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The Great War: The Standard History of the All-Europe Conflict. The Intervention of the United States

1917-05-12 The Great War: The Standard History of the All-Europe Conflict. The Intervention of the United States, Part 143 of Vol. IX, 32 pages. Edited by H.W. WILSON, author of 'With the Flag to Pretoria', 'Japan's Fight for Freedom', etc. The Magazine of The Great War.

This was a weekly magazine in 272 volumes. "A standard history of the World-Wide Conflict, including eye-witnesses' stories of striking incidents throughout the field of operations". The first volume was published in August 1914, and others as the war unfolded, through to its conclusion. "The 272 parts of The Great War will remain the unrivalled record of the most stupendous event in the history of humanity. Produced in the years of storm and stress, and often under distracting conditions, it will lack the poise and perspective of the cloistered historian's work, to be written a generation hence far removed from the passions and miseries of the events recorded; but it will at no time, near or distant, stand in fear of any rival as a vivid and fascinating pictorial record of the world-wide conflict". This is history written as it was happening, complete with hundreds of maps, and thousands of photographs. It includes the land, sea and air conflicts, and not from just a British persepective.

Much of it is from the German perspective, and much is about the conflicts of all of the other European allies, and of course, the part played by the Americans, Canadians, Australians and New Zealanders, etc.

There are 32 pages full of brilliant photographs and articles of the period during World War One. All the names mentioned have photographs and articles. Here is just a selection:

    PRESIDENT WOODROW WILSON - Two Full page profile portrait photos

    Long article on 'The Intervention of the United States of America' by EDWARD WRIGHT with many photos PRESIDENT WILSON addressing Congress


    Photos of Prominent GERMANS whose sinister activities contributed to the GERMAN-AMERICAN rupture;- CAPTAIN VON PAPEN - Former Military Attache in the U.S.A.; DR. HELFFERICH, GERMAN Vice-Chancellor & Minister of Finance;

    COUNT BERNSTORFF, GERMAN Ambassador to the UNITED STATES; HERR WOLFF, head of the WOLFF Propaganda Agency Replica of BARTHOLDI's 'LIBERTY' Statue on a SEINE Island in PARIS. Was presented by UNITED STATES to FRANCE in 1889. AMERICAN ambulance in the foreground.



    NEW YORK police guarding piers where interned GERMAN liners were moored.

    NEW YORK police guarding the GERMAN Steamer SS HAMBURG

    Enrolling U.S. Marine Recruits in NEW YORK

    Men of the NEW YORK Home Defence League setting off for duty on STATEN ISLAND

    Squad of recruits for the Special Guard for the great NEW YORK Aqueduct

    Gun Turrett of an AMERICAN battleship.

    UNITED STATES fleet arriving off NEW YORK with the Statue of Liberty in the background

    Looking down on the fighting-top of the AMERICAN battleship KENTUCKY

    Cleaning arms in the NEW YORK Armoury

    Enrolling Special NEW YORK policemen in the Armoury of the 69th NEW YORK


    2 photos of recruits on physical training at the STEVENS INSTITUTE of HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY

    2 photos of AMERICAN forces on the MEXICAN border. [trouble engineered by GERMAN agents] - Artillery manoeuvres at FOX BLISS, TEXAS; UNITED STATES

    National Guard rushing up ammunition on June 30th, 1915

    2 photos of artillery practice by the NEW YORK National Guard at FORT TOTTEN, protecting NEW YORK HARBOUR - Battery practice with an observation officer perched high to see over the smoke; Unloading a projectile from a gun

    The observation tower at FORT TOTTEN, looking over NEW YORK HARBOUR

    Leaders of AMERICAN opinion when the UNITED STATES declared War on GERMANY - 1/4 page portrait photos = HON. ROBERT LANSING [Secretary of State];

    HON. NEWTON D. BAKER [Secretary of War]; GENERAL LEONARD WOOD [Commander-in-Chief of the Army]; JAMES W. GERARD [Ex-Ambassador to Germany]; HON. JOSEPHUS DANIELS [Secretary of the Navy]; COL. THEODORE ROOSEVELT [President of the U.S.A. 1901-1908]; DR. WALTER H. PAGE [Ambassador to Great Britain]; ADMIRAL HENRY T. MAYO [Commanding the Atlantic Fleet]

    Powerful AMERICAN mortar in action on coastal defences - full page

    Gun crews at battle practice at FORT TOTTEN, WILLETT's POINT, opposite FORT SCHUYLER at the entrance to LONG ISLAND SOUND.

    DR. CHARLES W. ELIOT [Ex-President of HARVARD UNIVERSITY. A leader of U.S. pro-Ally movement]

    DR. CHARLES PARSONS [Chief Chemist to the War Department]

    CHARLES M. SCHWAB [President of the Carnegie Steel Co. and the United States Steel Corporation]

    HERR ZIMMERMANN [German Foreign Secretary who plotted to make Mexico attack the U.S.]

    Gunners of the E. Battery, 5th U.S. Field Artillery with a 4.7 in. gun on the MEXICAN border

    Naval gunners on a U.S. battleship

    U.S. Submarines L2 and L9 in dock at NORFOLK, VIRGINIA

    The U.S. Submarine Octupus partly submerged

    Flotilla of U.S. Navy submarines

    Armed U.S. Submarine Chaser

    U.S. U Boat chaser Lynx - 2 photos

    AMERICAN Army six feet diameter searchlight

    PRESIDENT WILSON reviewing the State Troops of NEW JERSEY

    Machine gun practice of the UNITED STATES Army

    Cadets training in use of the 10 in. Disappearing Gun of the UNITED STATES Army

    UNITED STATES Infantry with an Anti-Aircraft gun

    Group photo of the full U.S. Council of National Defence and Advisory Committee

    3 photos of Republican leaders = SENATOR ROOT; SENATOR LODGE; W.H. TAFT [ex President 1909-1913]

    Group photo of PRESIDENT WOODROW WILSON and his Cabinet

    Photos of prominent AMERICAN citizens = JOSEPH H. CHOATE [U.S. Ambassador to GREAT BRITAIN 1899-1905]; COLONEL HOUSE; WILLIAM G. McADOO [Secretary of U.S. Treasury]; G.W. GOETHALS; ADMIRAL SIMS [Special Envoy];

    REAR-ADMIRAL GRANT; [Commander of the Submarine Division]; ADMIRAL GLEAVES [Commander of the Destroyer Division]; BRIG. GENERAL CLARENCE EDWARDS [Commander North-East Department of the NEW ENGLAND States]; ADMIRAL FLETCHER [Commander of the Second Atlantic Squadron]

    Scene on a U.S. Battleship Looking down on the Dreadnought NEVADA

    The Dreadnought UTAH at full speed

    The armoured Cruiser BROOKLYN

    U.S. Battleships in line formation

    1/2 page map showing the communications between AMERICA and EUROPE, with steamer routes, distances and cable lines. It shows the whole of the North Atlantic and part of the South Atlantic, taking in part of SOUTH AMERICA and AFRICA. Includes AMERICAN and EUROPEAN Railway lines. Printed and Published by the AMALGAMATED PRESS at 7d. net


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