Entertainment in the Era of Steamships & Ocean Liners

Entertainment in the Era of Steamships & Ocean Liners

The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives Arts & Entertainment Collection contains brochures, flyers, images and articles on a number of related topics. Our focus is on steamships and ocean liners.

Concerts and Programs

The Ship's Band Playing On Deck During A Performance At Sea

A Great Concert Performace at Sea - Kaiser Wilhelm II (Review)

In the talent and renown of the conductors, accompanists, singers, instrumentalists, in conjunction with the Atlantic steamship's orchestra, composed of second-cabin stewards, the program was a complete success.

Front Cover, Grand Charity Concert, RMS Hesperian, Allan Line, 1908

Grand Charity Concert, RMS Hesperian, Allan Line, 1908

Extremely Rare Farewell Souvenir Grand Charity Concert for The Montreal Sailors Institute held on the RMS Hesperian in the First Class Dining Saloon on 21 August 1908.

Front Cover, Vintage Concert Program, RMS Olympic, White Star Line, 1920

Vintage Concert Program, RMS Olympic, White Star Line, 1920

Second Class Concert Program performed onboard the White Star Line Olympic, the sister ship of the Titanic. It was likely that the crew and passengers participated in putting on the concert which included a number of solo pieces and recitations.

Musical Program, SS President Monroe, United States Lines, July 1922

Musical Program, SS President Monroe, United States Lines, July 1922

Early United States Lines Musical Program for the Cabin class passengers of the SS President Monroe. Like many concerts, this program was designed to solicit funds for various Seamen's charities.

View our entire collection of onboard concerts and other programs.

Motion Pictures on Steamships

1920 The Branded Woman Movie Poster

Movie Film Production On Board Steamships - 1921

One of the late developments in transatlantic passenger traffic is the extensive use made of great liners for the production of movie films.  Of course, only large film companies can afford to send their leading men and women on board liners the day of sailing.

Front Cover, Motion Pictures, The Mentor Magazine, July 1921

Motion Pictures, The Miracle of Modern Photography - D. W. Griffith

Special Issue of the Mentor provides in-depth coverage of Motion Pictures, The Miracle of Modern Photography - a glimpse into the beginings of film making in the early 1920s.

An Historic Moment In Motion Pictures

An Historic Moment In Motion Pictures - D. W. Griffith

D. W. Griffith, setting his natural stage for a "long shot" in his epoch-making photoplay, "Birth of a Nation."

Griffith and Bitzer Shooting a Scene

Introduction To Motion Pictures

I was proud that I had been elected to record and dramatize the stupendous events that were then making history. Most of all, I was thrilled at this acknowledgment of the power of the moving picture to narrate, to stimulate, and to perpetuate.

The Grandfather of Movie Projectors

Vision The Primal Function in Motion Pictures

Motography unfolds the petals of the flower, discovers the secrets of the butterfly. It brings us face to face with great events. It carries us to the peaks of mountains, to the bottom of the sea, and -to the poles—literally to the ends of the earth.

A Picture At White Heat

Science and Invention - Who invented the movies?

The director and his battery of cameras in action during the making
of a big scene in the screen version of Ibanez's "The Four Horsemen
of the Apocalypse"

Nature No Obstacle in Motion Pictures

The First "Movie Show" - The Miracle of Modern Photography

When the play calls for " snow-stuff " the motion picture producer often
goes miles to get it, and, as in this case, augments the natural light with
our lights.

Working Up "Atmosphere" in Making A Motion Picture

The Motion Picture Editing Process

The highest standards of picture production now demand backgrounds, lighting and photography as expert as the acting and direction. With the help of powerful lights, the indoor studio can be flooded with rays stronger than sunlight and more easily regulated.

"In Arcady" A Scene of a Famous Novelist

In And About The Movie Studio

Some might call this picture "In Arcady" but that would not explain why a famous novelist is shaking hands with a pleasant-faced man in a checked suit. Sir Gilbert Parker is congratulating the producer of his latest film story on its completion.

Sir Gilbert Parker

The Author And Motion Pictures

It seemed to be thought at one time that the semi-nude and the slightly salacious were needed to draw the public, but that day is fast going. On the whole, the public taste is right.

Recreation of Barrie's Village of Thrums

In The Land of Make Believe - The Miracle of Modern Photography

Barrie's village of Thrums was recreated near Elmhurst, Long Island, for the film play based on the Scotch author's books about. "Sentimental Tommy," recently released.

An Antique Italian Room

The Scenic Background - Motion Pictures

A motion picture has no parallax. The apparent shifting of an object, or the ability to see around an object, is caused by double sight, or the vision of two eyes.

The scenes made for "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"

Scenery That Acts - Motion Pictures Historical Scenes

The scenes made for "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari" are the latest word in moving picture background. They picture the hallucination of an unbalanced mind.

Hwney Arthur Jones

Dramatist and the Photoplay

To write a successful play he must of course have other gifts and acquirements. He must call in the scene-painter, the upholsterer, the costumer, the electrician, and other adjutants to help him to express himself.

Rupert Hughes

Fiction Writers and Motion Pictures Scenarios

"PICTURES" have had good stories for a long time. What pictures have failed to do is to advance with their audiences. When pictures were first thrown upon a screen it was a very wonderful thing to see a man walk, or stretch out his arm, or smile.

Rex Beach

The Author And The Film

THE public is beginning to pay more attention to motion pictures and to treat them seriously. There is a new attitude developing all over the country that is very significant, especially in regard to well-known authors in pictures.

