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Ladies' Hats and Headwear 1880s-1930s

Original Style Created 1921

Hat fashions change so often and so radically, usually necessitating that the hair is worn differently, that any girl or woman needs the design of the newest hat best suited to her, or ideas on how she can make over last year’s hat, or how she can make her hat.

Headwear idiosyncrasies in form and feathered adornment unknown to nature seem to have been laid on the shelf, for in the fiber and body of the hat must you look for novelty.

While braiding, beading, embroidery, and other artistic handwork have been utilized to make unique and beautiful hats for some time, leather is also used in the making of hats.

Hat and Bonnets for the Summer of 1896

Summer Hat Styles for 1896

The brightness and glory of Summer are reflected in the season’s hats. They are ideals of airy grace, aglow with blossoms poised amid cloud-like puffings and folds of Malines or tulle.

Colored Plate of Fashionable Millinery for January 1897

Stylish Winter Hats and Bonnets - January 1897

A Beautifully illustrated fashion plate of the newest styles in fashionable hats and bonnets along with additional plates of stylish Winter hats and bonnets and Winter millinery decorations help to illustrate the substantive seasonable millinery notes for January 1897.

Fashionable Autumn Hats

Ladies Fashionable Autumn Hats - October 1900

The beautifully illustrated color plate includes a detailed discussion of the latest headwear fashions for autumn in 1900. From stylish turbans to vibrant satin hats, often with garland and other trimmings to create an exquisite fall season hat.

Advanced Winter Hat Fashions

Ladies Advanced Winter Hat Fashions - November 1900

The beautifully illustrated Plate of advanced winter hat fashions for November 1900 offers exquisite descriptions of the latest styles and fabrics used in the creations of chilly winter headwear for women.

Early Winter Hats

Ladies Early Winter Hat Fashions 1900-11

The beautiful Color Plate of early winter hat fashions for November 1900 and a detailed discussion of the new styles offers lovely descriptions of the latest styles and fabrics used in the creations of this headwear for women.

Some Attractive Feather-Trimmed Hats

Late Winter Hat and Headgear Fashions - 1904

There is enough variety in the season’s headgear to satisfy the tastes of every woman. There are large, medium, and small hats, and the latter are in especial favor; notwithstanding this fact, it is wise to choose the shape that is becoming.

Hat Window Display 1921

Hats in New York Stores - January 1921

Judging from the way gray has taken hold and is still finding favor with buyers, there is every indication that it will figure prominently in the spring millinery offerings.

Exotic Hats of the Spring Fashion Shows 1922

Exotic Hats of the Spring Fashion Shows 1922

That the day had passed when the American was accused of being the one woman in the world who must have a red hat for Spring is proven not by recent importations, but by news from the Riviera that red hats were the sensation of the day after a considerable prestige last season.

Spring and Summer Season Hats 1922

Spring and Summer Season Hats 1922

Lace and net hats, but of altogether different treatment from the recent Spanish draping, will later be developed from the angle of their proper alliance with the tinted Chantilly and cire lace frocks, the embroidered net and lace mid-Summer effects.


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