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Dinner Menus - Steamships and Ocean Liners

The Elegant dinner menus from the great ocean liners often included ornate and graphically sophisticated menu covers that are adored and coveted by collectors and enthusiasts today.

A wealth of ideas for menus come from the many steamships and ocean liners that plied the ocean from the late 1800s through the mid 1950s. Discover the beauty in these extraordinary examples of dinner menus that are part of the GG Archives Maritime Collection.

Digitized Dinner Menus

Dinner Menu, Second Cabin - RMS Ivernia of the Cunard Line 1902

S.S. Ivernia 1902-06-30

Dinner Bill of Fare from 1902 on board the Cunarder R.M.S. Ivernia features a typical Second Cabin selections for that era features Beef Steak and Oyster Pie. The reverse side provides a Wine and Spirits menu with prices.

Dinner Menu on board the Caledonia of the Anchor Line on the 4th of July 1905

S.S. Caledonia 1905-07-04

Fourth of July Bill of Fare from the S.S. Caledonia of the Anchor Line featured Green Turtle Soup, Mutton Cutlets à la Deplomate and Pudding à la Republic, Sherry Sauce.

Front Cover, Dinner Menu and Music Program, Holland America Line R.M.S. Noordam, 1907

S.S. Noordam 1907-06-20

The exquisite covers on this Bill of Fare and program is a finishing touch on a fine variety of foods and beverages served on a steamship in 1907 of the Holland America Line. The Noordam served the Rotterdam to New York Transatlantic route. In French with English Translation.

1908-07-04 Fourth of July Dinner Menu - S.S. Noordland

S.S. Noordland 1908-07-04

This rare fourth of July Bill of Fare from the S.S. Noordland of the American Line featured Broiled Chicken. Maryland Style and Petits Fillets Mignonne's. The complete lyrics of the Star Spangled Banner were printed on the bask side of the menu.

Anchor Line T.S.S. Caledonia Second Cabin Dinner Menu, 1910

S.S. Caledonia 1910-06-09

Early 20th Century Second Cabin Bill of Fare from the T.S.S. Caledonia featured Roast Sirloin of Beef, Baked Potatoes, Plum Pudding, Brandy Sauce and Giblet Soup.

Allan Line Scandinavian Dinner Menu from 1912

S.S. Scandinavian 1912-07-20

Steamship Dinner Bill of Fare from the S.S. Scandinavian of the Allan Line. This Rare menu from 1912 features Pot au Feu and Baked Cod.


S.S. Laconia 1914-09-08

Dinner Bill of Fare from the steamship Laconia on a Westbound voyage from Liverpool to Boston, arriving in Boston on 9 September 1914. Although not specifically stated, this would have been the Farewell Dinner.

1919-07-06 Dinner MenuCard - R.M.S. Celtic

R.M.S. Celtic 1919-07-06

Post World War I Dinner Bill of Fare from the R.M.S. Celtic of the White Star Line offers a limited menu featuring Baked Cumberland Ham, Brown & Boiled Potatoes, Salad and Ice Cream.

inner Menu, Scandinavian American Line S.S. Frederik VIII, 1920, Second Cabin

S.S. Frederik VIII 1920-08-08

Typical Sunday evening Danish Bill of Fare that emphasizes meat and cheeses to make open faced Danish sandwiches that are very common throughout Denmark and especially Copenhagen. A delightful fare for Second Cabin guests of the steamship Frederik VIII in 1920.

Dinner Menu, Anchor Line R.M.S. Cameronia - 1922

S.S. Cameronia 1922-02-28

Combination of a Bill of Fare and Souvenir of the Royal Wedding in this beautifully preserved dinner menu from 28 February 1922. The Cameronia was on a Westbound Voyage from Liverpool that arrived in New York on 8 March 1922.

Front Cover, Dinner Menu and Music Program, R.M.S. Ryndam, Holland-America, 1922

S.S. Ryndam 1922-10-11

Beautifully ornate Dinner Bill of Fare features intricate graphics on the covers and a menu (in French) featuring Crème Jerusalem and Tranches de Saumon à la Maître d'hôtel.

