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Passenger Fashions on Board the RMS Titanic

Attractive Day Costume

Attractive Day Costume. Leslie's Weekly (11 April 1912) p. 437-b. GGA Image ID # 102a90dc07

The Titanic Era fashions were as elegant as you might envision to more simple clothing. Dressing up for dining in either the First or Second Class required more formal attire - tuxedos for men, day or evening dresses for women.

Three Fashions on the Titanic

Fashions on Titanic - 1912

The unique feature of these white muslins are knitted or crocheted waist-belts, as gay and glaring and many-colored as Joseph's famous coat. No tints and no brilliant contrasts of color are considered too daring to enliven an all-white gown.

A Smart Taffetas Gown

Ladies' Smart Taffetas Gown and Dinner Gown

This daring costume takes its name from the famous Directoire beauty, Mme. Tallien and its prominent feature is the slit right up to the side of the skirt high above the knee, showing the knee of the wearer when she walks.

Lady Duff-Gordon.

My Recipe for a Summer Dress - 1912

This is the first of a series of informed, personal talks to our readers by this famous, titled, modiste of London, Paris, and New York. The article appeared in Good Housekeeping in August 1912 and was likely Lady Duff-Gordon's first article after surviving the RMS Titanic disaster.

An Opera Cloak and a Coiffure

An Opera Cloak and a Coiffure - 1912

In Paris, nearly half the gowns of the class referred to—the little frocks for smart wear, if not on full-dress occasions—are built in shot taffetas, trimmed on corsage and skirt with quaint, narrow, flat ruches of the material, and lace collars.

A Fashionable Gown for the Youthful Figure

Spring Suits and Gowns from Paris Designers - 1912

The newest designs for spring 1912 suits and gowns from the Paris designers are here. These suits and gowns would be typical of those worn by the women in first and second class onboard the RMS Titanic.

A Dainty Frock of Black Taffetas Is Finished with a Fine White Lawn Jabot and Frills on the Sleeves, and a Velvet Bow and Buckle at the Neck.

A Dainty Frock of Black Taffetas for Spring 1912

For the spring, the three-piece schemes, giving a complete frock when the coat is removed, will be made up of serge or whipcord, and not a few will choose the hopsack which resembles Turkish toweling in make, and this combined with a blouse in charmeuse or taffetas will make up a smart affair for afternoon wear.

A New Coat and Skirt Suit - Designed by Lucile

The Witchery of a Parisian Night in 1912

It is an evening in Paris-every kind of costume and color is seen, from the simplest lingerie frock to the gowns of the most gorgeous description. Lady Duff-Gordon describes her latest designs by Lucile including a new Coat and Skirt Suit, Black Satin Evening Gown, Afternoon Frock of Bottle Green Charmeuse, and Stunning new Evening Gowns.


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