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Cunard Daily Bulletin - RMS Ivernia - 28 June 1905

Front Page of the Cunard Daily Bulletin, RMS Ivernia Edition for Wednesday, 28 June 1905.

Front Page of the Cunard Daily Bulletin, RMS Ivernia Edition for Wednesday, 28 June 1905. GGA Image ID # 10189dff7a

The is the daily newspaper published onboard for the westbound voyage of the Cunard Steamship RMS Ivernia that departed from Liverpool on 20 June 1905 with 998 Passengers and 255 Crew Members. 24 Pages Total.

The Cunard Daily Bulletin was printed on heavy calendered paper and typographically compared favorably with many of the magazines published here and abroad. The daily journal is generally prepared by the Purser and his two printers (assistants) and a flat-bed press.

The paper goes to press in the early morning hours, and the novelty of reading a newspaper at their breakfast tables was much enjoyed by the passengers.

Table of Contents

Articles / Poetry

  1. The Man-Mountain - A Modern Pythagorean (From Blackwood's Magazine)
  2. De Courcy's Pilgrimage - T. D. McGee (Ireland's "Patriot" poet)
  3. Port and City of Palermo
  4. Child-Life on a Cunarder

Other Contents

  1. Saloon Passenger List
  2. Marconigrams Received - Providing the Latest News from the Seat of War
  3. Report on the Collection for the Seamen's Charities of Boston and Liverpool
  4. Abstract of Log
  5. Report of Wireless Contact with Other Steamships
  6. Summary Count of Passengers and Crew


  1. Pitt & Scott, Ltd., Foreign Feight and Express Forwarders
  2. Bass in Bottle
  3. T & S Bacon, Liverpool - Latest Paris Fashions
  4. St. Ermin's Hotel, London
  5. Vinolia Co. Ltd. Soapmakers to the King
  6. Midland Hotels - Liverpool and Manchester
  7. Lion Brand Alloys & Metals for Armour Plates
  8. Great Central Railway of England
  9. J. H. & S. Johnson, Liverpool - Chemists and Drug Merchants
  10. Yorkshire Relish
  11. Veuve Cliquot-Ponsardin Champagne
  12. Royal Victoria Hotel - Lakes of Killarney
  13. Queen's Hotel, Queenstown
  14. Cadbury's Chocolates
  15. Prince's Restaurant, Hotel and Grill Room - London West
  16. Caswell Massey & Co. - American Druggist / English Chemists / Pharmaciens Français
  17. The Orient-Pacific Line Pleasure Cruises
  18. Collard & Collard - Pianos
  19. Crawford's World Famed Umbrellas
  20. R. Twining & Co. Ltd. The Oldest Tea & Coffee Merchants in the World Founded 1710
  21. Saml. Buckley & Co., London
  22. Elkington & Co., Ltd. Goldsmiths, Silversmiths, Jewellers
  23. Liberty Fabrics - World Famed Shawls and Scarves, London
  24. Hotel Victoria, London
  25. Redfern - Court Dressmakers and Furriers, London
  26. Schweppes' Soda Water Etc.
  27. Hotel Gt. Central & Hotel Russell, London
  28. Warings Art Furnishers
  29. MacSymon's Stores, Ltd. Liverpool
  30. Apollinaris - "The Queen of Table Waters"
  31. Goldsmiths & Sliversmiths Company, Ltd., London
  32. The Harwich-Hook of Holland Express
  33. Canadian Bank of Commerce
  34. Viyella - The High-Class Washing Material
  35. Turner & Dunnett - General Printers and Publishers, Liverpool
  36. Jas. Shoolbred & Co., General Drapers
  37. Horlick's Malted Milk
  38. W. Wingate & Johnston, Shipping Agents, London
  39. Simpson's Baggage and Refreshment Rooms, Liverpool Landing Stage
  40. Fishlock Brothers - Premier Florists in Liverpool
  41. Angel Hotel, Liverpool
  42. Cross, King of Wild Beast Merchants, Liverpool
  43. Nixon & Thew, High-Class English Provisions
  44. J.J. Rayner & Sons, Merchant Tailors, Naval Outfitters & Contractors, Liverpool
  45. Henry Wilson & Co. Ltd. Liverpool
  46. W. Literhland & Co - China, Glass and Earthenware Dealers, Liverpool
  47. Thomas Dowd, Gold Medallist, Fruiterer and Florist
  48. Robt. Roberts & Co., Ltd. Tea and Coffee Merchants
  49. Hotel St. George, Liverpool
  50. Thos. Meadows & Co. - Shipping, Forwarding and Passenger Agents
  51. Colman's Mustard
  52. Oldfields Limited - Diamond Merchants, Liverpool
  53. Cook's Tours - Thos. Cook & Son, London and Liverpool
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