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After the Titanic disaster, the moving-picture authors began to construct dramas concerning shipwreck on the high seas. The producers had the foresight to consult the censors. That Titanic wreck, it happened, inflamed the public mind as no other catastrophe in our memory; people everywhere were going insane over it. The censors rule out the Titanic as a theme for moving-picture plays.

Will Irwin, "How the 'Movies' Were Saved" Metropolitan, Issue 5, March 1913, p. 68

  • 1912 Saved from the Titanic
    Starring Titanic survivor Dorothy Gibson. A lost film.
  • 1913 Atlantis
    First film to feature a fictitious love story set on the Titanic, a technique that went on to become a staple in subsequent films on the topic.

Lost in Mid-Ocean -- A fine three-part drama which is quite out of the ordinary. Released in Three Parts by the General Film Company, Monday, March 23rd, 1914. Kidnapped in Japan from her husband, the young wife escapes from her villainous captors. She sails for America, the steamer strikes an iceberg and is lost in mid-ocean. Clinging to a part of the wreckage, the girl is saved. All trace of her husband is lost until she is rescued from a burning building and they are strangely reunited.

An overtowering Dramatic Masterpiece. The Composite of all that is Thrilling and Intense. The Big Drawing Card of 1914.


Among the survivors of the Titanic are Miss Dorothy Gibson, leading woman of the American Eclair Company


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