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Valentine's Day Menus - Steamships and Ocean Liners

Valentine's Day Dinner Menu, R.M.S. Transylvania, Anchor Line, 14 February 1927 - Front Cover

1927-02-14 Valentine's Day Dinner Menu - Transylvania

Large Format elaborate Saint Valentine's Day Dinner Menu from a 1927 Mediterranean Cruise on the R.M.S. Transylvania of the Anchor Line. Featured menu items included Prime Rib and Sirloin of Beef, Corned Ox Tongue, and Roast Gigot of Mutton.

Front Cover, Valentine's Day Dinner Menu, R.M.S. Franconia, Cunard Line, 14 February 1930

1930-02-14 Valentine's Day Dinner Menu - Franconia

A very elegant Valentine's Day Dinner Menu prepared onboard the R.M.S. Franconia of the Cunard Line featured Fillets of Sole, Boiled Salmon, Mousse de Volaille and Tournedos on this Thos. Cook & Son World Cruise in 1930.

Front Cover

1938-02-14 Valentine's Day Dinner Menu - Reliance

Elegant and Ornate Dinner Menu for St. Valentine's Day on board the S.S. Reliance for Monday, 14 February 1938. The meal featured Fillet of Halibut, Tournedos, and Styrian Pheasant.

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