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Camp Devens - World War 1 Cantonment – A.E.F. Training Center 1918

Camp Devens World War I Cantonment

Camp Devens, Massachusetts was named in honor of Brigadier General Charles Devens, U.S. V. (Bvt. Maj. Gen.), Attorney General of the United States, 1877-81. Established July 18, 1917, to serve as training camp for 76th Division (National Army), which occupied the cantonment, August 1917 to July 1918. Construction started June 1917 and continued through 1918. Designated as demobilization center, December 3, 1918. Retained as permanent reservation.

Index to the Content of our Camp Devens Archives

  1. The Building of Camp Devens
  2. The Mobilization of the Citizens
  3. The Arrival at Ayer, Massachusetts
  4. En Route to the Camp
  5. Entering the Grounds - Camp Devens
  6. Examining The New Arrivals at Camp Devens
  7. Physical Training at Camp Devens
  8. Looking North from Boulder Hill - Camp Devens
  9. A Bird's-Eye View of Camp Devens
  10. Town and Camp
  11. The Divisional Headquarters - Camp Devens
  12. A YMCA Hut at Camp Devens
  13. The Hostess House at Camp Devens
  14. The Knights of Columbus at Camp Devens
  15. Camp Institutions of Camp Devens - Divisional HQ, Officers' Quarters and Base Hospital
  16. Post Exchange, Heating Plant, Army Grub, Camp Guards at Camp Devens
  17. The Camp Fire Department - Camp Devens
  18. Concerning Trucks and Fatigue at Camp Devens
  19. Two Important Functionaries at Camp Devens - Bugler and Sentry
  20. Relieving the Guard at Camp Devens
  21. Bayonet Practice at Camp Devens
  22. Grenade Practice at Camp Devens
  23. Signaling Training at Camp Devens

Camp Devens, Described and Photographed By Roger Batchelder, Author of "Watching and Waiting On the Border" with a Foreword by Major Roger Merrill

Adjutant, 151st Infantry Brigade, Seventy-Sixth Division, National Army, Camp Devens With photographs taken by the author under the official authorization of the Committee on Public Information and the War Department, and with the endorsement of the authorities at Camp Devens

© 1918 Small, Maynard & Company, Publishers

1918: Book - The Pick: Third Officers Training Camp, 117 Pages. Covers First, Second and Thrid Company Officers Training at Camp Devens. Includes many photographs, Illustrations, Rosters and information on the 15 week training course for A.E.F. National Army Officers.

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Camp Devens, WW1 Cantonment