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Starcraft's New Polaris 16. Closest Thing To A Sports Car On Water. (1968)

The Polaris 16 Powerboat from Starcraft looks great, even when anchored offshore.

The Construction

Start with superb appointments … plush right down to the vinyl covered floor.

The New Polaris 16 Powerboat from Starcraft - The Closest Thing To A Sports Car on Water.

The driver's seat, thick with cushioning, is contoured to cradle you in deep-down comfort, race after race!

Supple, rich padding is used lavishly throughout … even on the gunwales!

This Powerboat Performs!

Performance? Strictly GTO! The semi-vee hull gets up and goes flat out in seconds. It's stronger than most, too.

Like all handcrafted Starcraft fiberglass hulls, this one is hand-laid with layer upon layer of heavy woven fiberglass instead of being quickly sprayed together with chopped-up fiberglass. When you're pouring on the horses, that extra strength is mighty important.

For sports car thrills on water, take off in a Polaris! For free catalogs, write the address below.

Take Off In A Starcraft

Above: The Polaris 16 Powerboat looks great, even when anchored off shore.
Below: A view from the top - the Polaris 16 from Starcraft

Polaris 16 - A View from the Top - Starcraft

Out for a spin in a Polaris 16 Powerboat from Starcraft

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GG Archives REF: BPSTR-007-1968-C-AD

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