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Provisions & Cargo on the RMS Titanic

Advertisement for Cases of Bottled Beer Destined for the RMS Titanic - 1912

Advertisement for Cases of Bottled Beer Destined for the RMS Titanic - 1912. GGA Image ID # 10dc4f2099

The condition of the food served at sea on the great liner like the Titanic is always prime. Refrigerators that have the capacity for 500 tons of food are freshly filled for each voyage, and they keep everything put Into them in perfect condition.

Fig. 12: 2 1/2 Ton Electric Crane.

Cargo Manifest Contents

The following goods and services were listed on the Titanic's cargo manifest when it sailed from Southampton. The duplicate listing of some items indicates they were assigned by different companies. The ports of loading were listed as Southampton, Cherbourg, and Queenstown. The port of discharge was listed as New York.

Loading Provisions, Loading Provisions, Supplies, and Cargo onto a Steamship ca 1915

The Cargo of Titanic Valued at $420,000

The full list of freight and express cargo on the White Star liner Titanic when that vessel went down last Monday morning was received in New York Friday in the registered mail of the Cunarder Mauretania. The manifest shows a cargo, the value of which is conservatively estimated at about $420,000.

Bottled Beer for the Titanic from White Star Line supplier C. G. Hibbert & Co - 1912

Provisions for the Maiden Voyage

A tremendous amount of provisions were loaded onto the Titanic in order to accommodate all passengers and crew during the voyage.  The following is believed to be the list of supplies laden prior to departure.

One of the Refrigerating Machines on the 'Titanic,' Built by J & E Hall Ltd. in Dartford, England

Refrigeration and Provisions

In addition to cooling the insulated cargo chambers and ship's provision chambers, there are a large number of cold lockers in pantries, larders, etc., to be cooled, and cooled drinking water has to be supplied at several points throughout the first, second, and third-class accommodation.

Boxing an Automobile for Shipment on an Ocean Liner. The Scientific American Handbook of Travel, 1910.

How To Ship An Automobile Abroad - 1908

Most men retreat before the unknown possibilities of entanglements that would result from the efforts to carry an automobile across the Atlantic, through foreign lands and home.


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