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DUO Boats Print Advertisements and Other Documents from the Bangor Punta Era.

Duo Marine - A Bangor Punta Company

Mystry 17: Another Crowd Pleaser by Duo (1970)

Mystry 17: Another Crowd Pleaser by Duo (1970)

DUO Introduces MYSTRY 17. Every sport has Its stars, and in water sports, nothing tops the exciting MYSTRY 17 by DUO. This is the boat with all the moves.

GGArchives REF: BPDUO-002-1970-C-AD

1973 Boat Catalog From DUO

1973 Boat Catalog From DUO

Every experienced boater knows that what's inside a boat is as important as anything else, and Duo doesn't skimp on interiors. DUO 1973 … Because You Know A Little More About Boating

GGArchives REF: BPDUO-001-1972-C-CAT

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Bangor Punta Era

The Bangor Punta era, lasted approximately twenty years -- from 1964 to 1984.

History will likely remember the company for its tenacity in pursuing acquisitions; their high-profile corporate executives; and, two United States Supreme Court cases that the company was involved in during its short life span.

Nostalgic History

This website was created as an educational and research informational site that presents the public image of Bangor Punta and the companies they owned.

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