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Vintage Postcards - Munkegaten med Stiftsgaarden - Trondheim, Norway

GGA-ATL 734386297

Munkegata by Tram. You can see the tram tracks in the foreground.

Title: Munkegaten med Stiftsgaarden, Trondhjem
PC Mfg. Nbr.: 2035
Manufacturer: J. H. Küenholdt A/S., Kristiania
Date: Undated but Circa 1915
Manufactured: Unknown
Photographer: Unknown
Archives Inventory Number: GGA-ATL 734386297

GGA-ATL 739167865

GGA-ATL 735741059

Stiftsgården - the Royal Residence in Trondheim (shown on the left) is one of the largest wooden buildings in Norway, completed in 1778, measuring 58 meters along Munkegaten. in 1906 - King Håkon VII was crowned, and the name "the Royal Residence" was taken into use.

Title: Munkegaden med Stiftsgaarden, Trondhjem
PC Mfg. Nbr.: 724
Manufacturer: H. Warner's Kunstforlag, Trondhjem
Date: 1908
Manufactured: Unknown
Photographer: Eneberettiget
Archives Inventory Number: GGA-ATL 735741059

GGA-ATL 739167865

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