Officers of the RMS Titanic

Last Photograph of the Senior Officers of the RMS Titanic

Last Photograph of the Some of the Officers and Complements of the RMS Titanic. Reading from left to right:—Captain E. J. Smith. Dr. W. F. OLoughlin. First Officer W. M. Murdoch and Purser H. W. McElroy. GGA Image ID # 1055351a2b

The Titanic's officers were no novices and were well trained in the knowledge of this and all other dangers of the sea. From the Captain down, they were the pick of the best that the White Star Line had in its employ. Our Captain, Edward J. Smith, was the one always selected to "try out" each new ship of the Line and was regarded, with his thirty-eight years of service in the company, as both safe and competent.

Captain Edward John Smith Who Went Down with His Ship

Listing of the Deck Officers of the RMS Titanic

A complete listing of the Officers of the RMS Titanic who were part of the Deck department. Rank, designations, and certificates of competence were also included for all officers.

The Late E. J. (Edward James ) Smith, RNR, Captain of the RMS Titanic and Commodore of the White Star Line

The Career of Captain E. J. Smith of the Titanic

NEW YORK. April 17.- Captain E. J. Smith, Into whose hands the passengers on the Titanic entrusted themselves on the voyage which will never be forgotten In the list of great sea disasters, had followed the sea from his boyhood.


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