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Jobs, Private Jobs, On the Dole - 1936


It makes our work easier to tackle when we know "Why we have a WPA job?" "Why we have work instead of a dole?" "What good we are doing?"

The principles underlying WPA are principles that have made America great HARD WORK AND COMMON SENSE

Let's see where we stand with the rest of the workers: At least a million former workers are unable to work because they are too old or sick or otherwise unemployable. Several. millions more are unemployed but have money or relatives or friends supporting them.

They can get by for the present without private jobs. But there are other millions, most of them with families or relatives they must help, who have neither jobs nor help of any kind. We belong to this group. All the private jobs in the country are held by the rest of America's workers.

Why can't we get private jobs?

Some of the reasons why we are still looking for private jobs Business Has Not yet Fully Recovered Machines Take Our Places Young Men and Women Just Out of School Make More Competition the Unemployed Not yet on Relief Get the Jobs First These things are beyond our control

This puts it up to Uncle Sam to do something. Let's See What He Can Do Uncle Sam Can: Let Us Starve ... Not in This Man's Country Give Us a Dole ... But Who Wants a Handout?

Let Us Work ... Which Is Every Man's Right the Country Will Be Richer If We Build: Roads Schools Airports Sewer Systems Water Systems Parks Playgrounds Public Buildings Libraries Better Health

There are 3,000,000 of us: TO DO THE WORK! WE NEED THE WORK! WE CAN DO THE WORK! What's the answer? Before we answer let's look at the dole

What happens to us when we are on the dole

We Lose Our Self Respect. We Lose Our Skill. We Have Family Rows. We Loaf on Street Corners. Finally, We Lose Hope. Now let's look at what work does for us




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