail Soup, Hudson Motor Car, "Say it with Flowers", Hartmann Wardrobe Trunks, Maxwell Motor Corporation, Coca-Cola.

Table of Contents

Front Cover, The Literary Digest, August 12, 1922


  • Topics of the Day
    • Cross Currents in the Digests Prohibition Poll
    • Some Interpreters of the Bonus Vote
    • Why Seniority Matters
    • Lenin Under Socialist Fire
    • Asking England to Help Keep us Dry
    • Our Bow to the Baltic Triplets / Illustrated Map of Esthonia, Latvia and Lithuania
    • Speaking for the Foreign Born Miners
    • Uncle Sam to Hand Fritz his Bill
    • Topics in Brief
  • Foreign Comment
    • Italys New Political Crisis / Photo of Benito Mussolini
    • German Capitals Game of Bluff
    • Bavarias Bad Example
    • Why Islam is Sore at Britain
  • Science and Invention
    • How Warships are Scrapped / 3 Photos
    • Summer Drownings
    • End of the Tin Can Era Sighted
    • A Railroad Water Wagon / Photo of a Water Wagon
    • The Buffalo Come Back
    • Cities Built by a French Railroad / Photo of Tergniers New School House / Illustrated Plan
  • the New Tergnier
  • Radio Department
    • Outdoing the Argonauts / Photo of Operator in the Radio room of the Lamport and Holt Line Vauban
    • Memorizing the Continental Code
    • Directional Wireless Transmission / Photo of Model of the Wireless Lighthouse
  • Letters and Art
    • Shelley Remembered / Illustrations by Shelley of Old Englishman and Funeral Pyre, His La House
    • blasting the Critics
    • An Irishman Discovers the Real American / Photos of Monuments to the Memory of Percy
  • Byshe Shelley
  • Religion and Social Service
    • The Spiritual Triumph over Bolshevism / Photo of Patriarch Tikhon
    • Wicked food Waste
    • Justice Before Charity
    • Filling the Country with Churches
  • Personal Glimpses
    • The Chinese Christian Fighter, General Feng / Photos of: One Hundred and Fifty of Genera
    • Fengs Officers Assembled for a Bible Study Message; General Feng; The Chinese Goose Step
  • Birds Beasts and Trees
    • Rattlesnake Intimacies / Photos of Snakes
    • Wild Life on a Wild Island
  • Investments and Finance
    • Our Blundering Tax Policy
    • Investors in Marks Working for Germany
  • Current Events
  • The Spice of Life
  • The Lexicographers Easy Chair


  1. She Loves me She loves me Not / Reid
  2. Main Service Affected by the Strike / McCutcheon
  3. The Camel Stretches himself / Pease
  4. Another Troublesome Immigration Problem / Stinson
  5. Ships that Pass in the Night / Brown
  6. Feat that Won Recognition / Pease
  7. Hard Riding / Kober
  8. Dont Let him Die / Ket
  9. Unjust Discrimination / Morris
  10. Where Disarmament is most Needed
  11. Broadcasting à la Boche
  12. Dressing for the Part


  1. The Fish Hawk / John Hall Wheelock
  2. Shelley / C.E. Lawrence
  3. You Ask me Not to Die / Aline Kilmer
  4. Lost at Sea / David M. Robinson
  5. Counting Sheep / W.P.R. Kerr
  6. Wish / Judith Tractman


  • Cream of Wheat
  • Mimeograph
  • Absorbine Jr.
  • School and College Directory
  • Ivory Soap
  • Campbells Ox Tail Soup
  • Hudson Cars
  • Burroughs Adding Machine
  • Florist Telegraph Delivery Service
  • Du Pont
  • Fisk Tires
  • Mennen Shaving Cream
  • Garco Asbestos Products
  • Venus Thin Leads
  • Hartmann Wardrobe Trunks
  • Jersey Screen Cloth
  • ILG Ventilation
  • Bosch Magneto Corporation
  • Tiffany and Co.
  • Oakland Six Cars
  • Velvet Tobacco
  • Cast Iron Pipe
  • Oldsmobile Cars
  • Dr. Wests Tooth Brush
  • Forhans Dentifrice
  • American Kampkook Camp Stove
  • Ludens Cough Drops
  • New Skin
  • Horlicks Malted Milk
  • Barrett Specification Roofs
  • Packers Shampoo
  • Buick Cars
  • Oak Flooring Mfrs. Assn.
  • Thomas Cook and Son
  • Chevrolet Motor Company
  • National Safety Paper
  • Johns Manville Asbestos Shingles
  • Coca Cola
  • Hoffman Equipment
  • U.S. Royal cord Tires
  • Maxwell Cars
  • Texaco Motor Oils
  • Victrola
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