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Steamship Ticket Contracts for Immigrants

Cunard Line Ticket Office in Trondheim, Norway circa 1910

The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives has a large collection of original steamship tickets primarily for Transatlantic voyages, dating from the 1880s through the 1950s for immigrant passages to America.

All of the immigrant contracts have been transcribed and as appropriate, have an English translation. Even though it is highly unlikely we have your family's steamship ticket, try selecting a contract from the same steamship line or ocean liner used by your ancestors for illustrating your family history.

Top Image: Cunard Line Agency Ticket Office, Trondhjem, Norway 1910. Photo courtesy of Børge Solem.

Tickets, Contracts, and Certificates for Passage

Steamship Ticket for Passage for Mr. Nicholas Fish, 1859

Steamship Ticket - Black Ball Line - Nicholas Fish

Nicholas Fish used this well-preserved 1859 Ticket for Passage on the Black Ball Line Packet Ship Yorkshire. he was a famous American (1846-1902) from a distinguished American family.

Certificate For Passage - Steamship Ticket, Anchor Line, Glasgow To New York, 1873

Certificate for Passage - Glasgow to New York 1873

Certificate for Passage of Mrs. Andrew Fair from Glasgow to New York on board the S.S. Columbia of the Anchor Line. She arrived in New York on 11 June 1873.

Receipts for Tickets Purchased for Passage on a Ship

Memorandum of a Draft, White Star Line - 1880

Memorandum of a Draft - White Star Line 1880

A Memorandum of a Draft was often used as a receipt for for funds sent to immigrants still in the Old Country waiting to come to America.

Agent's Record - Detached from Steamship Ticket

Prepaid Steerage Agent's Record (1880)

Prepaid Steerage Agent's Record (1880) White Star Line

Agent's Record for a Prepaid passage on a White Star Line Steamship for passage from Cardiff, Whales, UK to Scranton PA via Steerage class in 1880. This was detached from the steamship ticket provided to the traveler and steamship line.

Steamship Ticket  Record (1904) Union-Castle Line

Steamship Ticket Record (1904) Union-Castle Line

A detached counterpart to a Steerage Passenger's Contract Ticket for passage on the R.M.S. Arundale Castle of the Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company, Limited. Voyage was from Southampton to Cape Town departing on 1904-10-08.

Eastward Passage Ticket, Allan Line, 1907, Boston to Londonderry

Agent's Record (1907) Boston to Londonderry

Agent's Record of a Passenger Ticket for a 23-year-old woman booked on the Allan Line Steamship Laurentian in 3rd Class from Boston to Londonderry leaving on 26 July 1907. The transaction was recorded and includes the amount of commission earned on this ticket.

Counterpart to Third Class Passage Ticket (1907

Counterpart to Third Class Passage Ticket (1907)

Third Class Counterpart Passage Ticket Issued to F. R. Peverall by the Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company on 16 September 1907 for Third Class passage on the S.S. Garka from Cape Town to England. Cost of the Ticket was £10:10:0. Includes Contract Terms and Conditions and Notice to Passengers.

Agent's Record, Cunard Steamship Company, Outward Second Cabin Ticket, 1912

Agent's Record (1912) Cunard Steamship Company

This is the Agent's Receipt and Record of a Second Cabin Steamship Ticket for an Eastbound voyage on the new Cunard Laconia from Boston to Liverpool, England. The Agency was located in Boston, Cunard Building on 126 State Street.

Agent Record of Third Class Outward Steamship Ticket, 1912, Cunard Line S.S. Laconia

Agent's Record (1912) Cunard S.S. Laconia

This is an Agent's Record of a Third Class -Steerage Ticket for one adult and one child from Liverpool, England to New York on the Cunard Steamship S.S. Laconia. Additional information and conversion to current dollar values is provided.

Prepaid Steamship Ticket Memorandum, American Line, 1897

Prepaid Ticket Memorandum (1897) American Line

1897 Memorandum (Ticket Receipt) for a Prepaid Second Cabin passage on the American Line Steamship St. Louis for Passenger R. L. Laplace. The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives also has the passenger list for the voyage this ticket was purchased for.

Prepaid Steamship Ticket - Second Cabin - American Line 1898

Prepaid Second Cabin Memorandum (1898) American Line

This receipt was prepared by the ticket agent and represent the left side of the prepaid steamship passage contract that would have been forwarded to the immigrants named in the contract.

Anchor Line Steamship Ticket Receipt 1912

Steamship Agent's Receipt (1912) Second Cabin

Issued by the New York Office of the Anchor Line Steamships Company, this Second Cabin Ticket receipt was purchased by Jessie Clerihew for a voyage on the S.S. California on 18 May, 1912 from New York to Glasgow, Scotland.

