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Easter Menus - Steamships and Ocean Liners

Easter is the Sunday that follows the 14th day of the calendar moon, which falls upon or next after the 21st of March. This Sunday, when Chiristian churches celebrate the resurection of Christ, is one of solemn rejoicing.

Coming after the self-denials of Lent and at the beginning of spring, it seems naturally a time of hope and new life. It is the feast of flowers, particularly of lilies, and the name had its origin in a festival in honor of the goddes of spring. The esteem in which it is held is indicated by its ancient title, "The great day."

These are menus for Easter celebrated on steamships that plied the Atlantic in years past.

Menu Cover

1934-04-01 Easter Dinner Menu - Mauretania

Beautiful graphic cover provides an entryway to an exceptional and extensive menu for this Au Revoir Easter Dinner onboard the Mauretania. Entrées included Fresh Turtle Steaks, Sirloin Steaks Chasseur and Roast Quarter of Lamb.

Menu Cover

1935-04-21 Easter Dinner Menu and Musical Program

Elegant tassle string bound Easter Dinner Menu featured Boiled River Salmon, Sauce Colbert, Roast Stuffed Vermont Turkey and Legs and Saddle of Easter Lamb. Music Program included.

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