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Design from Scandinavia, No. 9

Front Cover - Design from Scandinavia, No. 9

Bjerregaard, Kirsten, Ed., Design from Scandinavia, No. 9,  © 1980 World Pictures, Frederiksberg, Denmark, Soft cover, 144 Pages, 87-87541-10-6. The annual presentation of Scandinavian furniture, textiles, handicrafts and applied art.

Each Year, Design from Scandinavia unfolds an exhibition in pictures of the best and latest products, and shows the interplay of these objects in a setting, and a life-style.  Includes all Nordic countries - Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.


Back Cover - Design from Scandinavia, No. 9

Visit Scandinavia

This edition we put selected Nordic concerns which make good furniture. textiles, lamps and handicrafts on the map of Scandinavia. We have added some travel ideas as well.

Public Settings

Denmark has a new building for its National Bank, Sweden for its Riksbank. Finland has extended its parliamentary building, and Norway set up a university in Bergen. These and many other new Nordic developments are presented in this issue.


From abroad’ modem Nordic furniture production often appears to be a whole. True, the relationship is dose, but a closer study reveals differences and distinctions. See the varied image of Scandinavian furniture in this issue.


Scandinavian textile producers cover a wide range. The colourful collection of furnishing fabrics, and also the clothes which reflect the Scandinavian setting, are in this issue.


Scandinavia great emphasis is placed upon functional lighting, lamps that give light correct qualities for use. for both fluorescent tubes and other sources, including the new colour-correct Finnish filament lamps. Good lamps are shown in this issue.

Industrial design

objects of everyday life, plates, glasses and cutlery for the table, salt and pepper mills, the new press- button telephone, a sublime stereo set. Good industrial design belongs in the Scandinavian environment.

Scandinavia abroad

The Swedes have built and furnished a 1.200 room hotel in Leningrad. Larger and smaller Scandinavian settings can be found throughout the world, and interested readers have helped by finding pictures.


A comPrebensive index contains all relevant information about the firms presented in this book. It also contains addresses of the showrooms that can be visited, and lists the representatives of the firms in other countries. Overleaf, they are shown on a map of Scandinavia.

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