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The Seven Seas Magazine, April 1935, Hamburg-American Line & North German Lloyd

Front Cover, The Seven Seas Magazine, April 1935, Hamburg-American Line & North German Lloyd

Volume 14, No. 4 , April 1935 issue of the Seven Seas, published by Hamburg-American Line and North German Lloyd on a quarterly basis in New York featured articles on the Baroque Garden by Helen Appleton Read, Moslem Metropolis by Stoyan Christowe and two location articles on Salisbury and Baden ~ Baden. Lavishly illustrated with black and white photographs throughout. 32 Pages plus Covers.


SONG OF THE LORELEI, taste of Rudesheimer or Liebfraumilch, sun on the trees, thunder in the falls at Schaffhausen—here on the Rhine is charm and beauty. Here we find a people sweet and light-hearted, their souls blending with the beauty of their country.

Just as the traveler to Pompeii can enhance his enjoyment by reading Buiwer Lytton’s "Last Days of Pompeii” so can one who journeys to the Rhine country make his visit redolent of memories if he reads what writers of his own country have written about it.

The Germans may read Goethe or Heine; the French, the dramatic prose of Victor Hugo or De Musset; the English, Thackeray or Byron; while we may turn the pages of Longfellow, Walt Whitman or Mark Twain.

Victor Hugo, more perhaps than any of the others, has described the splendor of the Rhine falls with "The hideous and splendid abyss angrily throws a shower of pearls in the faces of those who dare to regard it so near. The four great heaps of the cataract fall, mount and fall again without ceasing. You would believe that you were beholding the four lightning wheels of the storm- chariot. . .

"How long did I remain there, absorbed in that grand spectacle? I could not possibly tell you. During that contemplation the hours passed in my spirit like the waves in the abyss, without leaving a trace or a memory.”

But neither Hugo nor any writer before our day had the opportunity to revel in the beauty of the Rhine by night, which the age of electricity has brought us. We may now watch a fantasy of lights glow in the dark water reflected from age-old castles. We may picture in our night light reverie the springtime legend of Charlemagne, who the vintagers believe crosses the Rhine on a golden bridge at midnight to bless the fruit of the vineyards.

This same legend has kept alive the belief that Emperor Charlemagne was responsible for the first vineyards in the Rudesheim hills. From the balcony of his castle at Ingelheim he is said to have observed that the sun melted the snow much faster on one side of the hills than on the other. Believing that where the sun warms the ground so early something better should grow than grass, he sent to Italy for grape vines and had them planted and cared for. Each Spring, so the legend goes, he comes from his tomb in Aachen to bless them.

One custom of the wine country, which takes place sometimes in the spring but usually in the autumn is the "Weinproben”, where visitors are invited to sample as many as twenty or thirty brands at one sitting. A tiny mouthful of the wine is permitted to wander over the grateful tongue and palate and then a piece of bread is eaten to remove the taste before the next brand is tried. Thus the testing of twenty vintages means the actual drinking of about two or three small glasses.

Even if we are connoisseurs it would be well to arm ourselves with humility before making this test, for there are many tasters in the Rhine valley who cannot only tell where this or that wine grew, but frequently in what year. Perhaps for most of us the best policy would be that of golden silence, especially after the third or fourth bottle.

the seven seas is published quarterly by the editorial department of the hamburg-American line * north German Lloyd, P7 Broadway, N. Y. C. Contents copyrighted and title, THE seven seas, Registered in the U. S. Patent Office. Price, single copy, 15 cents, six issues for $1


    by Helen Appleton Read 7
    by Fred C. Kelly 9
    by Stoyan Christowe 10
    by Alexander Laing 13
  • baden-baden, by Clara Hund . 15
    by Janet Flanner 17

List of Photographs

  • April Along the Rhine by
    Burg Maus / German Tourist
  • Primavera on the Corso
    Rome / Bona
  • Printemps on the Scine
    Paris / Globe
  • Schloss Wilhelmsböbe
    Cassel / German Tourist
  • "... and the Prince came upon a sleeping castle."
    Whilhelmhöle-Löwenburg / German Tourist
  • Killarney
    Ireland / Tshira
  • Near the Hill of Tara, County Meath
    Ireland / Galloway
  • Easter ....
  • ... In the Balkans
  • Morning in Bremerhaven
  • Tea on the Thames
    Maidenhead / Burton Holmes from Ewing Galloway
  • Daheim im Schwarzwald
    Girtach / Wolff
  • Baden ~ Baden
    Kurpark / German Tourist
  • Barnyard Blossoms
    Hungary / Vadas
  • Market Men of Paris
  • Lilian Harvey on the S.S. Europa
  • Elly Beinhorn on the S.S. New York
  • H. G. Wells on the S.S. Bremen
    Wide World
  • Nicholas Murray Butler on the S.S. Bremen
  • Holiday at Sea on the S.S. Bremen
  • Bach's Home at Eisenach
    Ewing Galloway

List of Illustrations

  • Untitled illustration of townspeople in Salisbury
  • Untitled Illustration of a market street in Salisbury

List of Advertisements

  • Summer Cruises for the Reliance (Northlands and Russia Cruise) and Resolute (Mediterranean-Norway Cruise)
  • German Tourist Information Office: Germany Today Campaign
  • Around the World in Sixty Days - Hamburg-American Line and North German Lloyd
  • Sheffield Farms Sealect Grade A Milk
  • International School of Art, New York
  • The German-American Review Published by The Carl Schurz Memorial Foundation, Inc. of Philadelphia
  • Intourist, Inc. -- U.S. Representative of the Travel Co., of the U.S.S.R.
  • Swiss Federal Railroads
  • Swedish Travel Information Bureau
  • Cortina Academy
  • Thomas Cook & Son / Wagons-Lits Inc.
  • Café Essex, New York
  • Hensel, Bruckmann & Lorbacher, Custom Brokers, New York
  • American Automobile Association Foreign Travel Division, New York City
  • Hamburg-American Line / North German Lloyd "No I'm Taking A German Ship" Campaign
  • Pleasure Cruises to the Four Corners of the Globe -- Hamburg-American Line and North German Lloyd
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