Spring and Summer Travel 1938 - United States Lines

Front Cover United States Lines Log 1938


United States Lines Log

Every year, especially at the peak season during the summer months, we he had to disappoint many of our former passengers simply because there were no accommodations left.

So if you are planning a trip to Europe. this year, we are taking this opportunity to urge you to make your reservations at the earliest possible moment.

Even though passenger lists for summer sailings are rapidly reaching capacity, there are a number of good accommodations still available. But once again—see your Travel Agent now so that you can get just the type of stateroom you want.

  1. Staff Members of the Ocean Liners of United States Lines
    Life on board an Ocean Liner of the United States Lines shown in these photographs taken on the SS Washington and SS Manhattan including a photo of Commodore Albert J. Randall of the Manhattan.
  2. Scenes From The Voyages Of United States Lines Ocean Liners
    Below are photographs taken from the ocean liners of the United States Lines showing views of the harbors, sea and activities nearing the ports of call.
  3. Activities of Passengers On Board USL Ocean Liners
    See passengers engage in a number of activities and events on board the ocean liners of the United States Lines. From dancing to relaxing on the promenade in a deck chair to playing a game of deck tennis. It's all here.
  4. The Excitement of a Transatlantic Voyage on USL
    Feel the excitement of planning and embarking on a transatlantic voyage onboard one of our luxurious ocean liners or even an economy voyage in our one-class ships of the American Merchant Line. We'll Get You There In Style.
  5. Here Are Some Typical Staterooms And What They Cost
    Some Typical Staterooms and their costs for transatlantic voyages onboard the Ocean Liners of the United States Lines or the American Merchant Line one-class ships.
  6. Spring & Summer Sailings To All Europe For 1938
    Every Wednesday at noon a United States liner sails direct to Ireland, England, France and Germany, calling at Cobb. Plymouth, Havre and Hamburg. Here are the next sailings:

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