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SS Moltke Luncheon Menu - 24 July 1905

Menu Cover - Luncheon, S.S. Moltke, Hamburg-American Line, July 1905

Uniquely constructed luncheon menu card from Monday, 24 July 1905 on the S.S. Moltke of the Hamburg-American Line consisting of 3 pieces of paper glued together by design. Featured quality graphics was quite common among German steamship lines of that era.

Menu Items

Menu Cover - Back, Lunch Menu, S.S. Moltke, Hamburg-American Line, July 1905

Ready Dishes.

  • Potatoe-Soup, Kidney-Soup with Rice
  • Beef Broth in Cups
  • Kippered herrings
  • Veal-Râgout
  • Iamb in Curry with Rice
  • Braised Beef
  • Salmy of Ducklings with Olives
  • Roast Mutton
  • Roastbeef with Gravy
  • Roast Chicken
  • Brussel-Sprouts, Succotash
  • Spinach with egg
  • Fried, boiled, baked, French, Lyons and Mashed Potatoes
  • Compot : Prunes, Fears
  • Vanilla-Pudding, Currantberry-Sauce Lemon Cream Tartlets
  • Apples, Oranges

To Order:

  • Broiled and Fried Mutton-Chops
  • Rumpsteak, Xrauterbutter Rum steak, Herb-Butter
  • Eggs in any Style

From the Buffet:

  • Roastbeef
  • Roast Veal
  • Roast Pork
  • Chicken
  • Patties
  • Boiled and Westphalian Ham
  • Smoked Ox-tongue
  • Smoked-Beef
  • Cervelat-Sausage
  • Herrings in Aspic
  • Matjes- Herring
  • Bismarck-Herring
  • Rolled-herring, Sardells


  • Latinos, Chrim,vs, Chicken, Queen Isabella Style and Potaioe


  • Russ. Prairie-, Swiss-, Roquefort-" Camembert -
  • Cream-, edam-, Herb-

Printed on Board (In German and English)

The Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives Reference Number 3103.9131.7197 2012-04-05

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