Menu Cover

S.S. Hellig Olav 1923-06-25

Dinner Bill of Fare from the S.S. Hellig Olav of the Scandinavian American Line for Cabin Passengers on 25 June 1923 featured a very limited menu compared to other menus of that same era.

Dinner Menu, Skandinavien Amerika Linen S.S. Hellig 1924

S.S. Hellig Olav 1924-05-10

Combination Dinner Bill of Fare and Music Program for 10 May 1924 Cabin Passengers on board the S.S. Hellig Olav of the Scandinavina American Line on an Eastbound Voyage from New York to Copenhagen.

Dinner Menu, Cunard Line R.M.S. Andania - 1924

S.S. Andania 1924-08-06

This was a Dinner Bill of Fare for the steamship Andania of the Cunard Line. The R.M.S. Andania covered the Hamburg » Cherbourg » Plymouth » London » New York Route. The Prime Rib, Sirloin of Beef and Quarters of Lamb were the featured Entrees.

Front Cover of S.S. Demosthenes Dinner Menu 1927

S.S. Demosthenes 1927-02-13

Top-fold Bill of Fare card from the Aberdeen Line featured a beautiful painting of the S.S. Demosthenes and menu selections that included Fried Sole, Roast Sirloin, Roast Turkey & Stuffing and Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce.

Gala Dinner Menu, White Star Line S.S. Laurentic, 1928

S.S. Laurentic 1928-01-27

Vintage Dinner Bill of Fare from 1928 on board the White Star Line S.S. Laurentic features gala selections for that era including Salmon `'rout, Bercy, Prawns a l'Indienne and Vermont Turkey.

Dinner Menu, Atlantic Transport Line S.S. Minnekahda - 1928

S.S. Minnekahda 1928-04-08

Dinner Bill of Fare from Cabin Class for the 31 March 1928 Westbound Voyage of the Minnekahda from London to New York. Standard Fare for that era included Duckling aux Navets and Roast Leg of Lamb.

Dinner Menu, White Star Line R.M.S. Albertic

S.S. Albertic 1928-06-18

Dinner Bill of Fare from the R.M.S. Albertic of the White Star Line featured painting of the Santa Maria, flagship of Columbus. Dinner selections included Potage Bayonne, Halibut, Calves Feet and Lamb.

Dinner Menu, White Star Line R.M.S. Albertic - 19 June 1928

S.S. Albertic 1928-06-19

Dinner Bill of Fare from the White Star Line steamship Albertic featured Cream Agenteuil, Poached Brill, Roast Sirloin of Beef and Crepinettes à la Romaine. Illustration of French Frigate.

Dinner Menu, White Star Line Albertic - June 20, 1928

S.S. Albertic 1928-06-20

Dinner Bill of Fare on board the R.M.S. Albertic of the White Star Line features Cream Valencienne, Poached Turbot, Veal Cutlets and Roast Mutton. Illustration of the Sirius - First passenger steamer to cross the Atlantic.

Dinner Menu, S.S. American Trader, American Merchant Lines, April 1929

S.S. American Trader 1929-04-21

Bill of Fare featured Baked Meat Pie, Leg of Spring Lamb, Broiled Bluefish, Sauce Tartare, Maryland Turkey and Fresh Fruit.

Dinner Menu, S.S. American Shipper, American Merchant Lines, 24 May 1929

S.S. American Shipper 1929-05-24

Bill of Fare featured Broiled Fillet of Salmon, Shrimp Patties, Fricasse of Chicken with Noodles, Compote of Cherries with Rice, Prime Ribs of Beef, Saddle of Lamb, and Green Apple Pie à la Mode.

1929-05-26 Farewell Dinner Menu, S.S. American Shipper

1929-05-26 Dinner Menu, S.S. American Shipper

Menu featured Shrimp Cocktail, Cream Victoria, Broiled Salmon, Anchovy Butter, Chicken Liver Patties, Pear Fritters, Roast Prime Ribs of Beef, Roast Maryland Turkey, and French Pastry. Included List of Executive Officers and Autographs from Seven Dinner Guests.

