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Hamburg-American Gazette, May 1910

Hamburg-American Gazette, Volume XIX, No. 2, May 1910, New York

The Hamburg-American Gazette is published monthly for the Hamburg-American Line by Emil L. Boas, Resident Director and General Manager, New York offering articles, lectures and information on travel, the steamship line and events on board their ships and cruises.

Volume XIX, No. 2, May 1910, New York

Table of Contents

  1. Tourists Return from South America: Remarkable Success of the SS Bluecher's Cruise to the Straits of Magellan
  2. Brings Llamas to Bryan: Pets Arrive on SS Bluecher - Tourists Report Having Met Dr. Cook in the Andes
  3. Steward Schneider's Queer Tip
  4. Captains of the Hamburg-American Line: Captain Schülke of SS Cincinnati
  5. Ambergris
  6. Mark's Little Date
  7. The SS Cincinnati Returns from Orient Cruise
  8. New Palm Garden Aboard Ship - Kaiserin Auguste Victoria
  9. Hamburg-American Record Tonnage
  10. Terry's Mexico: A New and Valuable Guide Book to the Mexican Republic
  11. A Trip to the Orient by Robert Urie Jacob (Book Review)
  12. Proposed Sailings, 1910 - To and From Europe
  13. Proposed Sailings - Mediterranean Service
  14. Proposed Sailings - Atlas Service
  15. Hamburg-American Cruise Bulletin
    1. Article: Each Succeeding Season These Cruises are Coming More and More Into Favor With the American Traveling Pubic
    2. Summer Cruises (Scheduled)
  16. Offices and Principal Agencies of Hamburg-American Line
  17. First and Second Cabin Minimum Rates
  18. Travelers' Checks of the Hamburg-American Line
  19. Sixty-Eight Different Services of the Hamburg-American Line
  20. South American Trip Delighted Tourists
  21. Hamburg-American Line Opens Office in Pittsburgh

Photographs Included in this Issue (Excluding Advertisements)

  1. The Hamburg-American Piers at Hoboken (New York), USA
  2. Dining Room of the SS Prinz Joachim, Showing New Arrangement of Small Tables on "Prinz" Steamers of the Atlas Service
  3. Pier at Montevideo, Uruguay
  4. Captain Schülke of SS Cincinnati

Advertisements Appearing in this Issue

  1. Hotel Martinique, New York
  2. Hotel Chelsea, New York
  3. Hotel Astor, New York
  4. The Hotel Atlantic, Hamburg, Germany
  5. Hunyadi János - The Best Natural Laxative Water
  6. Herald Square Hotel, New York
  7. Cosmopolitan Hotel, New York
  8. The Navarre Hotel, New York
  9. W. C. Cullen - Photographic Developing and Printing, New York
  10. American Bankers Association Travelers' Cheques
  11. Meyer's Hotel, Hoboken, NJ
  12. Constant Spring Hotel, Jamaica
  13. Parker's Hotel, Naples
  14. Thos. Cook & Son
  15. Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of America, New York
  16. Heidelberg Schloss Hotels, Castle Ruins
  17. Horlick's Malted Milk
  18. Vienna Pressed Yeast
  19. Triscuit Shredded Wheat Wafer
  20. The German Pioneer - German-American Standard Monthly Magazine
  21. Heidelberg Hotel de l'Europe
  22. Thomas Flyer Renting Agency, New York
  23. Wm. Ottmann & Co. Butchers, Packers, and Exporters, New York
  24. R. J. Godwin's Sons, New York
  25. Cesare Conti, New York
  26. L. Katzenstein & Co., General Machinists and Engineers Supplies, New York
  27. J. M. Horton Ice Cream Co, New York
  28. H. J. Heinz Co., Pittsburgh
  29. Hotel Knickerbocker, New York
  30. The Lorraine, New York
  31. Erie Railroad - The Picturesque Trunk Line of America
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