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Passenger Lists – Immigrant Ships - Steamships, Ocean Liners – Historical Archives

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The GG Archives has over 2,000 Passenger Lists in our Maritime Collection. Our largest holdings of Passenger Lists are for the Cunard Line / Cunard White Star Line.

The passenger lists vary considerably between steamship lines in terms of information provided on each passenger. Additionally, passenger lists were often issued by Class with separate lists for the various classes while others were combined into one or two passenger lists for the same voyage.

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Passenger Lists

Every traveler may have at least one interesting souvenir of the voyage across the Atlantic. The names of the Passengers, and in some cases their home addresses, are neatly printed upon folios along with a blank chart for recording the progress of the voyage, and more or less information about the company, the vessel, and the fleet of which it is a member.

A sufficient number of these passenger lists are printed to assure one at least for every cabin passenger, and the lists are usually distributed in the saloon soon after the vessel leaves her dock. They are not only prized as souvenirs, but they are invaluable in assisting one to make acquaintances—or avoid them, for that matter.

It is the custom of some of the lines to distribute passenger lists at the gang-plank just previous to the sailing of the vessel, so that friends of Passengers may carry away a token of the great journey, and speculate as to how companionable this or another person will prove to the party in which they are especially interested.

On nearly all the larger vessels there is a miniature newspaper printed by the ship's printer, which gives the usual amount of " local " gossip and happenings peculiar to the surroundings ; articles are contributed by the Passengers, and sometimes there is a good deal of talent on board. Reports of concerts and domestic entertainments, etc., are given.

- An excerpt from Ocean Passenger Travel 1891

- Put Passenger Lists into social context with this article: Who's Who On Board: The Secrets In The Passenger List

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