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How Long WPA Jobs Lasted, Pay - 1936


Q. How long will WPA jobs last?
A. The Government is making every effort to diminish the Work Program as rapidly as private jobs can be found by the workers who are in need because of the depression. Congress made a second appropriation of money for WPA to continue the work.
Q. Do I lose my job when the project I am working on is finished?
A. Not necessarily. You should be reassigned to another job. There may be a delay. It is not easy to keep millions of people constantly at work, and workers themselves will have to help keep things going.


Q. At what rate will I be paid?
A. You will receive a monthly wage which will be figured at the hourly rate of pay prevailing in your locality for the occupation. The number of hours of work per month is established by dividing your local hourly rate into your monthly wage.
Q. How often will I be paid?
A. Most projects pay twice a month.
Q. Do I get my pay promptly at the end of a work period?
A. No. There is generally several days' delay in getting your check. This is because the timekeeper has to make out the pay roll to show who has worked. Then the pay roll has to be sent to the office so the checks can be made out. If you have to wait more than a few days, ask your foreman or project supervisor about it.
Q. Do all workers get the same monthly wage?
A. No. In general, the more skill the job requires, the more the pay will be.
Q. What are some other reasons for differences in pay?
A. Workers who live in big cities generally get more than those who live in small towns and in the country because it costs more to live in big cities.
Q. Are mistakes sometimes made in setting wages in different cities and for different jobs?
A. Yes. Mistakes are sure to be made in giving work to millions of unemployed people. Some mistakes have already been corrected. Others will be corrected as they are found.
Q. Is it possible to have the monthly wage or the hourly rate increased?
A. This is possible only if facts justify a change. WPA officials have to be governed by the rules as set up under the law, and by conditions prevailing in the locality. If you have questions you should submit them to the local or State WPA offices.
Q. Where will I be paid?
A. Your checks will be mailed to you or delivered to you on the job.
Q. How can I get a raise in pay?
A. Work on these projects is paid for according to four classifications of work: Unskilled, intermediate (semiskilled), skilled, professional and technical. If there is a higher paid job available for which you are trained, you can apply for a reclassification. If you are reclassified from unskilled to a intermediate or skilled, you will get the higher pay. Much depends on local customs.


Q. Do I get docked for being late or absent?
A. Yes. The foreman will tell you how much you lose for being late or absent.
Q. What if I get sick-does my pay go on?
A. No.
Q. What if I stay away from the job because I want to do something else?
A. You will not be paid for any time you do not work.
Q. Can my wages be pledged, assigned, or garnisheed?
A. No.
Q. How much money can be taken out of my monthly earnings if I am put up in a work camp?
A. If your project is so far away from town that it takes too much time to go to and from work every day and a camp is set up at the project, some of your pay will be deducted for your food and shelter. The amount deducted will be deter-mined by your State Administrator.
Q. When a job is completed or postponed, does my pay go on?
A. No.
Q. Do I get paid while I am waiting to be assigned to another job?
A. No.
Q. Is there any way I can make up lost time?
A. You are paid only for the time you actually work, but you will be allowed every reasonable opportunity to make up time lost because of weather conditions or temporary interrup tions beyond your control. Such lost time may be made up in the current or succeeding pay-roll months, as the job permits.


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