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QUESTION'S AND ANSWERS ON THE WPA WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION F.C. HARRINGTON Administrator, U. S GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE 16-8068. This is a brochure by F.C. Harrington, Administrator, Works Progress Administration, 17 April 1939, 26 Pages. It provides answers to 66 Frequently Asked Questions regarding the WPA, its Workers and the Program.

Topics Include:

1936 WPA Brochure - Questions and Answers on the WPA
  • General Questions and Answers on the WPA
  • WPA Employment
  • Wages and Hours
  • Unions
  • Safety and Compensation
  • Administration, Supervision and Finances
  • Politics
  • Private Industry
  • WPA Workers
  • Accomplishments
  • Emergency Employment provided by Other Federal Agencies


This 1939 brochure on the WPA is execellent as the content is appropriate for both Middle and High School study -- especially, when integrated with other coursework on the Great Depression and the New Deal.


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