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Titanic Movie: Saved From The Titanic (1912)

Saved From The Titanic Movie Poster (1912)

Year: 1912
Film: Saved from the Titanic
Director: √Čtienne Arnaud
Cast: Dorothy Gibson
Notes: Starring Titanic survivor Dorothy Gibson. A lost film.

14 May 1912

Fort Lee, NJ

Charles Jourjon, was head of the Eclair Film Company, which had thirty branches and agencies and auxiliary concerns in as many of the large capitals of the world.

The Eclair company claimed to be the pioneer in engaging dramatic stars for film production, Sarah Bernhardt being an example. Eclair companies in foreign countries are known by the letters "A.C.A.D.," that stands for "Cinematograph Association of Dramatic Artists." The name of this society was known in America as Leading Players of France.

His biggest piece of luck was in missing the "Titanic" upon which he had reservation. He missed the ill-fated boat and followed on the Savoia twelve hours later. It will be remembered that the Savoia assisted in the search for those who met with disaster.



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