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International Mercantile Marine Company History and Ephemera

IMM - International Mercantile Marine Company Historical Archives

The International Mercantile Marine Company, commonly known as “The Shipping Trust,” was incorporated in October, 1902, as the result of a plan which was formulated several months before by Messrs. J. P. Morgan & Company to consolidate the various steamship lines running between the United States and Europe.

The original intention was to absorb all lines if possible, including the Cunard Steamship Company. This comprehensive scheme did not materialize, and the plan which finally was adopted embraced only the following six lines:

  • White Star Line
  • American Line
  • Red Star Line
  • Leyland Line
  • Atlantic Transport Line
  • Dominion Line.


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  • 1928-11 The Ocean Ferry: Young China. Vol. VIII, No. 2, New York. Photographs included: Mrs. De Dodson, Captain H. A. T. Candy and Ramon D. Sepulveda; Rose Host, Stowaway, Gerard Swoge, President of General Electric Company, Miss Helen Teagle, daughter of the President of Standard Oil Company, on the Majestic; Frederick Lonsdale, English Playwright on the Majestic; Morris Gest, Theatrical Producer on the Homeric; Miss Amelia Earhart, First woman to fly the Atlantic and Commander Richard E. Byrd greet Mrs. Frederick E. Guest, sponsor of the Friendship Flight arriving on the Homeric; The SS Virginia alongside the Builders' Dock; White Star Line Agency at Havre; C. W. Roper (Charles Wingfield Roper, New Secretary of the Atlantic Transport Line; John Roberts, second steward of the Atlantic Transport liner Minnesota and Professor John Mullholland of Columbia University. Articles on the Launch of the Virginia and the Advertising Intorduction of the SS Virginia. Magazine is Explicity Not Copyrighted.
  • 1928 Print Advertisement - IMM Modern Service
  • 1933-05 The Ocean Ferry: The Hoe, Vol. XII, No. 8. Photograph of the SS Washington from above, taken during her sea trials accompanied by lenghty article on the New Washington. Photographs of Notable Passengers on Famous Ships including: Sir Ronald Lindsay, British ambassador to the United States; Sir Hugh Smile of London and Lady Smiley (Neé Nancy Beaton) on their Honeymoon, Hollywood Producer Irving Thalberg and his wife, Norma Shearer, Miss Sarah Palfre, International Tennis Star on the Georgic, Sinclair Lewis, American Novelist, Helen Hayes, Screen Star with Playwrite husband, Charles MacArthur and young daughter Mary. Retirement Announcement for Captain Robert Hume of the Laurentic
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