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Outgoing Passengers, Titanic Passenger Manifest, Page 4, British Passengers

Page 4, Passengeer Manifest, British Merchant Shipping Act

Merchant Shipping Act, 1906, and Aliens Act, 1905

Outgoing Passengers (22) All Third Class

Returns of Passengers leaving the United Kingdm in Ships Bound for Places out of Europe, and not within the Mediterranean Sea.

Ships Name: Titanic

Official Number: 131428

Cruise Line: White Star Line

Master's Name: E. J. Smith

Registered Tonnage: 46228/21881

Total Number of Statute Adults, exclusive of Master, Crew and Cabin Passengers which the ship can legally carry: 1435

Where Bound: New York

"I hereby Certify that the Provisions actually laden on board this Ship are sufficient, according to the requirements of the Merchant Shipping Acts, for 1150 Statute Adults, for a voyage of 14 days."

Date: 10th April 1912 (Signiture) Edward Smith, Master

Names and Descriptions of British Passengers Embarked at the Port of Southampton

  1. Edward Willey, Farm Labor
  2. Joseph Dugamin, Stone Mason
  3. Edward Lockyer, Grocer Asst
  4. Owen G. Allum, Gardener
  5. Anthur Lord, Carpenter
  6. Harry Sadowitz, Stone Cutter
  7. Frederick Goodwin, ? Laborer
  8. Augusta Goodwin, Wife
  9. Lillian Goodwin, Servant
  10. Charles Goodwin, Scholar
  11. William Goodwin, Child
  12. Jessie Goodwin, Child
  13. Harold Goodwin, Child
  14. Sidney Goodwin, Child
  15. William Saunderock, ? Labor
  16. Ernest Cann, ? Labor
  17. Amy Scanley, Servant
  18. Bertran Dean, Farmer
  19. Getty Dean, Wife
  20. Bertram Dean, Child
  21. Vera Dean, Infant
  22. John Sage, ?
  23. Annie Sage, Wife
  24. Stella Sage, Dress Maker
  25. George Sage, Barman
  26. Douglas Sage, Baker
  27. Frederick Sage, Cook
  28. Dorothy Sage, Scholar
  29. William Sage, Child

Total Count for this Page: 22 Adults, 6 Children, 1 Infant

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