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Anderson, SC USA

Prepaid Steerage Ticket, German Immigrant Family 1883

Front of Prepaid Steerage Passage Contract from 1883

Document for Purchasing Prepaid Steamship Ticket

Bringing an immigrant family from the homeland to America in 1883

Good For One Year
No. A1113
Date: 17 February 1883
Received from Carl Nutchen the sum of Seventy-Two Dollars for the passage of Bealle Nutchen & party, as one in steerage of one of the Steamers of the North German Lloyd from Bremen to New York.

Whole number of persons 5
2 Adults
2 Children between 1 & 12 Years
1 Child under 1 Year


Conditions of Steerage Passage Contract

Diese Quittung ist vom Einzahler aufzubewahren. Etwaige Rückzahlung kann nur stattfinden gegen Rücklieferung dieser Quittung und unter Abzug der üblichen Commission, nachdem der passagier in Deutschland den ihm vom Norddeutschen Lloyd, Bremen, gesandten Avisbrief nach Bremen zurückgeschickt hat. -- Falls der Käufer das Alter von Kindern falsch angibt, wird die Differenz in dem Passagebetrag in Bremen vor Abfahrt erhoben werden.

This receipt is kept by the depositor. Any redemption may take place only against return of this receipt, and after deduction of the usual commission, after the passengers in Germany has returned to it by the North German Lloyd, Bremen, Letter of Advice sent to Bremen. - If the buyer specifies the age of children wrong, the difference in the amount of passage in Bremen will be collected before departure.

The Immigrant Party

Carl Nutchen was my 3x great grandfather. They settled in Adams Massachusetts, his son Max married Alice Ford and birthed my great grandmother Edith Augusta Newton. This is the American spelling of the name Nutchen. . The names located on the back I believe to be Bealle Nutchen aged 56. I believe this to be Carl's mother. The second name I'm not to sure of... but she is 25, then it is Max age 6. the next name I do not know either but the last name is Kelisa age 3. Carl married Augusta Kelisa. The next name listed is Richard Kelisa and he was 9 months old.

Submitted by Alicia Alvaro
April 2011
Used by permission

Relative Cost of Passage Ticket in Today's Currency Value

In 2013, the relative value of $72.00 from 1883 ranges from $1,560.00 to $97,100.00.

Samuel H. Williamson, "Seven Ways to Compute the Relative Value of a U.S. Dollar Amount, 1774 to present," MeasuringWorth, 2014.

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