Receipt for Steerage Passage - Great Western Railway 1912

Receipt for Steerage Passage - Great Western Railway 1912

Very rare receipt for Emigrant Tickets purchased for travel on the Great Western Railway from F. C. Cooper & Co., Stourbridge, for Steerage Passengers Mr. & Mrs. Asbury from Kidderminster to Paddington Station in London to board the R.M.S. Arawa bound for New Zealand.

Deck Class Steamship Ticket, Union-Castle Line, RMS Dunvegan Castle 1912 -Front

Deck Class Ticket (1912) RMS Dunvegan Castle

Rare Deck Class Steamship Ticket of the Union Castle Line for passage from Port Said to Delogoa Bay on the RMS Dunvegan Castle dated 15 November 1912.

Agents' Record, Third Class Outward Passenger Ticket, Cunard Line 1913

Agents' Record (1913) Cunard Line Third Class

Third Class Outward Passenger Ticket - Agents' Record for the Cunard RMS Laconia, May 13, 1913. Fare was $35. Ticket along with Agent's record would have been kept in a two-hole extra-long binder.

Third Class Prepaid Ticket - Agents Record, R.M.S. Laconia 1913

Prepaid Ticket Agents Record (1913) R.M.S. Laconia

Third Class Prepaid Ticket - Agents Record, R.M.S. Laconia 1913 from Liverpool to Boston. Itemized transaction shows fare and commision breakdown. Fare was paid by a third party.

Steerage Class Contracts and Tickets

Passagerare-Kontrakt - Cunard Line - Sverige den 4 Juni 1880

Steamship Passenger Contract (1880) Cunard Line

Cunard Line passage contract for emigrants from Gothenburg to Boston Mass. who paid the sum of $30, being payment in full, inclusive of landing expenses in America.

Front of Prepaid Steerage Passage Contract from 1883

Prepaid Steerage Ticket (1883) German Immigrant Family

German immigrants traveled from Bremen to New York in the lowest class, steerage, paying the sum of $72 for the voyage on one of the Steamers of the North German Lloyd .

Passenger Contract, Cunard Line, Rotterdam to New York 1895

Passenger Contract (1895) Rotterdam to New York

Original steamship contract for passage for a German Immigrant, Heinrich Hermes, a 21 year-old laborer who undertook the voyage in the steerage class of the Cunard Line on the S.S. Lucania.

Immigrant Passage Contract - Sweden to New York, Cunard Line Campania 1897

Immigrant Passage Contract (1897) Sweden to New York

Contract for a 25 year-old Swedish servant, immigrating to America from Gothenburg, Sweden on 7 April 1897 on board the Cunard Line S.S. Campania.

Passenger Contract, Hamburg Amerika Line, Breitmann Family 1904

Steamship Contract (1904) Hamburg American Line

Original steamship contract dated 6 July 1904 Between the Hamburg-American Line and The Breitmann Family consisting of two adults and four children of Russian Hebrew descent, for third class passage from Hamburg to New York aboard the S.S. Hamburg.

Steerage Passenger's Contract Ticket, Union-Castle Steamship Co. 1906

Steerage Contract Ticket (1906) Southampton to Natal

Extraordinary original Steerage Passenger's Contract Ticket for a 27 year old man from Southampton, England for passage to Natal, South Africa in 1906. It provides rich details of the requirements of the steamship company in terms of food, water and other items supplied during the journey.

Steerage Prepaid Passage Contract, German Immigrant Family, 20 November 1907

Prepaid Steerage Contract (1907) German Immigrant Family

Steerage Prepaid Passage Contract issued by the Hamburg-American Line on 20 November 1907 for passage from Hamburg, Germany to New York and a Train from New York to Ellsworth, Minnesota for a German Immigrant Family.

1912 Steerage Prepaid Passage Contract Recipt - Font Side

Prepaid Steerage Contract (1912) Hamburg-American Line

Colorful Receipt for the purchase of passage from Hamburg to New York via the Hamburg-American Line with inland passage to McFreesport, Pennsylvania dated 13 January 1913.

Immigrant Steerage Contract for Passage to New York - Cunard Line - 1913

Contract for Passage (1913) Norwegian Immigrant

Ludvig Gjønvik was a Norwegian Immigrant to the United States in June 1913 arriving in Boston on board the R.M.S. Laconia (I) as a passenger in Steerage - Third Class. This is the contract of passage that Ludvig purchased from Olaf H. Solem.

