Mariner's Compass 1923 - Pocket Handbook for Travelers

The most important instrument in the navigation of a ship is the mariner's compass. It consists of a number of magnetic needles placed with their axes parallel; a framework supporting the needles, and a circular disc marked in points and degrees called a compass-card; a pivot on which the framework rests and a compass bowl, containing the compass. The compass bowl is mounted in a binnacle (usually a brass box) in such a way that the surface will swing level, and the binnacle is usually contained in a wooden binnacle box for protection. Below is a picture of the compass card.

Mariner's Compass

Points of the Compass

  • North.
  • North by East.
  • North Northeast.
  • Northeast by North.
  • North East.
  • Northeast by East.
  • East Northeast.
  • East by North.
  • East.
  • East by South.
  • East Southeast.
  • Southeast by East.
  • South East.
  • Southeast by South
  • South Southeast
  • South by East.
  • South.
  • South by West.
  • South Southwest.
  • Southwest by South.
  • South West.
  • Southwest by West.
  • West Southwest.
  • West by South.
  • West.
  • West by North.
  • West Northwest.
  • Northwest by West.
  • North West.
  • Northwest by North.
  • North Northwest.
  • North by West.
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