Dinner Menu, S.S. President Jackson, American Mail Line, 27 October 1930

S.S. President Jackson 1930-10-27

Dinner Bill of Fare for Monday, 27 October 1930 On Board the S.S. President Jackson of the American Mail Line. Menu Featured Lobster Cocktail, Veal and Ham Cromeskies à la Russe, and Salmi of Partridge.

Menu for the Main Meal on board the S.S. Hamburg, July 1933

S.S. Hamburg 1933-07-02

Main Meal Bill of Fare from a July 1933 Voyage of the Hamburg American Line S.S. Hamburg. In the form of a menu card, this simple menu featured Philadelphia Pepper Pot, Roast Ribs and German Puff Pastries. In German with English Translation.

Dinner Menu, R.M.S. Franconia, August 1933, Cunard Line

R.M.S. Franconia 1933-08-09

Exceptionally good cover graphics define this 19336 Bill of Fare and Variety Show program on board the R.M.S. Franconia of the Cunard Line. While the menu selections were limited, the variety show featured artists from Ziegfield Follies, R.K.O. Vauderville and Beaux Arts Club.

Dinner Menu Card, S.S. American Farmer, American Merchant Lines, 1934

S.S. American Farmer 1934-06-29

Dinner Bill of Fare featured Long Island Duckling, Spaghetti à la Caruso and Prime Rib of Beef. Included hand written substitution of Wax Beans for Broccoli in Cream.

Dinner Menu and Musical Program, USL S.S. Manhattan - July 1934

S.S. Manhattan 1934-07-24

Elegant Second Cabin Dinner Bill of Fare for an Eastbound voyage of the United States Lines Steamship S.S. Manhattan for Tuesday, 24 July 1934. The four page menu included a musical program.

Dinner Menu and Music Program - Union-Castle Line S.S. Dunluce Castle - 1936

S.S. Dunluce Castle 1936-05-25

Rare vintage Bill of Fare from the South African - UK steamship line from 25 May 1936 on board the S.S. Dunluce Castle. The Meal from this historical menu featured Mignon of Beef Benjamin - We presume that it is Filet Mignon and Benjamin is the name of the chef for this preparation. Sounds delicious. Cover illustration: Victoria Falls - From Western End of Gorge.

Menu Cover

S.S. Bremen 1937-07-18

Elegant, Large Format Dinner Bill of Fare with Tassel String Binding features Live Boiled Lobster, Boston Sole Meunère for their Tourist Class passengers.

1937-08-11 Anniversary Dinner Menu with Music Program - S.S. New York

S.S. New York 1937-08-11

This Anniversary Dinner Bill of Fare celebrates the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Hamburg-American Line (1847-1937). The menu featured Eggs with Caviar, Boiled Turbot with Sauce Romain and Tournedos with Potato Croquettes. A Music Program is on the Back Cover.

Menu Cover

S.S. Veendam 1948-07-23

Beautiful graphics highlight this First Class Passenger Dinner Bill of Fare served on board the S.S. Veendam on Friday, July 23, 1948. Post War Menu featured Prime Rib, Boiled North Sea Turbot Steak and Roast Long Island Duckling.

Menu Cover

S.S. Veendam 1948-07-24

Beautiful Graphics adorn this elegant First Class dinner Bill of Fare from the Veendam that features Fillet of Channel, Quenelles of Ham and Roast Prime Rib of Beef.

Menu Cover

S.S. Veendam 1948-07-24

Fine graphic covers provide an appetizing beginning to a First Class Bill of Fare featuring the best of high cuisine with Roast Sirloin of Beef, Turbotsteak Meunière and Vol-au-Vent à la Toulouse.

Menu Cover

S.S. America 1954-08-10

Large Format Elegant Captain's Dinner Bill of Fare includes autographs and statements by the guests and a menu featuring T-Bone Steaks, Green Turtle Soup and Champagne Sherbet.

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