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S.S. American Farmer Dinner Menu Card 29 June 1934

Dinner Menu Card, S.S. American Farmer, American Merchant Lines, 1934

Dinner Menu Card featured Long Island Duckling, Spaghetti à la Caruso and Prime Rib of Beef. Included hand written substitution of Wax Beans for Broccoli in Cream.

Dinner Menu Card

American Merchant Lines

S.S. American Farmer

Friday, 29 June 1934

Menu Items

  • Deviled Sardines on Toast
  • Iced Table Celery Queen Olives


  • Cream of Asparagus
  • Consommé Milanaise


  • Boiled Salmon, Sauce Bearnaise
  • Filet of Boston Sole, Sauté, Meunière


  • Long Island Duckling with Oranges
  • Spaghetti à la Caruso, Grated Cheese


  • Prime Rib of Beef
  • Fresh Jersey Ham, Apple Sauce


  • Broccoli in Cream (handwritten strike-through with substitution of Wax Beans)
  • Lima Beans
  • Browned, Boiled and Mashed Potatoes


  • Waldorf


  • Chocolate Eclairs
  • Ice Cream with Wafers


  • English Cheshire Cream


  • Fresh Fruit
  • Coffee

S. S. American Farmer Friday, June 29, 1934

Menu Card Courtesy of Archives Patron Pat Tiffany.

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