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Titanic Memorabilia - Historical Documents

It has now been Years Since the Titanic Sunk on 15 April 1912.

Titanic Memorabilia - Historical Documents at the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives

The GG Archives has a number of collectibles that pertain specifically to the White Star Line RMS Titanic. Our collections include magazines, books, documents, postcards and more.

RMS Titanic in the News


The Tragedy of the Titanic And Its Lesson

Titanic Articles and News Stories

Learn about the Titanic, its crew members, passengers, the tragedy and the aftermath of its sinking on early Monday morning on 15 April 1912. The Bishop of Winchester said after the disaster, "Titanic, name and thing, will stand as a monument and warning to human presumption."

Three RMS Titanic Articles - PowerShips - Spring 2012

Titanic Journals, Magazines & Periodicals Collection

Features Publications that were entirely devoted to the Titanic or had substantive articles about the Titanic.

Our Titanic Magazine Titles include: Ancestry, CQD Titanic, Life Magazine, National Geographic, Naval History, PowerShips, Titanic Commutator, and Titanic TUD.


Books / Booklets

See the Index to our Titanic Book Collection for a Brief Summary and link to Each book

  • 1912 Facts about the Titanic
  • 882 1/2 Amazing Answers To Your Questions About The Titanic
  • "Titanic" by Martin Jenkins
  • Anatomy of the Titanic
  • Discover the Titanic
  • The Discovery of the Titanic
  • Exploring the Titanic: How the Greatest Ship Ever Lost Was Found
  • Father Browne's Titanic Album: A Passenger's Photographs and Personal Memoir
  • Inside the Titanic : Giant Cutaway Book
  • The Last Log of the Titanic
  • On Board the Titanic: What It Was Like When the Great Liner Sank
  • Titanic Voices - Southampton Reference Library Edition
  • Titanic: A Journey Through Time
  • Titanic: April 14, 1912 - Survival!
  • Titanic: James Cameron's Illustrated Screenplay
  • Titanic: The Complete Guide to Building the Titanic
  • Titanic: The Ship Magnificent, Vol. 2 - Interior Design & Fitting Out
  • Titanic: Women And Children First

Audio Books

Titanic Movies

Other RMS Titanic Ephemera / Memorabilia

Titanic Documents

Passenger Manifests

1912 Titanic Liberty Nickel from 1912 sealed in plastic case with the story behind the 1912 V liberty Nickel

1995-10-01 Titanic: An Illustrated History by Donald Lynch, Ken Marschall. Published by Hyperiod Books, ISBN10: 078688147X, ISBN13: 9780786881473, Format: Paperback, 1st Edition

1997-12-02 Titanic: The Official Story: April 14-15, 1912 (Hardcover) by Public Record Office. Random House; Loose Leaf edition (December 2, 1997) ISBN-10: 0375501150, ISBN-13: 978-0375501159 This unusual box contains reproductions of eighteen documents that look and feel remarkably like the originals in London's famed Public Records Office. It includes a copy of the original deck plans from the archives of the shipbuilders Harland and Wolff; the Titanic's final, desperate telegrams; an eyewitness account by one of the survivors; certificates issued by the Board of Trade prior to the ship's maiden voyage; findings of the Parliament and Senate investigations; and thirteen other remarkable records that will make history unfold in your hands.

1998 Make Your Own Titanic by Sally Lindley (Paperback) Published by Parragon Plus ISBN-10: 0752528386 ISBN-13: 978-0752528380 Make your own Titanic , complete with its own display stand from this incredible book. This fantastic model is in full color intricate attention to detail and once built measures over sixty centimeters in length! . By following step-by-step instructions and clear illustrations, you can make a replica Titanic using little more than scissors, a craft knife and come glue.

1998 The Wall Chart Of The Titanic by Tom McCluskie Published by Barnes & Noble Books. ISBN: 0760712417 This impressive book contains a wall chart that pulls out to over 15 feet in length! Printed on both sides, the chart is a fascinating chronicle of the ship that sank on that fateful night in 1912. Features black and white and full-color plans of every aspect of the Titanic, including full-color rigging, deck plans, survivor details and accounts, full crew list, minute-by-minute time line, and over 100 rare photos. The introduction details Titanic's history. Book measures 12" x 17 1/2".

Other Titanic Memorabilia:
  • Titanic 2001 Ocean Liners Calendar Belgium
  • Titanic 1999 Calendar By Golden Turtle Press
  • 1999 Painting Of Titanic Ken Marshall Calendar
  • Titanic Reference Map 39x26
  • (100+ Pieces) Titanic The Official Story Collection Of Authoritative Historical Documents
  • 8x10 Framed Print First Class Smoking Room By Harland & Wolff, Oxley International
  • 8x10 Framed Print Grand Staircase And Dome By Harland & Wolff, Oxley International
  • 8x10 Framed Print Café Parisien By Harland & Wolff, Oxley International
  • 8x11 Mounted Stills From James Cameron"S Titanic Film
  • Titanic The Unsinkable Dream Comic Books, First Editions
  • Set Of 5 Titanic Limited Edition Bears From 999 Captain Smith. & 4 Bears
  • Titanic Celebrity Bear #18
  • Titanic 1814 Mirror, Wooden Very Nice
  • Titanic Trivia Book By David Downs
  • Total Titanic Paperback Book By Marc Shapro
  • Large James Cameron Movie Gift Bag, Features "Flying Scene" From The Film
  • Titanic Collector Cards By Dart
  • Celine Dion My Heart Will Go On Cassette Single
  • 12" Long Replica Plastic Titanic Ship (Unique!)
  • 18" Hand Painted Titanic Wall Hanging Ship, Very Nice Piece~!
  • 1912 Liberty Nickel Coin In Plastic Display
  • Motorized Inflatable Titanic Ship 24x7x3
  • 11x24 Jigsaw Puzzle W/10x14 Poster
  • (25+ Piece) Mementoes Of the Maiden Voyage Titanic Collection, Boxed Set Of Documents
  • 8x10 Photograph, With Authentic Autographs Of Leo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet, with COA
  • Make Your Own Titanic Book
  • Titanic Illustrated History Large Book
  • Wall Chart Of The Titanic, Huge Book
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