Biographies of Important Historical Persons

Rare documents, articles and photographs - Important to the study of History, 1800s through 1954.

Dr. Edward Jenner Collection

Thomas A. Edision

The Story of Thomas Edison from Frances M. Perry, “The Story of Thomas A. Edison" In Four American Inventors: A Book for Young Americans, New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago: American Book Company, 1901. Told in Twelve Parts:

  1. Thomas A. Edision: The Yearly Years
  2. Thomas A. Edison: Youthful Business Ventures
  3. Thomas A. Edison – Self-Taught Education
  4. Thomas A. Edison: A Change of Business - Telegraph Operator
  5. Thomas A. Edison: The Boy Telegraph Operator
  6. Thomas A. Edison: Telegrapher and Inventor
  7. Thomas A. Edison: Heading East To Boston
  8. Thomas A. Edison: New York Inventor and Electrician
  9. Thomas A. Edison: Inventor and Manufacturer
  10. Thomas A. Edison: The Wizard of Menlo Park
  11. Thomas A. Edison: Some of His Great Inventions
  12. Thomas A. Edison: A New Laboratory in Orange, New Jersey

Cornelius Vanderbilt 1794-1877

Marconi’s Utilization of Short Waves - 1922

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