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Vintage Postcards of the Allan Line SS Laurentian - GG Archives

A very rare postcard of the Allan Line Laurentian steamer shown near port, likely heading away to its next destination.

Vintage Postcard: Allan Line SS Laurentian (1908) - GG Archives

Allan Line SS Laurentian. The Art Publishing Company, Glasgow. Undated. Posatally Used 24 Oct 1908. The vessel, shown here in color heading away from port with a tugboat shown in the background.

Title: Allan Line SS Laurentian
Manufacturer: The Art Publishing Company
Date: Undated but circa 1908 (Postally Used 1908-10-24)
Manufactured: Glasgow
Mfg PC Nbr: Unknown
Archives Inventory Number: AMSA

The "Laurentian" (ex-" Polynesian") 4,522 tons, re-entered service in 1891 after an extensive refit-. An Allan Line advertisement of 1894 stated: "Steerage passengers supplied with bed, bedding and mess utensils free of charge, and in the New York steamers of this line such passengers have the special advantage of being carried in four-berthed rooms." Polynesian (1872) Allan Line. Built by Robert Steele & Co., Greenock, Scotland. Sister ship: Sardinian. Dimensions: 400 feet in length with a breadth of 42 feet. The ship was propelled by a single-screw, obtaining a speed of 14 knots. Two masts complemented one funnel. Ex-Polynesian. Wrecked near Cape Race in 1909.

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