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Farewell Dinner Menus - Steamships and Ocean Liners

The Farewell Dinner or "Captain's Dinner" was a grand affair indeed! A sumptuous dinner with all the delicacies of the season on hand. The elegance of the dinner was enhanced by a wide array of liquors and wine. This would be the last dinner on board the ocean liner before the end of the voyage.

Farewell Dinner Menu, R.M.S. Berengaria 1926

RMS Berengaria Farewell Dinner Menu - 26 August 1926

Farewell Dinner Menu Card from the R.M.S. Berengaria of the Cunard Line on a westbound voyage that arrived at New York the following day on 27 August 1926. Photograph of the R.M.S. Berengaria adorned the top Border.

1929-04-27 Farewell Dinner Menu, S.S. American Trader

SS American Trader Farewell Dinner Menu - 27 April 1929

Menu featured Fried Boston Sole, Tenderloin of Beef, Pineapple Fritters, Roast Maryland Turkey and Fresh Fruit. Included listing of Executive Officers. Six Autographs including the Captain's, Commander Hubbard C. Fish

1930-08-12 Farewell Dinner Menu - Dutchess of Atholl

SS Duchess of Atholl Farewell Dinner Menu - 12 August 1930

Farewell Dinner Menu Card from the S.S. Duchess of Atholl for Tuesday, 12 August 1930 Tourist Third Cabin Passengers. Menu featured Fillet of Whiting, Salmi of Duckling and Prime Roast Beef.

Menu Cover

S.S. George Washington Farewell Dinner Menu - 7 July 1931

Stately Farewell Dinner Menu and Musical Program, complete with a photograph of the dinner guests for this 7 July 1931 meal on board the S.S. George Washington of the United States Lines.

1932-06-25 Farewell Dinner Menu, S.S. American Banker

SS American Banker Farewell Dinner Menu - 25 June 1932

Menu featured Crab meat Cocktail, Biled Halibut with Sauce Hollandaise, Fillet Steak with Mushrooms, Roast Maryland Turkey, Prime Lamb, Peach Melba and French Pastry. One signature in Autograph section.

Menu Cover

R.M.S. Franconia Farewell Dinner Menu - 6 September 1933

The "Pirate" Farewell Dinner Menu from the Depression Era Cunard Line Franconia featured Tournedos -- Tourangelle, Calf's Head, Prime Sirloin & Ribs of Beef, and Roast Quail.

Farewell Dinner Menu, M.S. Gripsholm, Swedish American Line, First Class, 1950

M.S. Gripsholm Farewell Dinner Menu - 29 June 1950

Farewell Dinner Menu from the M.S. Gripsholm of the Swedish American Line for Thursday, 29 June 1950 featured Pheasant à la Louis XVI and Fillet of English Sole Maison D'or.

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