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Hamburg American Line (HAPAG) Historical Brochures Available at the Archives

In der Dritten Klasse nach Nordamerika - 1938

Passengers browse informational brochures on board the SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria of the Hamburg America Line in 1906

The Archives features a number of superb historical brochures published by the Hamburg American Line. They provide considerable information about the steamship company, its passenger service and accommodations and many photographs.

Vintage Brochures

The 1890 European Traveler's Memorandum Book

1890 European Travelers Memorandum Book

This 1890 booklet was enclosed in a cloth ticket pouch issued by C.B. Richard and Co., General Passenger Agents of the Hamburg America Line to their customers from 1890 to 1891. It included 31 pages covering travel to Europe - with an emphasis on first class travelers, but appropriate for all classes. There were no photographs within this brochure. Provides information on the services of Hamburg America Line, First, Second and Steerage Class Accommodations, Affiliated Lines, Officers, Deciphering Cable Messages and Listing of European Hotels.

Across The Atlantic - Hamburg America Line 1905 Brochure

1905 Across The Atlantic: Hamburg America Line

Across The Atlantic : Photographic Record of the Company's Various Types of Steamers Comprised in the Transatlantic Passenger Services. Although small in size, this 80 page booklet / brochure from 1905 provides an excellent record of the steamships and services of the Transatlantic Fleet of the Hamburg America Line. Superb Photographs.

Northland Cruise - 1908 Book of Photographs

Northland Cruise - 1908 Book of Photographs

A priceless photographic record of the Fleet of the Hamburg America Line and the Cities, Towns, Fjords of Norway. Excellent photographic quality of these prints makes this an exception collection of the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives. The selections of these superb photographs are organized by general topics or subjects.

The New Twin Screw Steamship Deutschland (1924)

The New Twin Screw Steamship Deutschland (1924)

The steamer “Deutschland” is like her sister ship “Albert Ballin,” a twin-screw turbine steamer of 21,000 tons gross register. Her length over all is 627 feet, her width 73 feet, and from the boat deck to keel 80 feet deep. Two sets of turbine engines give her a speed of 15 1/2 knots.

Among the special features of the “Deutschland” are gymnasium, grill room, passenger elevator, dark room for amateur photographers, electric light baths, ocean picture equipment. The cuisine and service is of the high standard which for seventy-five years has made the Hamburg America Line famous in ocean travel.

In der Dritten Klasse nach Nordamerika - 1938

1938 In der dritten Klasse nach Nordamerika

1938 In The Third Class to North America

This is a well preserved brochure that was published prior to the beginning of the European conflict that became World War II. Superb photography makes this an excecptional record of the Third Class accommodations on the steamships Deutschland, New York, Hamburg and the Hansa. Superb photography makes this an excecptional record of the Third Class accommodations on the steamships Deutschland, New York, Hamburg and the Hansa. (English Translation of "In der dritten Klasse nach Nordamerika"


Other Hamburg-Amerika Linie Brochures in the Archives In the Queue For Uploading
  • 1905 Brochure: Kurfahrten zur See - Cruises at Sea 1905 Season. 36 Page Booklet with foldout deck plan of Fürst Bismarck. In German (written in fancy german typeface). Photographs include: Naes, Deck Scene, Ryde Pier, Bergen Harbor, Guernsey Harbor, Molde, Small crafts in Naes Harbor, Rowboats in Nåröfjord, View of Trondhjem, View of Norwegian Coastline, Ships at Gudvangen, The Shores of Odde, Viking Hotel and Cafe, Odde Harbor, People relaxing on the Shores of Bergen, View from top of Bergen, and Tender approaching steamship. Route Map of Norweigna Cruises, Cruise Itenery for 8 July - 3 August 1905 Cruise,
  • 1924 Brochure: Hamburg-Amerika Linie, Hamburg Joint Service With The United American Lines (Harriman Line), New York (HAPAG) Passage Regulations for First, Second and Cabin Class Passengers To North American 1924 provides Rates and information about the ships in the fleet. 36 Pages Total.
  • 1928-09 Brochure: Across The Atlantic: First Class Travel. Illustrations Include: SS New York, SS Resolute / Reliance. Photographs include: Verandah Café x2, Passengers playing Shuffleboard on deck, Grill Room, Drawing Room of a Suite, Bedroom of a Suite, Promenade deck showing passengers, Lounge / Winter Garden, Terrace Café, Conservatory, Ladies Saloon - SS New York, Swimming Pool, Shopping Street (Hall), Smoking Room and Balcony, Gymnasium, The Grill, Smoking Room, Room for Two x2, Stateroom, "L" Shaped Room.
  • 1930 Booklet: Oberammergau: God's Alpine Wonderland - To Our American Friends, Presented by the Hamburg America Line, Educational Bureau. 54 Pages, Information on the Alpine region of Germany with 30 Illustrations / Photographs.
  • 1938 Brochure: M.S. St. Louis Kajüte und Dritte Klasse; Cabin Class and Third Class. 18 Photograph (primarily interior views) in this 8 page brochure published just before World War II.


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