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Program for a Matinée Concert, SS Bremen, Norddeutscher Lloyd, 17 August 1930

Front Cover, Program for a Matinee Concert, SS Bremen, Norddeutscher Lloyd, 17 August 1930

A Romantic and Jazz Symphonic Matinée Concert program from the SS Bremen of the North German Lloyd, performed in the Social Hall on 17 August 1939.

Matinée Concert
given by the whole S. S. Bremen Orchestra
on Sunday, 17 August 1950
at 11:30to 12:30 pm.
in the Social Hall

Romantic and Jazz Symphonic

Conductor: E. Schier

  1.  L'Ouverture to "Hamlet" . E. Bach
  2.  Story's from the Vienna Forest Strauss
  3. Fantasia from Melodies of Schubert
  4. Convent Scene "Kamenoiösfrow" Rubinstein
  5. Singing a Song to the Stars "Way out West" Jos. Meyer
    Symphonic Special by Domenico Savino

Matinée Concert Program

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