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Launched on January 1, 2000, the GG Archives offers access to more than 10,000 documents and photographs, including passenger lists, original immigrant passage contracts, steamship brochures, immigration related documents and much more.

The GG Archives is the work and passion of one person, Paul K. Gjenvick, a professional archivist. Paul earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Minnesota State University and a Master of Archival Studies from Clayton State University in Georgia where he studied under renowned archivist Richard Pearce-Moses.

Our emphasis is also our greatest strength -- to provide access to the public of our vast collection of historical ephemera that otherwise might be impossible or unlikely to be found elsewhere on the internet. The site contains superb examples of many documents used by immigrants and the steamship lines that can be extremely useful for the family or professional genealogist in documenting family history or determining the origin of the document you have in your possession.

Historical ephemera is often expensive to collect and even more costly to preserve and digitize. It would be relatively easy to close our collections to the public and make it a subscription-based site like  However, we believe making our collection available to everyone who has access to the internet is preferable.  The generosity of those who believe in our organization and limited advertising allows us to continue serving the patrons of the GG Archives.

Finding items from the exact voyage your ancestors traveled on is very unlikely, but not impossible. We recommend augmenting your family book with information and illustrations / photographs of related material. Ultimately, this will likely make your Family History Book more interesting to read by supplying context to your research.

Our Military section focuses on the U.S. Navy, and has many of the Naval Training Center graduation or yearbooks, popular with the men who served their country from WWII through the year 2000. We also have a substantial number of periodicals published by the Navy or about the Navy that is quite useful for research.

Authors of maritime-based books or stories often find our materials to be quite valuable from naming of their characters based on various class passenger lists for the period to gleaming information from brochures and articles to understand the environment in which their characters existed.

Explore sections of interest to you and discover many gems that may help you understand the life, conditions, social and cultural history experienced by your ancestors. The Norwegian-American heritage of this sites' founder drives the guiding principles of this information rich website. Learn. Enjoy. Support.

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