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The Cunarder Travel Magazine - Special Mediterranean Cruise Issue - 1922

Volume 3, Number 5, November 1922 issue of the Cunarder, the Special Mediterranean Cruise Issue featured articles including: Highlights Of A Mediterranean Cruise, By Frank A. Owen, Purser Of The "Carmania"; A Modern Traveler in Ancient Palestine, By Gregory Scott; Confessions Of A Ship News Reporter By Charles Welton, P.S.N.R. and a women's fashion article Fashions For The Crisp Brisk Days At Sea, By Ethel Fleming.

Copyright, 1922, The Cunard Steam Ship Company Limited

"The Cunarder" may be purchased at all subway and elevated newsstands and at Tyson's offices in the leading hotels of New York. It is also for sale upon the arrival and departure of Cunard and Anchor Line steamers, as well as at the Cunard Building, 25 Broadway.


The Cunarder Travel Magazine - November 1922
  • Frontispiece, An Arabian Nights' Street In Algiers
  • Highlights Of A Mediterranean Cruise, By Frank A. Owen, Purser Of The "Carmania"
  • On A Poets' Pilgrimage to Rome
  • Bits Of Life and Scenes Of Loveliness A Mediterranean Cruise Affords the Delighted Traveler
  • A Modern Traveler in Ancient Palestine, By Gregory Scott
  • Who's Who On The Atlantic (with Photographs)
    • Sir Harry Lauder and Lady Lauder
    • Mr. and Mrs. Giorgio Polcco (Edith Mason)
    • Ex-Governor Smith and Lewis Nixon
    • Rt. Hon. Reginald McKenna, P.C.
    • Carl Laemmle and Capt. Sir James Charles (Aquitania)
  • Confessions Of A Ship News Reporter By Charles Welton, P.S.N.R.
  • May We Interrupt, Mr. O’Neill? By Ethel Fleming
  • Fashions For The Crisp Brisk Days At Sea, By Ethel Fleming
  • French North-African Colonies

List of Advertisers

  • Cunard and Anchor Steam Ship Lines Services, Fleet and Offices
  • Cunard - Anchor Lines Traveller's Cheques
  • Toyo Kisen Kaisha (Oriental S.S. Co.)
  • The Ritz-Carlton, New York
  • Philadelphia Trust Company
  • Charles Francis Press, New York
  • Cunard - Anchor Freight Services
  • Ritz-Carlton, Atlantic City
  • Hotel Chelsea, New York
  • The Anchor Line - Visit the Land of Romance - Scotland
  • One-Funnel Wonder Ships, Cunard Laconia, Samaria and Sythia with photo of First Class Garden Lounge
  • The Ambassador Hotel, New York
  • Insurance Company of North America, Philadelphia
  • E.E. Barrett & Co., Inc - See and Harbor Towing, New York
  • Anglo-South American Bank, Limited, New York
  • Cunard and Anchor Lines Mediterranean Tours
  • Chas. W. Wolf, 1922-1923 Mediterranean Cruise
  • W. & J. Sloane, New York, Washington, San Francisco
  • Otis Elevator Company
  • Thomas Cook & Son
  • Hotel Bretton Hall, New York
  • John E. Moore Company, New York
  • Frank Tourist Co., New York and Philadelphia
  • Cunard Anchor, Anchor-Donaldson Proposed Sailings
  • Mothersill's Seasick Remedy Company, Ltd.
  • Fourteen East Sixtieth Street, New York
  • H. Hicks & Son, New York
  • Atlantic Coast Shipping Co., Inc., Baltimore
  • John Gorham, Pioneer of American Progress (This is the third of a series of articles on silver -- The next will be "The Making of Silver Ware.")
  • Radio Corporation of America, New York
  • Hotel Netherland, New York
  • Bowman Hotels, New York
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