Contract for a Swedish immigrant from Gothenburg to Boston in 1914

Steerage Ticket (1914) Swedish Immigrant

1914 Passenger Contract for a voyage from Gothenburg, Sweden to Boston, Massachusetts for Alfred Person, 19 years of age, traveling alone. He paid SEK 178.50 for Steerage / third class accommodations.

Front Side, Passenger Manifest, United States Mail Steamship Company, S.S. Hudson, 1921
Reverse Side, Passenger Manifest, United States Mail Steamship Company, S.S. Hudson, 1921

Passenger Manifest (1921) S.S. Hudson

Rare Passenger Manifest / Passage Contract for the 22 June 1922 Voyage on board the S.S. Hudson of the United States Mail Steamship Company, Inc. from Bremen to New York for Yugoslavian Immigrant Theresia Floc and Daughter.

Third Class Contracts and Tickets

Immigrant's Prepaid Passage Receipt from Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen 1891

Prepaid Passage Receipt - 3rd Class (1891) Bremen to New York

Beautifully engraved "Prepaid Passage Receipt" from the North German Lloyd. The passenger has to wait at home until the Norddeutscher Lloyd in Bremen sent him instructions and the required tickets and traveling papers.

White Star Line Steamship Contract - Swedish Immigrant - 1902

Passenger Contract (1902) Gothenburg to New York

Original Steamship Contract from Gothenburg, Sweden to New York, 3rd Class Steerage Immigrant Ester Hilma Maria Magnuson of Stockholm on the White Star Line. Included the detachable receipt located on the right hand side (panel).

Prepaid Passage Certificate - Third Class - 1903

Prepaid Passage Certificate (1903) Anchor Line 3rd Class

Prepaid Passage Certificate for a family of three from Northern Ireland in 1903. They arrived in New York in August 1903 aboard the Anchor Line S.S. Columbia.

Contract for Passage, Cunard Line, Copenhagen to America 1905

Contract for Passage (1905) Copenhagen to New York

Passenger Contract for Jens Julius Skafte of Denmark for a 1905 voyage to America on the Cunard Line. The contract indicated that he was headed for Albert Lea, Minnesota as his final destination.

Ticket Recipt for Third Class Passage, Cunard Line, Westbound 1910

Ticket Receipt for Third Class Passage (1910) Cunard Line

Memorandum of a Ticket Issued By The Cunard Steam Ship Co. Ltd. For Third Class Passage By Cunard Line of Mail Steamers From Liverpool or Queenstown to New York or Boston Or From Fiume or Trieste to New York.

Passenger's Contract Ticket, Colonial Service, White Star Line, Australia to London 1910

Contract Ticket - 3rd Class (1910) White Star Line

Extraordinarily rare Third Class Passenger's Contract Ticket for a voyage on the S.S. Persic of the White Star Line from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia.

1910 Passage Contract for Italian Immigrant

Contract for Passage (1910) Italian Immigrant

Third Class Passage contract for a 38 year old Italian immigrant from Aoste, Italy for a voyage to the United States in October 1910 on the S.S. Chicago of the CGT French Line. The contract was written by a Swiss Agency (Zwilchenbart) and is entirely in French with an English translation following each part.

Immigrant 3rd Class Steamship Ticket - 1912 - Red Star Line

Third (Steerage) Class Ticket (1912) Red Star Line

Well-preserved original steamship ticket for a voyage undertaken on 10 August 1912 undertaken by a 24 Year Old Immigrant who left Belgium in 1912 for New York.

Passengers' Contract Ticket, S.S. Euripides, Aberdeen Line of Steamships, 1921

Steamer Contract Ticket (1921) Aberdeen Line

Steamship contract ticket for Third Class Passage on a voyage of the S.S. Euripides of the Aberdeen Line from Melbourne, Australia to London departing on 21 May 1921.

Third Class Outward Passage Ticket - S.S. Mount Clinton, United American Lines (1921)

Third Class Ticket (1921) United American Lines

Rare Outward Bound (eastward) Passenger Steamship Ticket for Third Class accommodations on the S.S. Mount Clinton of the United American Lines on her maiden voyage to Hamburg, Germany.

Third Class (Steerage) Passengers' Contract Ticket, P. & O. Line, 1921

Third Class (Steerage) Contract (1921) P. & O. Line

Third Class (Steerage Passengers' Contract Ticket for The Stevens Family of Four sailing on the P. & O. Line S.S. Commonwealth from the Port of London to Melbourne, Australia dated 18 August 1921.

Contract for Third Class/Steerage Passage - 1921

Contract for Third Class/Steerage Passage on the S.S. Washington 1921

Contract for third class/steerage passage on the S.S. George Washington by a German Immigrant on 17 September 1921, sailing from Bremen to New York.

