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Cunarder Travel Magazine - Special Scandinavian Issue - May 1923

Front Cover for a Special Scandinavian Issue of the Cunarder for May 1923

Front Cover for a Special Scandinavian Issue of the Cunarder for May 1923. GGA Image ID # 101972b892

The Cunarder, Volume 4, Number 5, May 1923 was a Special Scandinavian Issue that featured articles included: The Great Fair at Gothenberg this Summer, by Victor O. Freeburg; Scandinavian Art; Good Reasons for Touring Scandinavia; Sweden as the Traveler's Goal, by Olof H. Lamm; and Copenhagen, By Chance--and Choice, by Alice Rostetter.

Copyright, 1923, The Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited

"The Cunarder" may be purchased at all subway and elevated newsstands and at Tyson's offices in the leading hotels of New York. It is also for sale upon the arrival and departure of Cunard and Anchor Line steamers, as well as at the Cunard Building, 25 Broadway.

Table of Contents (Articles)

  • Forntispiece, Amid the Birches in Sweden
  • The Great Fair at Gothenberg this Summer, by Victor O. Freeburg
  • Scandinavian Art
    • Oden from Sagas of the Norse Kings by Gerhard Munthe, Norway
    • A Country Funeral by Erik Werenskiold, Norway
    • The Gull Pluckers by Anna Ancher, Denmark
    • Will He Clear the Point? by Michael Ancher, Denmark
    • A Peasant Girl of Mora, Sweden by Anders Zorn
  • Who's Who on the Atlantic Ocean
    • Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton de Kubies
    • The Very Rev. D. Thomas C. Fry, D.D.
    • Lord Rothermere
    • Miss Mary Millicent Rogers
    • Miss Adele Astaire
  • Good Reasons for Touring Scandinavia
  • By Rail and Trail Over Dovre, by Hanna Astrup Larsen
  • Sweden as the Traveler's Goal, by Olof H. Lamm
  • Copenhagen, By Chance--and Choice, by Alice Rostetter
  • On the Crest of the Wave, by Eleanor Gunn
    • Article on Women's Fashion featuring a White Frock, ideal for shipboard wear and for Spring days abroad by Grande Maison de Balnc and for leisurely hours, Cinderella Crepe printed in the new Sari Indienne design makes a negligee of charming atmosphere. Design by Macksoud.
  • A Shelf of Books, by Ethel Fleming
    • The Outcast by Selma Lagerlöf (Doubleday, Page & Co.), New York 1922 - Selma Lagerlöf's Newest Book
    • The Bridal Wreath by Sigrid Unset (Knopf), New York 1923 - A Tale of Medieval Norway
    • From the Deep of the Sea by Charles Edward Smith (Macmillian) New York 1923 - An Epic of the Artic
    • Growth of the Soil by Knut Hamsum (Knopf) New York 1923 - A New Edition of Hamsun's Masterpiece

List of Advertisers

  • Allerton Houses, Chicago
  • Toyo Kisen Kaisha (Oriental SS Co.)
  • Ritz-Carlton, Atlantic City
  • Swiss Federal Railroads, New York
  • Ritz-Carlton, New York
  • Philadelphia Trust Company
  • P & O British India & New Zealand Companies Mail, Freight and Passenger Services
  • The Waldorf-Astoria, New York
  • Cunard Anchor, Anchor-Donaldson Proposed Sailings
  • The Unexcelled Linnard Service
  • The Anchor Line to Scotland
  • Hotel Chelsea, New York
  • Insurance Company of North America, Philadelphia
  • W. & J. Sloane, New York
  • Brown Shipley & Company, London
  • The Ambassador Hotel, New York
  • Thos. Cook & Son, New York
  • Mothersill Remedy Company, Ltd, Detroit, MI
  • E.E. Barrett & Co, Inc., New York
  • Horton's Ice Cream - Served Exclusively on the Cunard Line Steamers
  • Fourteen East Sixtieth Street, New York
  • National Life Preserver Co., New York
  • Frank Tourist Company, New York
  • Anglo-South American Bank Limited, New York
  • H. Hicks & Son, New York
  • International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, PA
  • Gorham Sterling Silverware, New York
  • Radio Corporation of America, New York
  • Shredded Wheat Company, Niagra Falls, NY
  • Bowman Hotels, New York

Archives Inventory Ref Nbr: ALPM CUN04-05-1923

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