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Cunard Daily Bulletin, 1912 Summer Number

Front Cover of the Cunard Daily Bulletin Summer Number for 1912

Front Cover of the Cunard Daily Bulletin Summer Number for 1912. GGA Image ID # 1019202311

Featured Articles include: A Japanese Girl Painter of Genius: The Story of Miss Wakana Utagawa and her Art; The Adventuress -- A Short Story By J. J. Bell and A King in Babylon -- A Short Story By Alice and Claude Askew. Several illustrated Women's Fashion Articles are also included.


  • Cunard Offices and Agents
  • Frontispiece, "Water Carrier in Alsexandria"
  • A Japanese Girl Painter of Genius
    The Story of Miss Wakana Utagawa and her Art
  • The Adventuress
    A Short Story By J. J. Bell
  • "Better Things"
    A Poem by George MacDonald

Cunard Supplement

Homeward Bound: Illustratiojn from a Painting by Bernard F. Gribble

Flags of the H.L.J.W. Lusitania

Flags of the H.L.T.Q. Mauretania

Map of Liverpool Bay

Cunard Captains with Photographs

Building the Aquitania

  • Preparing Wooden Model
  • Bottom of Ship in Early Stages of Plating
  • Looking Forward
  • Inner Bottom, Looking Aft


  • Life on a Cunarder (Through Photographs)
  • Photograph: RMS Lusitania Entering New York Harbor
  • Photograph: RMS Lusitania at Landing Stage, Liverpool
  • Three Photographs of Coaling the Mauretania
  • The Landing of Columbus: Illustration from a Painting by Bernard F. Gribble

Wooden Paddle Wheels to Quadruple Screw Turbines

  • RMS Britannia
  • RMS Persia
  • RMS Russia
  • RMS Servia
  • RMS Campania
  • RMS Franconia and Laconia
  • RMS Lusitania and Mauretania


  • A Fight Between Blake and Von Tromp, Admiral of Holland: Illustration from a Painting by Charles Dixon, R.I.
  • Some Beautiful English Gardens
    By H. H. Thomas
  • "Ireland Long Ago"
    A Poem by Katherine Tynan
  • A King in Babylon
    A Short Story By Alice and Claude Askew
  • Cunard Sailings
  • The Vanguard of Fashion
    By Azeline Lewis
  • In the Path of the Purchaser
  • "Forbearance"
    Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Places to Visit
    A Few Hints That May Prove Useful to Tourists
  • Cricket Fixtures
  • Two Magnificent New Cunard Steamers -- Franconia and Laconia

List of Advertisers

  • Hotel Metropole, Brighton
  • The Irish Linen Stores, London
  • Paquin, London, Paris and Buenos Aires
  • Hunt & Roskell, Ltd., London
  • MacDougall and Company, Ltd. - The Royal Clan Tartan Warehouse, London
  • Lacon & Ollier's Opera, Theatre & Concert Tickets, London
  • Waldorf Hotel, London
  • The Irsh Warehouse, London -- The Depot for Irish Peasant Industries
  • Great Eastern Railway -- The Cathedral Route to The North of England and Scotland
  • Regemt Hotel, The Premier Hotel of the Midlands
  • Isle of Man Steam Packet Co., Ltd.
  • Booth Line
  • St. Petersburg Hotel, London
  • Hotel Adlon, Berlin
  • W. Turner Lord & Co, London
  • John Wight & Co, "Scotch Goods Specialists"
  • Konski, London - Ladies' Tailor, Court Dressmaker, and Furrier
  • Cunard Line Travellers' Cheques
  • Turner & Dunnett, General Printers, Liverpool
  • The Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company, Jewellers, London
  • Grafton Hotel, London
  • County of Kent
  • North British Station Hotel, Edinburgh and Glasgow
  • J. C. Vickery - Their Majesties' Jeweller and Silversmith, London
  • Jaeger Pure Wool -- Travellers' Outfits for All Seasons
  • Daniell, London
  • Coburg Hotel, Carolos Place, Mayfair
  • Spink & Son, Ltd., Fine Old English Silver / Dealers in Ancient Coins and Medals
  • Mackay & Chisholm -- Antiques, Curios, and Works of Art, Edinburgh
  • Great North of Scotland Railway
  • Fritz Eilers Jr. Bielefeld, Germany -- Manufactures of Advertising Novelties
  • Crosse & Blackwell -- Table Delicacies
  • The Doorland Special American Newspaper Agency
  • Pim Bros. Ltd. -- Largest Drapery Warehouse in Ireland
  • Croall's Royal Garage, Castle Terrace, Edinburgh
  • Furness Abbey
  • Tarbet Hotel
  • The Lake Hotel, Killarne Lakes
  • To Canada by Cunard Line -- London & Southampton to Quebec & Montreal
  • City of Dublin Steam Packet Company -- The Royal Mail Service Between England and Ireland
  • Cunard Line Cruises to the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Egypt from New York and Liverpool
  • E. M. Hodgkins, Works of Art -- London, Paris and New York
  • Apollinaris Natural Table Water

Cunard Daily Bulletin 1912 Summer © 1912 Cunard Steam ship Company, Liverpool, England, UK, 100 Pages.

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