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Camp Devens - The Knights of Columbus - WW1 Cantonment 1918

This organization is doing excellent work at the camp. One notices on each of its signs the inscription : "All Welcome."

"I want to emphasize the significance of those two words," one of the secretaries told me. "Some people think that the K. of C. building is for Catholics alone, but that is by no means the case. It makes no difference whether a man if a Catholic, a member of the society, or not; is he isn't, he will receive the same cordial treatment as any one else. We are not doing this work for the K. of C. men alone ; we are doing if for our soldiers, and we want every American soldier to make our house his headquarters."

This is a typical example of the co-operative spirit of the non-military workers at the camp. The Knights of Columbus have three large huts at Ayer, and a dozen men in charge of them. The interior of the huts is similar to that of the Y. M. C. A. buildings. Each one is fitted with basketball apparatus, and has a piano, a complete library, and writing materials. Thomas C. Moore, of the Ayer Council, has charge of the cantonment work and is assisted by men from other New England Councils.

An innovation at Devens is the organization of an elimination basket-ball league. Each unit in the camp has been invited to form a representative team and will play at the K. of C. buildings for the championship of the division. There are also frequent boxing matches under the supervision of experts.

The entertainments are given not only by local talent, but also by visiting groups from the K. of C. Councils. Each Sunday a field Mass is held at building Number i. On one occasion the service had an attendance of 18,000 men. The building shown in this picture is No. 3, near the base hospital; each morning the workers go from here to the hospital with writing paper and stamps and do what they can to make the sick men comfortable.

Knights of Columbus Hut, Number 3 at Camp Devens

Photo: Knights of Columbus Hut, Number 3 at Camp Devens

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Camp Devens : United States Army World War I Cantonment

Third Officers Training Camp - Camp Devens 1918

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