Hambrug-Amerika Third Class Passenger Contract 1927

Passenger Contract (1927) Hamburg-America Line

Emma Muessigbrodt, a 37 year-old German woman traveling from Hamburg to New York on the Hamburg-American Line. She travelled in the Third Class. (English translation)

Hambrug-Amerika Third Class Passenger Contract 1927

German Contract for Third Class Passenger (1927)

This is a contract for third class passage aboard the S.S. New York of the Hamburg-Amerika Linie in 1927. Written in German. See the entry above for the English Translation.

Steamship Ticket, Third Class, United States Lines - 1928

Passenger Ticket (1928) S.S. George Washington

Third Class Passenger Ticket for a German national for a transatlantic voyage from Bremen, Germany to New York on 3 October 1928. The contract was written in both German and English.

Second Class Contracts and Tickets

Westbound Ticket Order - Second Cabin - 8 July 1914

Westbound Ticket Order (1914) Second Cabin

Westbound Ticket Order dated 8 July 1914 from the Donaldson Line for Second Cabin Passenger Miss Ruth Immel, departing on the S.S. Cassandra from Glasgow to Montreal, Issued by C.V. Dasey & Son, Boston.

Prepaid Passage Ticket, Polish Immigrant, United States Lines, 1922

Prepaid Passage (1922) Polish Immigrant

Prepaid Ticket and Contract for Polish Immigrant from Bremen to Chicago IL on the United States Lines. Ticket included Train to Chicago and Transatlantic Ocean Fare in the Cabin Class.

Prepaid Certificate for Second Class Passage - Royal Mail Steam Packet Company - 1923

Prepaid Certificate (1923) - Royal Mail Steam Packet Company

Very rare prepaid certificate for second class passage on the RMS Reliance of RMSP. The passage for the 18 year old German immigrant girl was paid for by a relative, Bernhard Mayer, who immigrated in 1892.

Second Class Passage Ticket - Italian Immigrant - 1930

Second Class Passage Ticket - Italian Immigrant - 1930

Economical Second Class Ticket from Naples, Italy to New York Berth Cabin 776, berth 3 on the S.S. Conte Biancamano sailing from Naples on 25 October 1930 for passenger Salvatore Milluzzo.

Tourist Cabin Contracts and Tickets

Passenger Manifest - Fahrkarte - Front View
Passenger Manifest - Fahrkarte - Front View

Passenger Manifest and Contract (1925) SS Bremen

Passenger Manifest - Tourist Cabin, SS Bremen, 15 August 1925 for Rosa Brise, age 50, a Citizen of the United States.

Receipt from Intercollegiate Travel Bureau for Round-Trip Transatlantic Voyages 1932

Intercollegiate Travel Bureau Receipt (1932) Transatlantic Voyages

Receipt that itemized a round-trip voyage to Europe for Mr. and Mrs. David S. Kane via the S.S. Hamburg and S.S. Deutschland of the Hamburg-American Line in 1932.

Steamship Ticket - Tourist Cabin - United States Lines S.S. Leviathan, 1932

Tourist Cabin Contract (1932) S.S. Leviathan

Steamship Ticket - United States Lines, Tourist Cabin Contract Ticket, Dutch Woman, Rotterdam (Cherbourg) to New York aboard the S.S. Leviathan.

Tourist Class Contract, Norddeutshcer Lloyd, S.S. Stuttgart - 1935

Tourist Class Contract (1935) S.S. Stuttgart

Tourist Class Contract on the S.S. Stuttgart of the North German Lloyd Steamship Company for a westbound voyage from Boulogne sur Mer to New York on 6 September 1935 for Mr. H. A. Hawgood. The ticket was purchased in Paris, France.

Italia Contratto per Biglietto di Classe Turistica 1935

Italian Passenger Contract (1935) S.S. Rex

Contract for Tourist Class Passage on the Italia S.S. Rex 1935 for a Dr. Charles Bartolomew Lombardo from Naples to New York. The contract was written with the specifications in almost micro-print on the back side.

First Class Contracts and Tickets

Cabin Passenger’s Contract Ticket 1867 - Australia to London

Cabin Passenger’s Contract Ticket 1867 - Australia to London

This contract was intended for First Class passage on the S.S. Reigate, a 3-mast, full-rigged ship built in 1862 weighing 1,035 tons. The cost of the voyage from Melbourne to London was £85, over £7,150 in today's currency.

About Steamship Contracts and Tickets

Steamship Tickets: Everything You Need To Know Before You Travel

It is a document of paper bearing the name of the line for which it is purchased. On it is a printed agreement to transport the passenger according to the rules of the company, on which is noted the name of the ship, the number of the cabin and the berth.

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