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Immigrant Passage Contracts & Tickets

The Olaf H. Solem Cunard Line Steamship Company Agency in Trondheim, Norway circa 1910.

The Olaf H. Solem Cunard Line Steamship Company Agency in Trondheim, Norway circa 1910. Olaf H. Solem is pictured above on the left. Photo courtesy of Børge Solem. GGA Image ID # 14c7bcc2e7

The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives has a large collection of original passage contracts and tickets primarily for Transatlantic voyages, dating from the 1880s through the 1950s for immigrant passages to America.

All of the immigrant contracts have been transcribed and as appropriate, have an English translation. Even though it is highly unlikely we have your family's steamship ticket, try selecting a contract from the same steamship line or ocean liner used by your ancestors for illustrating your family history.

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About Steamship Contracts and Tickets

Steamship Tickets: Everything You Need To Know Before You Travel

It is a document of paper bearing the name of the line for which it is purchased. On it is a printed agreement to transport the passenger according to the rules of the company, on which is noted the name of the ship, the number of the cabin and the berth.

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