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General Questions - 1936


Q. Suppose I get a chance to work at something besides a Government job. Should I take it?
A. Yes, unless you can show good reasons for not taking it.
Q. Does the Government give supplementary relief for large families?
A. No supplementary relief is given by the WPA. Workers who need it should apply to local county or State agencies.


Q. Can I give my work card to some other member of my family if I cannot report for work?
A. No. A work card may only be used by the person whose name is on it.


Q. How can I get a job close to my home?
A. The Government tries to place workers as close to their homes as possible, but it is a hard job. Remind the assignment officer until he can make the best possible placement for you.


Q. Do I have to pay my own carfare?
A. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. You should not have to pay more than the carfare you would pay on any private job.


Q. Does the Federal Government select the projects on which we work?
A. No. Practically a hundred percent of the work projects are selected, planned, and supervised by the local community where they are being done. The school board plans the school projects and asks for them. The mayor and city council ask for street projects. The health department asks for sanitary projects. Similar local public agencies ask for others. It is the responsibility of the local government to select good projects and to insist that they be well done.
Q. What if I think the project I am working on is a waste of money; can I complain about it?
A. Yes. All projects are selected by local officials and as a local citizen you should be interested not only in the efficiency but the use the project will be to your community.
Q. If I think the work is valuable, do I have a right to 'tell the world"?
A. Yes. If your union or your group wants to hold a celebration when the project is finished, ask your supervisor if he will arrange it, and invite other citizens to come and see it. If it is a school, the school board should help. If it is a park, the park commissioner should help. If it is a road or sewer or waterworks system, the officials of these systems should help. You have added wealth to your community that no depression can take away.


There may be a few things about any big program that we don't like. No matter how hard we try on any big job, something unexpected turns up. The only people who don't make mistakes are those who do nothing at all. The WPA is a great national enterprise to get something done. Mistakes may be made, but we can be sure the American people will not make the mistake of doing nothing.


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