Filming A Flight circa 1920

The Camera As A Reporter

TWO hundred years ago there were three Estates, the Clergy, the Nobility, and the rest of us. Then Edmund Burke, the great British statesman, found a Fourth in the Press Gallery of the House of Commons. If he were alive today he would create a Fifth Estate, and would designate screen reporters as its members.

A Picture Theater of Today circa 1920

Making The Motion Picture Program de Luxe

In the West, I tried out my ideas for the making of a new sort of program, and met with encouraging success. Later, in New York, I presented a motion picture with appropriate music, harmonious lighting effects, and other features designed to please the senses.

Seeing The Lesson In The Classroom

"Films Beat Books," Says Edison - Using Motion Pictures In The Classroom

"The royal road to learning lies along the film highway," says a college professor. In New York alone, more than one hundred schools now use educational films. In every twentieth school in the United States there is a projection machine.

Where Patric Henry Said The Famous Phrase Liberty or Death

"Give Me Liberty or Death!" - Where Patric Henry Said Those Famous Words

If you are a visitor in Richmond, you may readily learn the answer. At Broad and Twenty-fifth streets stands St. John's Episcopal Church—"Old St. John's," natives call it. It is within comfortable walking distance from the heart of the town.

THE SPIRIT OF '76 by Archibald M. Willard. Original In Abbot Hall, Marblehead, Mass.

A Picture That Stirred A Nation - Archibald Willard Spirit of '76 Painting

The story of the painting is a very simple, human one. The artist's name is Archibald M. Willard, and he was born at Bedford, near Cleveland, Ohio, August 22, 1836.

A Rocking Chair made circa 1750

History of the American Rocking Chair

THE American rocking chair, out of fashion and favor in the last generation, may be restored to its old place of honor in the home by the recent declaration of an eminent French medical man that rocking quiets the nerves.

Last Words Of Famous People through History - Image Not Available.

Last Words Of Famous People through History

LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN: "I shall hear in heaven." (Beethoven was deaf during his later years—and composed many works without being able to hear them.)

The Open Letter on Screen Pictures - The History of Motion Pictures - Image Not Available.

The Open Letter on Screen Pictures - The History of Motion Pictures

What a story of progress in screen pictures the past quarter century tells! I wonder if any of the older Mentor readers remember the picture shows and panoramas of the days, or, rather, the nights of the seventies and early eighties! Does anyone recall Professor Cromwell and his picture lectures?

A Scene from a Football Game from a Graflex Negative

Odds and Ends - Graflex Camera from the Kodak Company - 1921

The camera that does the difficult things in photography and does them well. And it is not merely in speed work that the Graflex excels. For pictures in and about the home it is a distinctively superior instrument.


Vintage Sheet Music

Front Cover

Vintage Sheet Music: Meditation by A. KIMBALL - 1911

Meditation by A. Kimball, Sheet Music for Piano, was a popular piano piece written in 1908 and published by Will Wood of New York in 1911.

Front Cover, Vintage Sheet Music: Au Revoir, But Not Good Bye, (Soldier Boy) (1917)

Vintage Sheet Music: Aur Revoir, But Not Goodbye (Soldier Boy) - 1917

It was performed by The Peerless Quartet. Based on estimates of sales, the song reached #8 on the top 100 US songs of the time from the Quartet's debut of the piece on April 27, 1918.

Front Cover, Nightingale Song - Al Jolson's Latest Song Hit.

Vintage Sheet Music: Nightingale Song, Vincent Rose & Richard Coburn, Performed by Al Jolson (1920)

Cover art by Frederick Manning of a Very Beautiful Woman makes this sheet music popular for framing.

April Showers

Vintage Sheet Music: April Showers, B.G. De Sylva, Louis Silvers, Al Jolson

April Showers, Sheet Music for Piano from the 1921 Musical "Bombo" performed by Al Jolson, Composed by Louis Silvers, Lyrics by B. G. DeSylva.

Front Cover of Al Jolson's Who Cares? Sheet Music for Piano

Vintage Sheet Music - Who Cares? Al Jolson's Sensational Hit - 1922

Who Cares?, Sheet Music for Piano from the 1921 Musical "Bombo" performed by Al Jolson, Composed by Milton Ager, Lyrics by Jack Yellen. Bombo was a Stage Play on Broadway from 1921-1922 produced by Lee and J.J. Shubert featuring Janet Adair, Corynne Baker, Franklyn Batie, Vera Bayles Cole, and Bertee Beaumont.

Twenty-Four Hours A Day, Music by James F. Hanley, Words by Arthur Swanstrom

Vintage Sheet Music: Twenty-Four Hours A Day, Hanley and Swanstrom

Song from the 1935 musical Sweet Surrender that was not a box office success.

Shipboard Shows and Programs

Front Cover, Travel Show and Fashion Pageant Program, SS Washington, 5 June 1933

Travel Show and Fashion Pageant, SS Washington, United States Lines, 1933

One of our most unusual programs - combination Travel Show and Fashion Pageant held on board the SS Washington of the United States Lines. While the program contained no photographs, it did list all the latest summer fashions of 1933.

Front Cover, HAPAG Movie Show Tonight - Frauenliebe Frauenleid (Women's Love - Women's Sorrow) 1937.

Our Movies Show Tonight - Women's Love - Women's Sorrow (Frauenliebe Frauenleid) 1937

Pamphlet announcing the evening's movie being shown on board a steamship of the Hamburg America Line from 1937. Featured movie was "Frauenliebe Frauenleid" or "Women's Love - Women's Sorrow."


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